This is Why People Are Not Stealing The Bird Or Lime Scooters!

Stealing is bad behavior, but some people still go ahead and steal. Unfortunately, there isn’t a limit to what people steal.

When a person steals, they can be penalized for it. However, people avoid bird or lime scooters and do not steal them.

Why is that so? Why not steal them, make money off them, or use them to their benefit? This article will explain why people do not steal the Bird or lime scooters.

There are many reasons people do not steal a bird or lime scooter, including the fear of getting caught; it is cheap to rent, so it isn’t worth the effort of stealing it, and it isn’t so fast. So stealing isn’t worth the headache that follows trying not to get caught stealing either of these scooters.

What’s Preventing People from Stealing the Bird or Lime Scooters?

Why Are People Not Stealing the Bird or Lime Scooters

Several reasons prevent people from stealing the bird or lime scooters. They are listed below;

  • Fear of getting caught.
  • Anti-theft measures by their companies.
  • Cheap to rent.
  • It isn’t speedy.
  • Decency

#1. Fear of Getting Caught

People don’t steal bird or lime scooters because they fear being caught by either the law or the companies producing these scooters.

Stealing is a crime punishable under the law of every country. So, no matter where you are, you will surely be punished if you get caught stealing these scooters.

If you steal the scooter and the company gets to know you stole a scooter through the measures they put in place to detect theft, you will face accusations and get punished.

#2. Anti-Theft Measures by their Companies

Both the Bird and Lime companies have measures to detect theft on the scooter.

There is a GPS tracker on every Bird and Lime scooter out there, so stealing them is useless.

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That’s because when a person steals them, the company can track down the thief and get them punished.

There is also an alarm on these scooters, so the alarm goes off once someone tries to steal them.

If the owner gets alerted, he can go after his scooter or easily report it as stolen. The wheels of these scooters have locks, discouraging people from trying to steal them.

Stealing them is useless as you would be unable to ride them. In the case of a lime scooter, the company took an extra step to protect it from theft.

If you steal a lime scooter to use the parts, it is of no use to you as you would be unable to use it.

#3. Cheap to Rent

Scooters are cheap to rent, and with just a dollar as a starting fee, you get to ride a scooter; why steal it? You can rent your scooter to use it during your time however you like.

The price to rent a scooter is small to pay at your convenience rather than getting caught stealing and paying a fine for the stolen scooter. 

Not only that, you can go to jail for stealing a scooter, so renting is a much better option than stealing.

Furthermore, it isn’t a profitable business if you steal these scooters to rent them out to other users.

#4. It Isn’t Speedy

Stealing a scooter is risky because if you are to ride away with the scooter, you won’t get very far with it. 

In addition, the scooter isn’t high-speed, so the risk of getting caught with the stolen scooter is high.

#5. Decency

Morals and what people will say prevent people from doing some things. Just because of their upbringing, even if they admire it, they wouldn’t steal it or soil their name.

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What Happens When You Steal a Bird Scooter? 

If you steal a bird scooter, you may get stopped by law enforcement and face a fine if you get caught.

If your theft results in damage to property, such as breaking a car window to gain access to the scooter, you will face even more charges. 

The court can impose additional fines if this offense hurts traffic or blocks access to an emergency vehicle.

However, if your case of theft goes to court and you are found guilty, you can expect to be charged with a misdemeanor or felony

That means that fines could run between $200 and $1,000, depending on what happened during your offense.

If you damaged property while carrying out this crime, then that could push your fine even higher.

If you go to jail for something like stealing, it can damage your record and put your life on hold. Depending on the judge, your sentence could be a year or more.

When you steal a Bird scooter, it sends a notification to the rider who rented the scooter.

The app freezes if they get too far away, and the police and nearby users get an alert. Plus, you can’t turn off GPS on a bird, so if it detects motion, it will activate its alarm.

Do Lime Scooters Have Trackers? 

Yes, Lime Scooters have GPS trackers. This tracker enables Lime to know where their scooters are.

This GPS tracker has benefited many riders, but its disadvantage is that it drains their battery fast. As a result, however, some riders decide to disable this tracker on their vehicle.

The table below shows the benefit of having a tracker in a Lime Scooter.

Difficult to steal.Having a tracker in your Lime scooter makes it difficult to steal and gives you peace of mind.
Rider alert.The GPS alerts nearby users when the scooter moves from its position, allowing them to report a theft.
It allows real-time location.With their GPS tracker, if you rent a scooter out, you can always track it.
Easy route-planning.With GPS in Lime Scooters, you can check the fastest route available.

Do Bird Scooters Have Cameras? 

Yes, Bird scooters have cameras; it uses a Camera Positioning System. This system checks that a rider follows the parking rules within 20 centimeters or less. Both Bird and Lime scooters have inbuilt rear and front-facing cameras

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In addition, cameras on the front and back of the scooters allow people to move them from a distance if they are blocking sidewalks or traffic.

With their “centimeter-level sidewalk mapping,” they can figure out when a scooter has moved off the road and onto a sidewalk.

Reckless parking isn’t an option when you use the cameras in the Bird scooter with the camera positioning system. 

Using the camera to scan your surroundings, you can get info on where to park from the Bird app.

Thanks to the camera and tracker, you can only end your ride when appropriately parked. Furthermore, it gives Bird information about where you park within the city.

Bird scans the city with their 3D city mapping and AI, then let you know where you can park appropriately.

However, sometimes another scooter can occupy this space, so they direct you elsewhere.

The camera in your scooter is helpful as it scans where you are, and Bird gets where you are.

Armed with the view of their location using the city mapping, they find another location for your scooter where you can park well.

Finally, if you do not park well, you are asked to re-park and end your ride.

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In conclusion, stealing a bird or lime scooter isn’t easy, and the person stealing it must put lots of thought and effort into it. So it isn’t worth trying to steal any of these scooters.

Even if they try to steal it, the Bird and Lime companies have implemented measures to prevent stealing these scooters.

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