Why Is My Xiaomi Scooter Going Slow: Unlock the Mystery!

Although the Scooter might be a means of covering short distances, you still want it to move at its best speed.

It can be frustrating when you cannot get around with your Xiaomi scooter as fast as you would like to.

When your Xiaomi scooter begins to slow down, you should start thinking of what could be wrong and how to fix it.

Your Xiaomi scooter could get slow in some cases; this reduced speed could result from dirty wheels, reduced battery performance, and broken tires. In rare cases, outdated firmware could also slow down your Scooter significantly. You notice that your Scooter no longer attains maximum speeds or takes longer to cover similar distances.

Reading this article, you will discover why your Xiaomi scooter now runs slower than usual. 

Furthermore, I will give you a detailed explanation of how you can change the speed of your Xiaomi electric scooter.

Why Is My Xiaomi Scooter Not Getting Up to Speed?

Why Is My Xiaomi Scooter Going Slow

There are a couple of reasons why your Scooter may not get up to the desired speed you intend to have. 

When your Scooter slows down, look out for the following problems.

#1. Low Battery Levels

When the battery that supplies power to the electric Scooter begins to drop, the speed level also drops accordingly.

This speed reduction is because an electric motor only runs based on the power supply from the batteries. 

When the voltage is low, the speed drops accordingly. When the voltage is high, the speed also increases. 

The Xiaomi electric scooter attains a speed of up to 25km/h with a range of up to 55km. The charger supplies 42 V power, corresponding to 8 – 9 hours of charge time.

When you put these factors together, your Xiaomi electric scooter should run at optimal speeds. Whenever this speed falls short of the normal, check your battery levels.

#2. Wrong Power Mode

You can adjust the power mode on your Xiaomi electric scooter. This mode intends to keep the Scooter at slower speeds for different categories of riders.

When you activate the eco-mode in your Xiaomi scooter, your Scooter will run at suboptimal speeds. This speed limit ranges between 5-10 mph.

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These modes are important because they keep riders safe. You can use eco mode to increase your safety as a new rider.

As an old rider, you can use the eco mode to keep your speed within safe limits when riding through a busy city center.

#3. Low Tire Pressure

An optimal tire pressure ensures you move at maximum speeds. The tires of the Xiaomi electric scooter are pneumatic.

It means that for you to maintain optimal pressure, there should be air in it. As you continue to move around frequently, there might be tiny air leaks from the tires.

These leaks are normal; you must regularly replace the leaked air to maintain optimal pressure.

When the Xiaomi tire pressure begins to drop, the performance of the electric Scooter also drops.

One performance rating affected by a wrong tire pressure is the speed of the Scooter.

#4. Dirty Wheels

When dirt accumulates on the Xiaomi tires, they can no longer move at optimal speeds. When you drive your Scooter on not-tarred or paved paths, dirt sticks on the tires.

When this dirt begins to accumulate, they get to slow down your speed. You discover that your Xiaomi runs at a sub-optimal speed despite having all it takes to go fast.

Your Scooter slows down because the dirt causes reduced contact between the surface of the tires and the ground.

Your tires also risk puncture and deflation if dirt accumulates on them. This dirt can harbor sharps that may puncture your tire, further reducing your speeds.

#5. Firmware Updates

Your electric Scooter receives updates from the manufacturer. This firmware update maintains proper communication between the hardware and the software.

These firmware updates instruct the various systems in the electric Scooter on how to interact with one another.

Based on the battery power and other factors, it tells the Scooter how much speed to take on. These features are the advantages of the firmware if updated.

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Sometimes, the firmware can introduce bugs to the Scooter and slow it down. When these conditions take place, a software overhaul is necessary.

How Do I Fix the Speed Problem of My Xiaomi Scooter?

You can fix the speed problems of your Scooter by troubleshooting these problems. When you discover a problem with how slow your Scooter has become. 

Here is a step-wise approach to solving the problem.

#1. Check The Battery Levels

Look out for the battery levels on the indicator. You know the battery is the problem when your speed gradually slows down.

In many instances, you begin with the optimal speed, and as the journey progresses, the speed continues to slow down even when you accelerate.

When you begin to experience a slowing scooter, the first place to look at is the battery level.

You may need to stop for a charge when you ascertain that the battery levels are falling low.

If you do not charge your batteries, the Scooter might eventually halt. 

#2. Check The Power Mode

When your Scooter slows down, look out for the power mode. You can change the power mode by flipping a button on the control panel.

Your hands might have accidentally pressed the button, or someone might have used the power mode earlier.

If the speed reduces abruptly, you can tell when the power mode is the problem.

When you start your Scooter, and it does not attain the highest speed from the start, check the power mode.

#3. Check The Tire Pressure

When you know the battery levels and the power mode and your Scooter still slows down considerably, check the tire pressure.

When the pressure in the tires drops, your Scooter begins to slow down considerably. You first notice the Scooter getting more difficult to maneuver and handle.

Once you check the pressure, you can inflate it if it appears low.

#4. Clear The Tires Off Debris

Debris blurs out the markings on tires. These markings ensure that your tires clutch firmly to the ground.

Once the batteries are fully charged, the power mode is not on the eco mode, and the tire pressures are optimal, then look out for the tire debris.

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Once you clear off the debris, your speed might return to normal.

#5. Look Out for Updates

If you have followed through with all these steps and your speed on the Xiaomi scooter has not improved, look out for updates from Xiaomi.

You must have the Xiaomi app on your smartphone to carry out this update.

The table below summarizes why your Scooter might slow down and how you fix it.

ProblemHow To Identify The Problem
Low battery levelsGradual reduction in speed
Wrong power modeAbrupt reduction in speed
Low tire pressureFailure to achieve a balance
Dirty wheelsTires drifting often
Firmware updatesContinuous slowness despite fixing other faults

Why Does My Xiaomi Scooter Bog Down When I Accelerate?

Your electric Scooter may bog down when accelerating due to a damaged throttle.

When your Scooter continuously comes in contact with water, the throttle might become damaged.

These water droplets might find their way to the throttle and cause it to rust. A rusted throttle can become corroded or jammed.

Once these damages occur, your Xiaomi scooter begins to bog down even when you attempt to accelerate.

The throttle in an electric scooter allows you to control your speed while riding. This component communicates your speed to the wheels as you accelerate.

Instead of accelerating, you might find your Scooter slowing down when the throttle is damaged.

How Do I Change the Speed of My Xiaomi Electric Scooter?

You can change the speed of your electric Scooter by switching the power mode, getting good tires, and having a good battery.

Some retail agents put the Scooter on a default eco mode to protect new riders unfamiliar with driving at high speeds.

Most times, your scooter tires may be worn out, preventing you from driving fast. Once you change your tires, you can increase your speed drastically.

When you charge your battery fully, the speed is usually optimal; when the battery performance drops, the speed also drops.

Most times, the battery may be fully charged, but the speed may not be optimal because the batteries are damaged.

When you install new batteries, the speed of your scooters might increase.

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