Xiaomi Scooter Range With A Full Charge! (Revealed)

Xiaomi scooters are one of the brands you can hardly ignore when choosing a high-end scooter that offers a good range.

These outstanding scooters come in different sizes, designs, and models, significantly changing their range.

However, factors like the battery capacity of your scooter influence the entire range of your Xiaomi scooter.

So, in case you are wondering about the range of a Xiaomi scooter when fully charged. Keep reading to find out.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the maximum range of a Xiaomi scooter is 55km. However, brands like the Mi Electric scooter 3 have a maximum speed range of 25 km/hr. While the battery capacity of your scooter affects the range, you can easily enhance its range. One of these ways is to reduce the amount of pressure.

In this article, I will explain in detail the Xiaomi scooter’s range when fully charged and also give you an exposition on which desired scooter has the longest range. 

By the end, you will also learn how to improve the range of your Xiaomi scooter.

What is the Xiaomi Scooter Range When Fully Charged? 

Xiaomi Scooter Range with a Full Charge

The maximum range on your Xiaomi scooter is 55km when fully charged. This applies to greater models like the Xiaomi scooter 4 pro have a maximum 55 km/hr range. 

They do this by harnessing the battery power and the capacity. Other models have a lesser range than this.

Nonetheless, if your scooter has had some battery modifications, it is best to always look at the scooter’s new weight when determining its range.

Also, the scooter’s top speed determines its range when it gets fully charged. The speed either drains your battery levels or conserves it.

Below is a table showing some Xiaomi electric scooter models with their speed and maximum range capacity when fully charged.

SpecsModel 1sModel Pro 2 Model 3 Model 4 Pro
Maximum range30 km45 km30 km55 km
Top speed20 km/hr20 km/hr25 km/hr25 km/hr
Battery capacity275 W/hr474 W/hr275 W/hr446 W/hr

Which Xiaomi Scooter Has the Longest Range?

Everyone wants the best scooter if they can afford it; while some want scooters with the best power capacity, others may prefer to use the scooter with a good range and speed.

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This article highlights the best Xiaomi scooters with the longest ranges. 

#1. Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro 

The Xiaomi electric scooter 4 has a massive maximum range of 70 km, which is possible due to its dual suspension system and the ability to ride on rough terrains. 

#2. Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 

When it comes to Xiaomis with the highest ranges, this model ranks second after the electric scooter 4 pro having a powerful range of 45 to 55 km.  

#3. Xiaomi Electric Scooter 1s 

This  Xiaomi scooter is well efficient, with an outstanding speed range of 30km. It could go higher than that if you add modifications to your battery. 

The Mi electric scooter 1S and the Mi scooter 3 have the same range of 30k/hr when fully charged. 

However, there is always room to increase or bypass the maximum range. You only need to use safe ride methods and modifications on your scooter’s internal parts.

Can You Improve the Range of Your Xiaomi Scooter? 

You can improve the range of your Xiaomi scooter. However, so many factors contribute to the range of your Xiaomi scooter after a complete charge.

One such factor is the rider’s weight, while other factors include the battery capacity and riding style. 

It is advisable to use professional help as these range improvement hacks can be challenging for you to perform.  

Nevertheless, you can always improve the range of your Xiaomi scooter, and here are tips on how to go about it. 

#1. Increase the Tire Pressure 

The tire pressure on your scooter equals its range. If inflated to the recommended pressure, it causes your tire to have little friction between the surfaces on the ground.

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As a result, due to the reduced friction between the tires and the ground, your electric scooter motor will do less work which in turn requires less power. 

This goes a long way in helping your scooter conserve energy, thereby allowing you to ride longer distances. However, the reverse is the case when your tires are less inflated.

The lesser the inflation, the greater the contact between your tires and the ground. This invariably results in poor efficiency and a lower range coverage. 

In addition, other problems result from having an under-inflated tire, one of which is poor brake handling. 

You should also know that overinflated tires can result in an over-slippery feel and instability on terrains. 

To stop this, it is best to look through your user’s manual to check your recommended tire pressure (PSI) for the vehicle. 

It would also help to know your body weight, as knowing this helps you determine how to maximize the scooter’s maximum weight. 

If your body weight is closer to the scooter’s maximum weight, ensure you increase the tire pressure to enhance the range. 

#2. Check Your Riding Style

Optimizing your riding style involves riding your scooter using the right position, handling, and techniques. 

Here are ways you can optimize your riding style.

  • Avoid accelerating your hand or slamming on your brakes at a speed bump.
  • Gently pull your brakes each time you must
  • Don’t go hard on the acceleration.
  • As you release your brakes, ensure it is prompt and early.

#3. Adjust Your Brakes Appropriately 

When you over-tighten your brakes, there will likely be more friction; when there is friction, your scooter’s motor will be forced to work harder.

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Too much friction is one of the core reasons why the battery power and range will reduce drastically.

Therefore always adjust your brakes correctly. It will help to check your owner’s guide for the recommended brake adjustments.

#4. Don’t Exceed the Scooter’s Max Weight Capacity

The best way to enhance your travel range is to keep your rider’s weight within the total weight of your scooter.

You can do this by:

  • Reducing or carrying less weight on your scooter.
  • Modifying your scooter’s weight, such as replacing your tires with lighter ones and using aluminum-made parts.

#5. Change Your Riding Habit 

One of the things that can limit the range of your electric scooter is your riding habit. 

While this may come as a surprise, paying attention to your riding habit can improve your range to a great extent. 

Here are a few healthy habits to help improve your range. 

#1. Always Ride Your Scooter in Power-saving Mode  

One of the benefits of riding your scooter in power-saving mode is that your battery life will last longer. 

While on the other hand, as expected, riding in speed mode will reduce your battery efficiency by at least half, which causes shorter distance coverage. 

However, the rule is this; low-end scooters should perform better at slower speeds, while high-end scooters should do well at higher speeds.

#2. Switch Off Unnecessary Electronics  

One of the ways to extend your scooter range is to turn off all electronics when they are not in use. Your battery’s capacity mostly limits your range. 

For clarity, you should turn off these electronics:  

  • The Bluetooth connection when not using it 
  • Navigation lights, especially when riding during the day 
  • Reflector lights

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