Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2 (Must Know Things)

Are you seeking an electric scooter but need the one that’d be inexpensive yet able to meet standards? Say no more because Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2 would be just the right scooter for you.

However, there are a few things you’d need to know about this scooter to help increase your desire for it. 

This guide will concisely show you all the Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2 specs.

These days, buying a product that isn’t so expensive but still durable can be a battle. Most often, I discover that high specs products come with whooping prices so, with lesser money, you hardly find what you want. Thankfully, with Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2, you won’t have that as an issue because it meets both demands equally. 

What Is Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2?

Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2

Xiaomi Firmware 1.5.2 is a version of an electric scooter by the Chinese company Xiaomi.

This electric scooter that Xiaomi produces is amongst the best electric scooters existing today.

Aside from being inexpensive, it has a unique make-up that gives it authority over other scooters.

One of the things I like about this scooter is that when you buy it, you’ll be sure to get a one-year warranty.

Another thing is the fact that it is lightweight and so carrying it around isn’t going to be trouble for you.

One of the downsides of the Xiaomi M365 is that it comes without shock absorbers, so you’d feel the bumpy ground when riding. 

This scooter has a good capacity for hill-climbing, so you’ll need to walk it while climbing so that you don’t overwork it.

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Amongst other things, Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2 has a unique braking system.

This braking system comprises dual brakes, regenerative braking in front, and mechanical disc braking at the rear wheel. 

Also, you can choose to fold your Xiaomi scooter when you want to continue your ride on public transport.

That’s because the Xiaomi M365 Firmware has a style that helps you fold it or leave it standing.

However, you may have to be careful because the nuts can loosen if you handle them wrongly. So, let me show you how to use your Xiaomi scooter properly. 

#1. How to Use Xiaomi M365 Firmware Scooter

These are simple steps to take after buying your scooter to get you on the go.

  • Download and install the Xiaomi Home App on your phone to connect to the scooter.
  • Before turning on the scooter, charge it using the charger that comes with it fully.
  • Lift the handle stand and gently insert the handlebar.
  • Locate all the nut holes and tightly screw them in. 
  • There’s a button on the handlebar to turn on your scooter.
  • Now, connect the Xiaomi Home App to the scooter by following the instructions on the app.

Instructions like turning on the headlight or applying brakes are in the user’s guidebook.

Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2 Specs

Xiaomi Firmware 1.5.2 has unique features that give it superiority over other electric scooters.

You’ll find that the Xiaomi scooter is very easy to use because it has a beginner-friendly control panel.

Here are a majority of the Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2 specs.

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Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2 SpecificationsValues
SpeedXiaomi M365 comes with a top speed of 16 mph 
Scooter WeightThis Xiaomi electric scooter weighs 12kg. With such a weight, you won’t have a hard time carrying it around.
Max TorqueThe Maximum Torque is about 16Nm
Motor PowerThis scooter boasts 250W motor power. Also, it can reach a maximum of 500W.
Tire SizeThe tire size here is about 9 inches approximately.
LightsIt comes with both front and rear lights. The front light would enable you to see what’s ahead at night. The rear light will make you visible to drivers behind you at night.
Motor SizeIt has an approximate motor size of 7 inches.
Charging TimeYou’ll need to charge it for up to five hours to get the battery full.
ResistanceIt is resistant to dust and water splash.
Hill GradeThe hill grade in this electric scooter is about 14 degrees.
WarrantyThis scooter comes with a year warranty
Maximum Rider’s loadIt can hold a maximum of 100kg. You’d have to consider other scooters if you’re anything more than that weight.
Dimensions (In Fold form)Its dimensions when you fold it is about 43×19×17 inches.
Dimensions (upright)The vertical dimensions of Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2 are about 43×45×17 inches.
RangeXiaomi M365 electric scooter can run an approximate range of 30km.

Aside from these features, other things are worthy of note about the Xiaomi electric scooter.

#1. Safety Measures

While riding this electric scooter, note some important safety measures to note.

  • When going over speed bumps or while riding uneven roads, keep your top speed at 3-6mph.
  • Never accelerate while running downhill.
  • Ensure to keep both feet on the deck while riding your scooter.
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#2. Bluetooth

The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter can connect to your phone via the Xiaomi Home App.

This app is necessary on your smartphone because it’ll show you some notifications that the scooter control panel won’t.

These notifications include how far you’re riding, your speed, and your battery power. 

How Do I Check Firmware Version M365?

Almost all Xiaomi Firmware M365 comes with an up-to-date version. However, if you choose to update the scooter, you’d have to install new features on it.

To find the Firmware M365 version, check the boot screen of your Xiaomi electric scooter.

How to Increase Top Speed on 1.5.2 Firmware?

Having your scooter run faster than it does isn’t out of place and is also possible.

However, before we go ahead, you must ensure that your scooter has two BMS fuses and not one.

You can use the serial number on the side of your scooter to determine how many fuses it has.

If the first five digits of the serial number are more than 35000, then it has two BMS fuses, then go ahead.

It might overload and burn out if it’s on a single fuse. Here are the steps to take to achieve this qualification.

  • Ensure you have a smartphone for this feature and fully charge your scooter.
  • Download and install M365 DownG on your smartphone.
  • Download the Firmware zip file and keep it in a safe place on your phone from where it’s easily reachable.
  • Connect the M365 DownG App to your scooter.
  • Tap to check the version of your scooter and see the Bluetooth, BMS, and speed controller versions.
  • Tap the Bin button to open up and see the zip file.
  • Once you’re in the, you’ll see many options to pick and test on for the higher top speed.

Custom Firmware over 1.5.2?

To custom firmware over 1.5.2, you must have a smartphone plus a full scooter’s battery.

For this qualification to be complete, you must ensure that your battery has two fuses and not one.

Rather than staying unsure, you can check out the fuses physically by opening the battery in the deck. Here are the steps to take.

  • Go to your browser and check out M365.botox.bz to pick a feature.
  • Save the file on your phone.
  • Download the M365 DownG app and insert your file to customize your scooter.


Xiaomi M365 Firmware 1.5.2 is an electric scooter that promises to not disappoint in meeting your expectations.

Amongst many things, it has a unique braking system and light sources both in front and behind.

However, if you decide to upgrade its version to a certain standard, it’d be easy because its control system is simple.

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