What Happens If You Break A Lime Scooter?

Lime scooters are not as indestructible as we think. So, if you mishandle the electric scooter, it will break or begin to malfunction.

For someone new to e-scooter rides, you must have many questions about how to handle them properly.

It will be relatively insensitive to suggest that for every broken Lime scooter, someone purposely destroyed them.

However, what happens if there is an accident that nobody planned? And what can one do in such cases?

Indeed, if you break a Lime scooter on purpose, you will pay for the damages. But, there are some instances where accidents occur and things happen beyond your control. Unfortunately, the company has a policy that ensures you are responsible for the damage if you do not return it to them on time.

What Happens If You Damage a Lime Scooter?

Break a Lime Scooter

Damaging any property that does not belong to you is not a favorable condition to be. Sadly, for electric scooters, most damages are by sidewalk accidents or hits and runs.

Lime charges any customer that cannot keep their policies, especially if you hoard the scooter overnight.

The Lime user agreement states the terms and conditions and appreciates that everyone keeps to it without exceptions.

It is one of the reasons why the company can move forward. If not, customers will misuse the scooters, and Lime will run out of business.

Suppose you are not willing to spend a few thousand dollars (depending on the damages).

In that case, you must be careful because it is relatively easy to damage a fragile gadget like an electronic scooter.

You will harm yourself if you run into anything like; a moving car, a wall, or another scooter.

In addition, after treating your injuries, you may have to pay for the scooter’s damages. There are a few death cases with Lime scooters, but it does not mean you should not ride one.

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If you observe all the safety precautions, you have a lesser chance of damaging a Lime scooter.

Always wear a helmet before you begin riding. The helmet protects your head against concussion if you fall.

Also, look ahead as you ride and stay in your lane; accidents result from the littlest distractions.

Is It Legal to Take a Destroyed Lime Scooter?

When it comes to this matter, many people have a lot of things to say. However, taking a destroyed Lime scooter is not advisable or legal if you did not purchase the electric scooter.

Theft is punishable by law. It means taking goods without permission. The standard procedure for Lime scooters is to search for the nearest available ride.

But, you must first download the Lime app and register with your information.

Thus, making you eligible for a ride as long as you can pay for the time you spent driving around. It is a much easier and faster way to get around.

Leave it be if you see an electronic scooter lying on the sidewalk or parking lot. You must only alight on a scooter when scanning the code and unlocking your ride, and you must only climb on a scooter.

Also, it would be best if you knew that you have no right to dismantle any part of the Lime scooter.

Once Lime can track their electric scooter to you and prove that you are hoarding their property, you are in for a big deal.

Therefore, the best thing to do if you find a destroyed Lime scooter is to contact their customer service.

They will direct you on the necessary steps you must take to redeem yourself and save your cash.

What to Do After Breaking a Lime Scooter?

If you find yourself in such situations, you must turn yourself in within two hours. This way, you have a chance to explain what happened and stand a higher chance of paying less.

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Of course, you must pay for the damages because it will cost them to put it back in order.

Call the customer service hotline as soon as possible; you can get their contact on their mobile app.

The longer you stall, the more suspicious it becomes and the higher your chances of getting into a temporary financial fix.

The most foolish thing is to hide the electronic scooter in your apartment. What do you think the scooter’s GPS is? Where Is the GPS in a Lime Scooter?

So it is always to know their gadgets’ exact location; Lime knows that it is not impossible to dismantle the scooter for scrap.

Now, even if you find a Lime scooter at an accident site, do not touch any part.

Leave it for them to come to clean up after themselves. We know how easy it is to experience electric scooter accidents; they are not uncommon.

However, if you are the accident victim, you must first attend to your health before reporting the scooter’s damage.

Even though they have policies, there are exceptions; Lime is not insensitive to the importance of human life.

Will You Pay a Fine If You Damage a Lime Scooter?

Earlier, we understood how significant the fine is when you damage a Lime scooter. It does not matter if it was an accident or intentional; someone has to pay!

Lime is not a charity organization that produces free electronic scooters; they need to generate revenue. 

Since you cannot purchase a scooter for yourself, you do not have claims to ownership of the scooter.

The worst-case scenario is if they catch you vandalizing their electric scooter. This act is a grievance offense and is punishable by the law.

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You might be paying the price for the Lime scooter and a few other charges. But, believe me when I say; it is not an encounter you would pray to have.

Therefore, I advise that whatever involves lawyers, charges, and fines, try not to involve yourself.

How Often Do People Damage Lime Scooters?

People damage Lime scooters as often as they use them. So, naturally, some people are not as careful as others, so they are more prone to accidents.

But on the other hand, accidents are unpredictable and unpremeditated; they just happen.

Consequently, there is no general rule of thumb for how often accidents happen; we all hope we are safe.

So, it’s safe to say that I might not be able to tell how often people damage Lime scooters.

One thing is; that if you do not obey traffic laws, you stand a higher chance of damaging your Lime scooter.

Can I Go to Jail For Damaging a Lime Scooter?

Theft is a punishable offense that can lead you to jail. Severe vandalization has its penalty. If your crime is deliberate, you will ultimately pay some charges.

For instance, you cannot burn down a couple of Lime scooters for no reason and not expect some form of punishment. Furthermore, you will likely pay dearly for the damages you incurred.

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Several things happen if you break or damage a Lime scooter. The most unavoidable is that you must pay the damages worth.

This situation is unpleasant and can also place you in a tight spot. So, to avoid such situations, drive carefully, do not hoard Lime scooters in your house, and park them where others can see.

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