What Happens If You Take A Lime Scooter Home?

Lime scooters are the latest technological additions to decongest roadblocks that traffic induces. These electric motors are for public use and do not belong to anyone except Lime.

Unfortunately, citizens struggle with this reality and tend to be quite jealous.

On the other hand, someone who is about to take a Lime scooter for the first time might be wondering if they can take it home.

Consequently, they might be unfamiliar with the company’s policy and wary of defaulting.

If you take a lime scooter home, you must not take it inside your house. Instead, leave it outside so another rider can access it without hassle. When you fail to do this, you will pay whatever acceptable Lime charges, especially if you hoard it for a few days.

Can You Keep a Lime Scooter At Your House?

Take a Lime scooter home

You can only take a Lime scooter home if you intend to charge it and return it to the sidewalk in the morning.

The good news is that you get paid for this service if you follow the rules. People responsible for this service are Lime Juicers, the only ones permitted to take a scooter home.

Why would you want to hoard a scooter? Why not purchase a car or bike? You can keep a Lime scooter at your house but only for a short while.

Most likely, you may keep it through the night while you charge it for the next day.

It would interest you if you knew that only Lime scooter Juicers are eligible to keep a scooter in their house.

The reason is; that they are registered and are qualified for their services. They even get paid for the job!

To become a Lime or Bird scooter juicer, you must sign up on their website and receive authorization on your phone.

Then, you provide the necessary information, including bank details so that they can pay you for your service afterward.

But, of course, you must purchase the Lime scooters charger before you can commence.

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Lime sells each charger for about 20$. Therefore, you can purchase a pack or a few packs, depending on how many scooters you are willing to charge.

For example, if you wish to charge at least two scooters, you must purchase two to three chargers. 

An extra charger will come in handy if one of the chargers stops working. By doing this, you stand a lesser chance of encountering disappointments.

For example, if an unexpected power surge damages your charger, what can you do if you do not have an extra charger around?

Remember that it is the Juicers’ responsibility to drop the scooters off at designated positions for people that wish to ride lime scooters.

It would also help if you knew that you must charge each scooter up to at least 95% before dropping it off, or else you will pay a fine.

These measures are part of the company policies to improve customer satisfaction and ensure the business runs smoothly.

In essence, I am trying to say that; if you do not have the qualifications to keep a Lime scooter, do not take it home.

Consequently, if you want to ride a lime scooter, you must pay for use per minute. Then, when you reach your destination, drop the Lime or Bird scooter where others can access it and proceed with your day.

The company will deduct the amount they charge according to the distance traveled.

Things to Know Before Your First Lime Scooter Rental

Renting a Lime scooter for the first time might seem like a difficult thing to do, but that is not the case.

You are on the right track if you know what to do and how to do it. First, you must understand that there are various electric scooter companies

These companies include; Lime, Bird, Beam, Bunny, Swiftmile, TIER, Circ, etcetera. Each company has its mode of operandum and methods to acquire a scooter.

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But for the sake of this article, I will only explain how Lime works and what you should know before a rental.

Here are the things you must know and do;

#1. Download the App

Before locating an electronic scooter for rent, you must first download the app from your play store. Ensure you connect to cellular data or Wi-Fi before downloading the application.

After downloading the software, fill in your details correctly and proceed to locate a scooter.

#2. Locate a Scooter

Next, turn on your location/GPS so that you can locate a free scooter within range.

You must understand that the GPS signal will only show you the electronic scooters for rent within a few meters. This way, you can only rent a scooter in your city.

Once you turn on your location, locate the scooter nearest to your area at the moment that is not in use.

Sometimes, it might be a few blocks, while it may be a few feet away. The availability of the electronic scooter also depends on the time of the day.

I mean that; you might most likely have a hard time locating a free scooter in the morning rush hour.

But, at this time, most people who fancy electronic scooters will be in a hurry to get one. Since there is a no passenger rule, it only allows one at a time.

Subsequently, you will have to prepare early enough to secure a ride in time. Remember that you need a valid Driver’s license before you can ride an electric scooter.

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#3. Scan the Code

When you secure a free scooter, you must unlock it by scanning the code with your phone. You cannot drive the electronic scooter if you do not open it.

However, you can begin riding the lime scooter once you scan the code.

#4. Go For Your Ride In Safety

Now that you are ready for your ride observe the traffic rules to prevent a lime scooter accident. Always wear a safety helmet throughout the ride and keep to your lane.

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So What’s Stopping People From Taking a Lime Scooter Home?

People not registered as Lime Juicers cannot take a lime scooter home. Taking a Lime scooter home and storing it in your yard is a crime.

Even if you ride the electronic scooter home and it is late, leave it beside your curb. 

Here, any other rider can access the Lime scooter easily. Additionally, these scooters are not personal assets to anyone other than Lime.

Therefore, anyone Lime does not employ either as a Juicer or technician does not have the right to hoard them.

So, do not take a Lime scooter into your garage; you do not have the authorization to do that. Imagine if every rider keeps the electronic scooter after each rent, would there be any left?

It would be best if you knew that Lime charges a considerable fine if you hoard their scooter.

Now, unless you want to see some unnecessary debit alerts, do not store the Lime scooter at home.

Can You Steal a Lime Scooter?

You can steal a Lime scooter, but you will not go scot-free. It is not worth trying because Lime keeps track of all their scooters as long as they run.

Even when they are not, they can still track them and charge the culprit.

Taking someone else’s property into your possession is an unwise move. The offended can charge you for theft, which can incur extra costs and dent your reputation.


In conclusion, it is rather unwise to take a lime scooter home and store and keep it for yourself. This eclectic scooter is for rent by the scooter rental company and belongs to them alone.

So, if you drive it home, leave it in the open, where anyone can quickly access them.

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