Wheels E-bike Hack (Easy Ways To Do It)

E-bikes have become a popular option amongst bike users over the years. Mainly due to their relative ease of use compared to traditional pedal bikes.

However, e-bikes have several limitations that restrict their speed limits and overall performance, which can be annoying to users. 

In contrast, hacks eliminate these restrictions by upgrading or tweaking the e-bike to enable increased performance and maximum supported speed.

Let’s discuss a few hacks and how to apply them on your Wheels e-bike.

A few e-bike hacks include: Bypassing the electric bike’s speed limiter, enabling your e-bike to ride faster by tweaking the rear wheel sensor, and installing speed box tuning chips. However, remember that manufacturers disapprove of hacking e-bikes. Hacking your Wheels E-bike can put you at the risk of losing your guarantee and invalidating your warranty claims.

Can You Hack Wheels E-bikes?

Wheels E-bike Hack

Yes, you can hack Wheels E-bikes. However, hacking e-bikes is against the law in many countries, and many electrical bike companies are doing all they can to clamp down on riders tweaking their e-bikes’ performance for more speed. 

The main reason behind hacking is to boost the electric bike’s speed and performance.

Many e-bikes have restricted power levels of 250 watts and speed limits of up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph).

The problem is that this is quite low considering that adults and even children can generate this same amount of power pedaling conventional bicycles.

Hacking solves this problem by going against the electric bike’s stock configuration to enhance top speed and remove the speed limiter.

High-grade electric motors can exceed power levels above 250 watts, but the manufacturers set the speed limit for the riders’ safety.

Faster electric bikes have raised safety concerns over the years as pedestrians were getting hit by electric bikes driving at higher speeds than intended by the manufacturers.

This situation has made different countries impose strict manufacturing guidelines regulating electric bike speed limits. 

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To the extent that in most countries, hacking your electric bike speed limit is termed illegal and is a punishable offense. 

Can You Hack An E-bike?

You can hack E-bikes by delimiting them. Delimiting overrides the electric bike’s pedal assistance limit, enabling it to achieve speeds of over 25km/h  (15.5 mph).

You can manually delimit your electric bike or use an E-bike tool kit.

#1. Manual Delimiting

Manual delimiting will only work if the specific model of your electric bike allows it.

To manually delimit your electric bike, locate the magnet and sensor on the bike’s frame base and rear wheel. 

The magnet is located at the rear wheel, while the sensor is at the frame base.

So, first, check for your electric bike’s pedal bracket and fix the magnet to it. Lastly, turn the sensor by to face the magnet, and you are all set up. 

#2. E-bike Tool kit

It is important to note that there are two tool kits; the kits that need assembly and those that don’t.

E-bike tool kits work similarly to the manual delimiting method, mainly by distortion and manipulating speed data.

It is possible to return your electric bike’s speed to its default setting if you wish to detune the bike. 

How Do You Hack The Speed Limit On An E-bike?

Many electric bikes come equipped with a speed limiter that restricts the speed of the electric bike.

Although the maximum allowable speed varies from one electric bike to the other, the general agreeable speed is around 32km/h (20mph).

However, this speed limit can be quite frustrating to some E-bike users. Hence, the need for a hack that eliminates this.

A good hack for this is Speed-unlocking your E-bike. Normal E-bikes have an embedded system that restricts how fast the E-bike goes when pedaling.

This feature helps control the pedal assistance you get from the E-bike motor. 

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Once the electric bike reaches top speed, a signal is transmitted that deactivates further drive or acceleration released by the E-bike.

Since this system works based on how fast you pedal, it is possible to trick it into thinking you are going much slower than the maximum speed. 

In most cases, you can even make it stop thinking at all. That is what Speed-unlocking does in your E-bike.

Other hacks that can increase your electric bike’s speed include:

  • Getting a more powerful motor
  •  Using thin tires
  • Installing windshields
  • Adjusting E-bike settings

#1. Using a More Powerful Motor

Installing a newer and much more powerful motor can give your electric bike’s speed a solid 10km/h speed boost limit or more.

This method is very practical, and you can use it on your electric bike. The motor’s extra muscle dished out will allow your e-bike to run at higher top speeds.

#2. Using Thin Tires

Thinner, lightweight tires put less load on the e-bike, allowing it to attain higher top speeds. One of the main constrictions that add to slowing electric bikes down is weight.

Thinner tires help you achieve top speeds much quicker than bulky tires. Although, when riding through mountainous terrains, it is best to use thick tires to reduce the risk of tire puncturing. 

#3. Installing windshields

Installing windshields is reported to increase the speed of electric bikes by up to 5km/h.

That is because objects with streamlined shapes are known to improve aerodynamics by reducing wind drag and resistance while in motion.

As a result, the electric bike’s overall performance also improves.

How To Hack a Wheels E-bike?

Knowing what parts of an electric bike you can hack and how to do it puts you in a better position to be guided properly on the do’s and don’ts when hacking your Wheels E-bike.

Let’s take a look at a few hacks and how to set them up:

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#1. Bypassing the Electric Speed Limiter On Your Wheels E-bike

To bypass your electric bike’s speed limiter, go on the control panel of your e-bike and reduce the wheel size. You can reduce the wheel size to whatever measurement that suits you.

However, it should not fall too low.

Reducing the wheel size tricks the electric bike’s speed limiter into thinking you are using a smaller wheelbase and therefore riding at a slower speed. Derestricting Wheels E-bike

You can derestrict an electric bike by placing a compact electronic device between the sensor magnet of the wheel and the computer that calculates the speed that the bike moves in.

It is important to note that derestricting your Wheels e-bike doesn’t make your motor more powerful than it already is. It only makes it go faster. 

#2. Increasing the Speed Limit On Your Wheels E-bike

To increase the speed limit on your Wheels E-bike, you can use a battery with a higher voltage. Or, you could also strip your electric bike of unnecessary parts to reduce wind drag.  

Top Wheels E-bike Hacks

Top Wheels E-bike hacks include:

  •  Altering the E-bike’s settings to reduce the wheel size.
  • Plugging in a speed limiting wire jumper at the E-bike controller.

The Speed limiting wire jumper is usually a single wire connected with an electrical connector. Its detachable nature allows adjustment according to your needs.

For example, you could attach it to limit your electric bike’s speed while driving in-city and remove it when crooning through less populated areas. 


E-bike hacks help solve the issue of low speed and poor overall performance in electric bikes, however, at the risk of voiding your E-bike warranty and losing its guarantee. 

Cheaper yet effective hacks you can try on your Wheels E-bike include Adjusting the settings display to reduce wheel size, using thinner tires, a more powerful motor, and installing windshields.

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