Where Do You Get The Hoverboard in Warframe? (Explained)

You must have seen in-game footage of players using hoverboards on YouTube gaming accounts or the gaming group you belong to.

Like the gameplay, the Warframe hoverboard is breathtaking, so everyone wants a taste of the fun. However, getting the hoverboard requires a little quest.

The quest makes it all the more worth it. Also, you’d agree that the hoverboard wouldn’t be a big deal if all Warframe players had one without breaking a sweat.

Getting the Warframe hoverboard is an exciting quest in Fortuna, which is on Venus. Once you get to Fortuna, you’d have to locate a contact named Eudico. She’ll set you off on a short series of quests upon making contact. Then, after you complete the missions, you’ll get the hoverboard as a reward for your troubles.

You’ll find that having the hoverboard in Warframe is easier to get than you first thought. So don’t be scared off by the idea of Eudico’s quests.

This article will not set you on your way but give you detailed steps to complete the quests. Ultimately, you’ll also learn the easiest way to get a hoverboard in Warframe.

When Can You Access the Hoverboard in Warframe?

Where Do You Get the Hoverboard in Warframe

You can access the hoverboard in Warframe after completing some quests in Fortuna. Fortuna is one of the colonies of Venus that the rebel group Solaris United calls home.

Allying with Solaris United during gameplay helps you build up ranks with Vox Solaris. That’s if you’d fancy getting new weapons and MOAs (Mobile Offensive Armatures).

In truth, who doesn’t? There are also bounties to enjoy. Then, as you progress through the Warframe storyline, you’d notice that Solaris United is the key to unlocking Baruuk.

Again, the group forms part of the story in getting the Warframe hoverboard. In this case, you won’t have a direct run-in with them.

So, to get started, navigate to Venus and scroll through the colonies to Fortuna. Once you arrive, your next task is to find an NPC named Eudico.

You’ll find Eudico at the doors leading to Orb Vallis at Fortunate’s far end. To help locate Eudico, look for a character holding a big gun at the door.

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That’ll save you some precious time looking around for name tags. You’re welcome. Once you contact Eudico, she’ll tell you a story about another character, Thursby.

Thursby’s story is about owing a debt to Nef Anyo, who promised to take his arms and legs for the debt. So Eudico will task you with pacifying Nef Anyo and saving Thursby.

The situation is dire because Thursby has his hands tied in paying off the debt. However, he can’t tell that to Nef Anyo, but hopefully, you can strike a deal.

To that end, you’ll embark on missions across parts of Fortuna and report back to Eudico each time. The end of the conversation with Eudico will initiate the missions.

At that point, a marker will appear to lead you to Thursby. Follow the marker to meet Thursby and carry on from there.

You’ll get new tasks as you complete the missions. Follow the instructions, and eventually, Eudico will gift you the hoverboard when you complete the mission set.

What Is the Hoverboard Called in Warframe?

The Warframe hoverboard is a K-drive. But hold on, before you start wondering if there’s any relation to K-Pop, there isn’t! The semblance is only a coincidence.

For Warframe players, the K-drive is a handy gadget to help them traverse long distances instead of running. As such, they save lots of time and have fun traveling.

The K-drive is handy for its speed and convenience; the table below shows the basic features of Warframe hoverboards.

Speed18 m/s
Boost Speed21 m/s
Jump Height2.5 meters
Jump Charge Time1.5 seconds

You earn your first K-drive by completing the Vox missions (Eudico leading you to Thursby). But for the next, you’ll have to build it yourself or buy one using platinum.

To spice things up, when you progress through the game’s storyline, you’ll encounter K-drive races. There, players can show off their skills and earn points for tricks.

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There are several button combinations to give different tricks, so you’ll have to learn them along the way. Start with the basic controls at first, then build up from there.

There’s plenty of gameplay ahead, so there’s no rush. But a motivating factor in learning the tricks is that complex combinations score more during races.

Here’s a table of beginner K-drive PC controls to get you started.

ActionCommand Key
Mount/Unmount K-driveX
MovementsW, A, S, D
JumpSpace Bar
Switch WeaponF

Not to worry, you’ll ease into doing tricks on your K-drive as you practice. You can also watch this video for tips on how to master using the K-drive.

Doing tricks on your K-drive is important because they boost your K-drive experience. Your K-drive experience helps you score higher during races and boosts standings too.

Overall, the K-drive is a fun way to move across parts of Fortuna. You can also have fun racing other players and building your standings over time.

Can I Modify My Hoverboard in Warframe?

Whether you can modify your K-drive depends on how you acquired your gadget. So, your Warframe hoverboard can be modifiable or not modifiable.

Most Warframe players get their first K-drive after completing the Vox missions. That K-drive isn’t modifiable. So you’ll have to use it the way you get it all through the game.

However, you can have a modifiable K-drive in both ways: having a custom-built gadget or buying one with platinum.

For custom-built K-drives, you get them by collecting parts you get off trading Standing (the per-syndicate currency). However, you need Ventkids rankings to access the parts.

You may be wondering who or what Ventkids are. The Ventkids are a group of children in charge of running K-drive races who specialize in stealing parts.

The first contact with Ventkids is usually after completing the Vox missions. So, stay calm if you’re yet to come across them during your gameplay.

Ventkids rankings are important because you access more K-drive parts as your ranking improves. Every K-drive needs four basic parts; the Board, Jet, Nose, and Reactor.

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So, you can build your custom K-drive when you have these parts in place. But please note that all K-drives only differ in appearance. They all have the same specifications.

In that light, the only modification you can make to your K-drive is to change its appearance. Also, when buying a K-drive with platinum, you can choose one that catches your fancy.

But you get zero special features. Here, you can deduce that a player’s K-drive isn’t the defining factor in a race. Instead, the mastery of using the K-drive and performing tricks is what counts.

What is the Easiest Way to Get a Hoverboard in Warframe?

Completing the Vox missions is the easiest way to get a hoverboard in Warframe. This method is suitable because your K-drive will perform like any other.

But the only difference you’ll note is in terms of appearance. So, why stress piling up precious platinum to spend them all on a K-drive with no special features?

Instead, meet up with Eudico and walk away with a K-drive at the end of the day. Besides, completing the missions is easy, especially with the mission markers.

For the first task, collecting the three Corpus supply drops, equipping a mod is a helpful tip. It would help if you equipped a mod that makes loot crates appear on your radar.

That way, you’ll be able to see the supply drops on your radar. You’ll also notice some noise from the drops when you get close to them.

During the second task, you can pick up enemy Data Terminals to speed up the hacking process by Eudico. After that, you’ll have to defend two extractors simultaneously.

In the process, you’ll have to pick up power cells. So, having an AoE ability with great damage will make things easy.

The same feature will also be helpful when you have to fight off enemy waves while waiting for the Profit-Taker Orb.

Other parts of the mission are straightforward, so you’ll get by when you follow the instructions.

After completing the missions, you’ll get a K-drive launcher. Thus, you can use the K-drive anytime on Cambion Drift, Orb Vallis, or the Plains of Eidolon.

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