5 Reasons Your Ninebot Battery Blinking Red!

The Ninebot is one of the most reliable electric motorcycles. In addition, it’s the choice for many short-route commuters who want a quick and reliable electric scooter.

Like every other electric vehicle, the Ninebot scooter uses a rechargeable battery to operate. 

However, if you’re unfamiliar with the operation of this motorcycle, you may wonder why the battery is blinking red. Here is why the Ninebot battery blinks red.

Your Ninebot battery blinking red is usually an indicator of a fault. The blinking red light warns the user when the battery or the BMS is faulty. Also, your Ninebot battery will blink red when the battery is over-discharged and not sleeping yet. However, depending on the model, the battery can blink red when charging.

In this article, I’ll explain why your Ninebot battery blinks red and why your battery won’t charge.

In the end, you’d be able to tell when your battery is charging. Also, you’ll know what it means when your battery charger flashes red and green lights simultaneously.

Why Is My Ninebot Battery Blinking Red?

Ninebot Battery Blinking Red

There are a couple of reasons your Ninebot battery is blinking red. Usually, the battery blinks red to notify you of a fault.

First, the Ninebot motorcycle uses a rechargeable battery to operate. And that means when the battery runs down after use, it requires you to recharge it for the next operation.

However, this battery can get faulty, and recharging won’t resolve the issue

So, a red light will keep blinking when it develops a fault. Below are reasons your Ninebot battery is blinking red:

#1. Faulty Battery Management System (BMS)

The battery management system (BMS) is an integral part of the battery pack and, by extension, an essential part of an electric vehicle.

This technology ensures the smooth running of your Ninebot battery.

So, if this part develops a fault, the battery blinks red as a warning. In most cases, your battery will stop charging or won’t charge properly.

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To check if the BMS is faulty, remove the BMS board, place it in a working battery pack, and see if it blinks red too.

However, this is not something you can do easily, so you should call an expert who can replace the BMS if you can’t handle it.

#2. Faulty Battery

Another reason you’d notice a blinking red light on your Ninebot battery is when the battery is faulty.

In this case, the battery won’t charge or power your scooter. You’d need to replace the battery.

#3. Flat or Dead Battery

One of the primary reasons your Ninebot battery is blinking red is if your battery runs dead after use.

Also, if you keep your scooter for a long time without using it or charging the battery, it’ll blink red once you start the machine.

The blinking light shows the battery is over-discharged and is yet to hibernate.

In most cases, when you try charging it, it may take time to pick up or may only charge once you boost it. Therefore, you should charge your scooter monthly if you use it sparingly.

#4. Voltages Not in Sync

Another reason you may notice your Ninebot battery blinking red is if the voltage of each cell is not in sync.

A Ninebot scooter uses a battery pack with about ten or more battery cells.

Depending on the type of battery, the voltage of each cell should be about  3.6V – 4.2V on a full charge.

So, if one or more cells aren’t in sync with the rest, you may notice the blinking light. You can use a multimeter to test the voltage of each cell point.

#5. Battery is Charging

Depending on the model of your battery, you may notice a blinking red light if it’s charging. However, this blinking red light can also indicate a fault.

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To be sure it isn’t faulty, the battery should power on your motorcycle after charging.

Why Is My Ninebot Battery Not Charging?

There are different reasons your Ninebot battery won’t charge: a faulty battery, the wrong type of charger, and a faulty charger. Also, a sleeping battery won’t respond to current flow.

Below are things you should know if your scooter battery isn’t charging:

#1. Faulty Battery

A bad battery is one of the reasons your scooter battery won’t charge. If this is the case, replacing the battery would solve the issue. 

Ninebot identifies faults on your scooter with the error codes that display on the dashboard or the app. Also, you can identify such codes through the beeping of your scooter.

Below are some error codes that indicate a faulty battery and the troubleshooting steps:

Error CodesDescriptionTroubleshooting
19Battery voltage is abnormalReplace the battery and then the control board if the problem persists.
21Battery communication errorCheck the battery, the voltage, the control board, and nearby connections.
22Battery password errorReplace BMS or the entire battery pack
23Battery default serial numberReplace battery
24The system voltage test is abnormalCheck the battery and control board.
42External battery communication errorCheck the external battery, control board, and connected cable control.

#2. Dead or Sleeping Battery

If your battery is over-discharged and has yet to hibernate, it may take time to respond when you plug in the charger. If this is the case, if you leave it for some time, it’ll pick up and charge.

However, if it’s the case with a sleeping battery, you’d have to boost the battery before it can charge.

#3. Using a Wrong Charger 

If you’re using the wrong charger for your scooter battery, it won’t charge the battery.

You’d need a charger with more voltage if you’re using a Ninebot electric motorcycle with a 42V battery pack.

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A charger at least 2V higher would be able to push current to your scooter battery. So, if you’re using a charger with less voltage than your battery, it won’t charge the battery.

#4. Faulty Charger

If your charger is faulty, it won’t be able to charge the battery.

To confirm if the problem is from the charger, try using it on another battery to see if it works. If it doesn’t, you need to replace the charger.

#5. Faulty Charger Port

Check the charger port; if it’s loose, it won’t fit into your scooter correctly. Also, use a multimeter to check for current flow in the port.

How Do You Know If Your Ninebot Scooter Is Charging?

There are light indicators on the Ninebot scooter and the battery charger. These indicators show if your scooter battery is charging or not.

When you connect your charger, and the indicator shows a solid or flashing red light, it means the battery is charging.

Once this light changes to green, it shows the battery is fully charged. However, charger models differ in operation; you should always read the user manual before use.

At the same time, the Ninebot dashboard displays the charging status of your battery with a blinking light that shows the various charging levels.

Once the light remains lit and stops blinking, the battery is fully charged. Also, the dashboard displays the battery’s percentage.

Do you know Why your Ninebot Scooter Blinking Red and White?

Ninebot Charger Blinking Red and Green

If your Ninebot battery charger blinks red and green, there’s a fault somewhere. Of course, this fault could be from the charger or the battery.

A charger that has two Led lights wouldn’t blink at the same time. The blinking red light usually shows that the battery is charging. And this light keeps blinking until it’s fully charged.

Once it changes to green, the battery is fully charged. But, if both lights blink simultaneously, you should check the charger and battery for faults.

Final Words

Your Ninebot battery will keep flashing red for the following reasons:

  • Faulty BMS
  • Faulty battery
  • Flat or sleeping battery
  • Battery charging

A light indicator on your battery charger and scooter shows a charging or faulty battery.

You should replace a bad battery and recharge your battery every two months if you’re not using the scooter.

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