Xiaomi Scooter Bluetooth Not Working: Troubleshooting Guide!

Connecting your Xiaomi scooter to Bluetooth on your smartphone is very convenient; you can monitor your speed and check your scooter’s battery and mileage data.

However, the scooter’s Bluetooth may malfunction, and you’ll experience difficulty connecting your smartphone to your scooter. 

You may have inadvertently turned off the Bluetooth feature on either your phone or scooter. Additionally, your smartphone model may be incompatible with the scooter’s Bluetooth chip, or you need to update the scooter’s firmware, the Xiaomi app, or both. There may also be interference from another device interfering with the connection. 

A lot of users experience issues with their Xiaomi Scooter Bluetooth, and they report the issues to Xiaomi.

This issue can be frustrating, especially when you’ve set up your navigation and battery-use monitors on your phone.

But once you know the cause of the malfunction, you can fix it. 

Why Is My Xiaomi Scooter Bluetooth Not Working?

Xiaomi Scooter Bluetooth Not Working

There are several reasons why your Xiaomi scooter Bluetooth may malfunction: the Bluetooth on either your phone or your scooter is turned off.

In addition, if your Bluetooth connection isn’t stable or the connection hasn’t been established, your scooter’s Bluetooth may not work.

Furthermore, if the model of your smartphone is not compatible with the Bluetooth chip in the scooter, it may not work.

Also, if your Bluetooth chip is not working, it may indicate that you need to replace the scooter’s firmware or update the Xiaomi app on your phone. 

Another device can interfere with the connection between your scooter and your smartphone, making it hard for your device to function properly.

A hardware malfunction or any damage to the scooter can cause damage to the Bluetooth module. 

If the different parts of the Xiaomi scooter use different command protocols, it becomes difficult for them to share data, and the scooter misbehaves.

How Do I Get My Xiaomi Scooter’s Bluetooth to Work?

If your Xiaomi scooter Bluetooth isn’t working, you have several options. You can troubleshoot your scooter’s Bluetooth all by yourself. 

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Below are some simple ways to troubleshoot this issue:

#1. Restart Your Scooter and Your Smartphone 

Restarting both devices is a simple but effective solution for a malfunctioning Bluetooth scooter.

Turn off your smartphone, then turn off the scooter. Wait for a few seconds, and then turn them both back on.

#2. Make Sure You Enable Bluetooth Connectivity on Both Devices 

You must ensure you have enabled Bluetooth connection on both your smartphone and your Xiaomi Scooter.

If you haven’t enabled Bluetooth, the devices won’t connect, and Bluetooth will not function.

Look for the Bluetooth option in the notifications bar or the settings menu of your devices.

#3. Unpair the Scooter From Bluetooth and Pair it Again

In some cases, your scooter Bluetooth is not functioning because it is corrupted or outdated, and you’ll have to refresh it to get it working again. 

To pair and unpair, go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, click on the gear icon next to the Xiaomi scooter, and select forget from the two available options.

After you’ve unpaired, search for nearby devices on your smartphone and pair them again, just like the first time. 

#4. Update the Xiaomi Scooter App on Your Smartphone 

To prevent any malfunction, it is important to ensure that you always have the latest version of the Xiaomi scooter app installed on your smartphone.

If the scooter doesn’t connect, it could be because your app is outdated, and you must install the latest version.

When you update the app regularly, you have a more reliable and seamless experience on the app.

Updates can remove bugs or glitches that can make the scooter malfunction.

#5. Maintain the Xiaomi Scooter Port

The Xiaomi scooter has a Bluetooth port near the bottom, making it easier to clean and repair your scooter.

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So, to ensure that the Xiaomi scooter Bluetooth is performing well, you must clean the port often. You also need to lubricate the port from time to time.

To be on the safe side, consult the user manual for all the information on how best to clean your scooter’s port so you don’t cause damage to any other parts of the scooter.

#6. Update Your Smartphone’s Bluetooth Driver

If your phone’s Bluetooth isn’t compatible with other devices, it will affect the function of your scooter Bluetooth because the two devices will not connect.

The best thing to do is to install the latest drivers into your phone to make the connection seamless.

Outdated drivers are especially likely if your smartphone has a custom ROM or its operating system is a modified version of Android. 

You will have to update the drivers so your smartphone’s Bluetooth becomes more compatible with other devices. 

#7. Reset the Network Settings on Your Phone

You can reset all the network settings on your phone to factory settings; this includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data. 

Doing this will resolve configuration errors affecting the connection between your smartphone and your scooter’s Bluetooth.

On your smartphone, click on settings, go to System Advanced, and click on reset network settings.

If you do this, you will lose any networks or passwords saved on your phone.

#8. Give Your Phone a Factory Reset 

A factory reset is a drastic measure and should be your last resort if none of the other solutions you tried worked.

If you do a factory reset, you will lose all the data on your phone, such as apps, messages, phone numbers, pictures, and music.

Don’t do this unless you have no other choice, and always back up all your important data before you reset your smartphone.

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To factory reset your phone, go to settings, then click on system>advanced> reset option. And finally, erase all data, which means you’ve done a factory reset.

#9. Check the Scooter’s Bluetooth Chip and Circuit Board 

If the Bluetooth chip on your scooter is damaged, it will not function properly. To ensure the issue is not from the Bluetooth chip, you will have to check it.

To access the Bluetooth chip, you must open the battery cover and remove the screws. Check for corrosion, rust, loose connections, and other signs of damage. 

If there are any signs of damage on either the scooter’s Bluetooth chip or the circuit board, you’ll have to replace it. 

You can get your Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker to work as long as you know what the issue is with the scooter. 

The table below contains the possible causes of your scooter’s malfunction and how you can fix it.

Cause of Malfunction Repair
Unstable connection between scooter and smartphone Turn off both devices and turn them on again 
The connection is corrupted or outdated Disconnect Bluetooth and reconnect or unpair the devices and pair them again. 
Xiaomi scooter app is outdated Update the Xiaomi scooter app or uninstall the app and reinstall it.
The smartphone network is unstable Reset the phone’s network settings
Smartphone Bluetooth driver is outdatedUpdate Bluetooth drivers on your smartphone 
The router and modem are outdated or malfunctioning.Check the modem and router in your home to ensure that the issue is not from the hardware.

How Do I Reset My Xiaomi Scooter’s Bluetooth?

For Xiaomi electric scooters, a hard reset is the best way to reset Bluetooth and password if the Bluetooth malfunctions or you don’t remember your password.

To do a hard reset, you have to turn off your scooter. To do that, press and hold the power key until the display on the motherboard blacks out.

Next, press the power button, the throttle, and the brake lever simultaneously. You’ll need to use both hands for that. Press and hold for at least 3 seconds.

The scooter will make short beeping sounds a few times, then a red 14 and a wrench symbol will appear on the scooter’s display.

Once you have done that, release all the lever, the throttle, and the button. Your hard reset is complete; you can then try to connect your smartphone and your scooter again.

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