This is Why Your Ninebot ES4 Won’t Turn On!

Ninebot ES4 scooters, like other scooters, are excellent vehicles, ideal for a beginner. The ES4 model is easy to learn and ride.

The standard features like dual Battery make it stand out. However, they can develop faults over time too.

For example, sometimes It’s frustrating to find out your scooter is not starting when you try turning it on. So why won’t a Ninebot ES4 turn on?

A faulty or damaged dashboard or control board can cause your ES4 scooter not to turn on. Other faulty components, such as the Battery, fuse, and motors, will also cause this issue. First, however, check the Battery’s health or any loose connections and fix or replace the faulty components.

I will explain why a Ninebot ES4 scooter won’t turn on in this article. And also some battery problems with an ES4 scooter.

In the end, you will understand the scooter’s problems and how to fix them quickly. So let’s get to it.

Why Won’t My Ninebot ES4 Turn On? 

Ninebot ES4 Won't Turn On

Your Ninebot ES4 scooter won’t turn on if you have faulty components. These components include the control board, Battery, fuse, dashboard, or motors.

Well, it’s right to suspect the Battery because many issues on a scooter connect to the Battery.

The problem usually is from a faulty battery. If you have a worn-out/old battery pack, your scooter won’t turn on. However, If your Battery seems ok, you might have a bad fuse. 

Before checking any other parts of your scooter, check if the button switch is ok. Sometimes a loose switch or connection can cause this problem.

As simple as the button switch function can be, it’s capable of causing your scooter not to turn on or even move. 

However, considering connections, the problem can be from the dashboard. 

For example, the dashboard might be faulty, causing the switch not to turn on. A damaged dashboard is always a significant suspect.

Generally, an E-scooter controller/control board will malfunction or fail, especially when they are not powerful.

Also, the controllers are crucial parts of a scooter controlling many functions. 

However, because of its build, most Ninebot scooters easily break down, especially the ES4. ES4 is light in design and doesn’t withstand bad conditions, like riding uphill.

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The Ninebot ES4 models control board is a significant part you will likely have issues with. The popular fix is always to replace the entire control board.

The replacement fix is ok if you can pay more than $60 for a new one. However, you can get a scooter repair expert to check and fix it for you cheaply.

How Do You Get a Ninebot ES4 to Turn On?

To get your scooter to turn on again, you need to replace faulty components or fix them. Always ensure your Battery is in good health and your dashboard is ok.

However, you can toggle between the on/off button to try turning it on. Sometimes if it’s a minor malfunction in the system, the fix should work.

A Ninebot ES4 is a quality scooter, but it has its limits. The controller can regulate a minimum amount of voltage and currents. However, some models succeed in the ES4.

If the problem is from the dashboard, you can get a dashboard replacement from Amazon at an affordable price of $35.

One can rate a scooter controller on its strength, such as how much it can regulate. For example, stronger e-scooters have controllers regulating high max voltage and current.

To check and try fixing your button switch, test if it’s ok or not. Then, switch the scooter on and off repeatedly if it responds appropriately. If you can use a multimeter, check the continuity.

If the problem is from the fuse, check for any disconnected wires. Also, check the fuse with a multimeter to test the wires if it’s faulty.

However, you can purchase a new fuse if it’s terrible. Lastly, if you can’t get a suitable replacement or fix for your scooter, it should go out for repair.

Of course, you can only carry out basic fixes, but there are expectations with more knowledge of scooters.

Also, Ninebot has official stores worldwide, like the United States, for replacements. So you can send it to them and get quality replacements or repairs.

However, an ES4 scooter may have more problems than you expect, but it’s still one of the best Ninebot scooters.

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You can check out the pros and cons of the scooter in the table below. However, it has more advantages than disadvantages. 

Check them out in the table below.

On a full charge, it can travel up to 28 miles.The Battery takes a long time to fully charge (seven to eight hours).
It has a peak power of 800W.It’s expensive to buy (around $800).
It has a top speed of 19 mph.It has weak tires that wear out quickly.
It has advanced features, like mobile connectivity, LED display, and more.It is not compatible with some terrains, such as grass and sand.
It has a dual battery.

How Do You Reset a Ninebot ES4 Scooter?    

There are different ways of resetting your ES4 scooter. A simple way is by pressing the power button for up to one minute or unplugging the power cable to the dashboard.

However, a hard-reset method is a more effective way to reset/reboot your scooter. You can reset your Ninebot ES4 scooter by following the steps below.

  • Turn off the scooter.
  • Hold down both the throttle and brake levers downward.
  • While holding the lever, turn the scooter on.
  • Release the levers after a few minutes, and
  • Lastly, turn off the scooter.

How Do I Factory Reset My 9bot ES4?    

A factory reset is always helpful for many reasons. First, the reset helps to clear most error codes on your scooter. And also fix some malfunctions with the ninebot scooter.

A factory reset is also a hard reset; this action resets any malfunction in the scooter’s settings to an earlier version.

You can quickly hard reset/factory reset your ES4 scooter by following the simple steps below.

  • Firstly, switch on the ninebot scooter with the power button.
  • Press and hold down the brake and throttle levers at the same time. (You might need a second person to help you hold the throttle and brake levers).
  • While holding the levers, switch off the scooter.
  • Then release the brake and throttle levers.
  • Lastly, press the power button for up to three seconds to turn on the scooter.
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The steps above should reset your scooter or set all the settings back to factory settings. Also, the method above works well with any Ninebot scooter.

Does the Ninebot ES4 Have Battery Problems? 

Yes, the Ninebot ES4 does have battery problems. Unfortunately, no matter how quality and long-lasting a scooter’s Battery is, it will degrade and need replacement with time.

The battery pack is the powerhouse of the scooters, and a minor fault will cause a malfunction.

Nevertheless, if your scooter doesn’t turn on, it’s probably a problem with your Battery.

Luckily, the Ninebot ES4 scooter has an external battery, allowing free access to check and replace it. 

The two major battery problems you may have with your ES4 scooter are;

  • Dead Battery
  • The Battery doesn’t charge or retain enough charge.

#1. Dead Battery 

A dead or dying Battery is a common problem with every Battery. All batteries have their lifespan.

They can exceed their span with good maintenance or die fast when you don’t maintain them.

Also, when overcharging or undercharging harms the Battery. Therefore, you should always maintain your Battery and the scooter for the best results.

#2. The Battery Doesn’t Charge And Retains Enough Charge

Another common problem a Ninebot ES4 scooter battery will have is not charging. Sometimes leaving your scooter key in the ‘on’ position for a long time affects its charging.

For instance, when you store your scooter for a long time and it over-discharges, it may fail to charge.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to properly store your scooter when not in use.

You can fix the battery problem by reading the battery voltage; you will need a multimeter. Set the multimeter, and attach the two ends to the battery terminals. 

Before you test your Battery, charge it first. For example, if you have a reading that shows 12 volts, the Battery should be ok to start a scooter. 

But if it’s below 9 volts, then your Battery needs replacement. A little caution can eliminate most scooter problems and keep your scooter in good health.

You can take care of your scooter by regularly cleaning and checking before and after use.

Final Thoughts

In summary, a faulty component on your ES4 scooter will make it not turn on. And when you come across such problems, ensure to check;

  • The battery health
  • Fuse
  • Control board 
  • Dashboard Connection. 

Lastly, the best fix for your scooter problems is good maintenance. Taking proper care of your  ES4 scooter will prevent such problems and increase its reliability and lifespan.

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