Voi Scooter Hack (5 Steps To Follow)

Voi has many scooters, e-scooters, e-cargo bikes, and e-bikes. Voi believes that living in a city should not be difficult and should be free from noise and other forms of pollution.

That’s one of the reasons why Voi invented electric scooters and bikes to ensure that living is fun and safe.

The first step to Hacking a Voi scooter is to create an account on the Voi App. Create multiple accounts to get enough Vou Credits so you can sign out anytime the credit on one account finishes. Then, to get promo codes and access more free rides, you can jump on promotions like Bumand and Revolut. 

Voi Scooter Hack Apk

Voi Scooter Hack

Voi is one of the fastest-growing European micro-mobility operators working with European cities to provide affordable and efficient transportation solutions (including scooters).

Voi Scooter has an app created to help those in need of means of transportation reach electric scooters faster.

Unfortunately, the subscription of Voi Scooters is quite high, and the Premium version has more exclusive features. In addition, there are popular hacks like torrents.

But, the truth is that it doesn’t offer the same experience as the “VOI Scooters: Get Magic Wheels” would.

With the “VOI Scooters: Get Magic Wheels,” you’ll have free access to watch any show streaming on Voi Scooters Without downloading it but just waiting for it in the given apk.

Here’s how to install the apk: 

  • Download the “VOI Scooters: Get Magic Wheels” file from your play store (for android) 
  • Then, install the APK file 
  • After that, open and start playing. 

In addition, the Voi Scooter hack software is an android app available on the Playstore. You can even download all versions, and any of the Voi hack software versions. 

However, if you’re installing the Scooter hack software on your device, it needs to have the 2.3 or higher android OS version.

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Interestingly, “Android Top” has all the Voi hack software versions, and you can directly download it to your phone or android device (including a PC). Most of all, the APK download is for free.

Turning Voi Scooter into Personal Scooter  

It’s possible to turn a Voi Scooter into a personal scooter. It works with all scooters, no matter the type. There are three ways to turn Voi into a personal scooter. 

They include:

  1. Hack the firmware of the Voi Scooter 
  2. Exchange the locked components of the firmware with the non-proprietary parts. 
  3. Remove the locked parts and replace them with an off-the-shelf BLDC scooter motor controller. 

How to Hack a Voi Scooter?

You won’t encounter any difficulty when trying to hack a Voi Scooter if you follow the steps below:

#1. Reverse-engineering of the APIs:

The first step to hacking Voi Scooters is reverse-engineering the APIs. None of the scooter apps have advanced protection except proxying all traffic through the Charles Proxy system.

You can do this by using SSL pinning. Even though it’s not so secure as it can be easily circumvented using a jailbroken iPhone, it adds some form of security and requires extra effort. 

#2. Sign Up:

You’ll need to create an account request. Voi doesn’t take time in email validation. So, you can use almost the same names with slight differences. 

For example;

When you use Gmail, it’s possible to have different email addresses like that. Voi doesn’t regard two addresses as one. Instead, it treats them as separate accounts. 

You can block other email addresses from the same Google user. It’ll be easier if you have your domain where you can forward all mails to the same Gmail account. 

Other scooter companies request more information than just an email address, like a phone number. But unfortunately, adding more information is usually expensive to generate. 

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#3. Email Verification:

The system usually requires email verification during the signup process. However, the API doesn’t find it necessary, even though you’ll need it at the backend for further actions. 

#4. Add Payment Information:

Voi uses Stripe for payments. Therefore, the payment information option is a necessity. The app UI will not approve your account if you do not add payment information.

Besides, without it, you can’t add your promo codes.

Also, you can create multiple accounts and still use the same credit card. You could generate unlimited virtual credit cards if you encounter any issues using the same credit card.

#5. Enter Promo Codes:

Here, you’ll need to source for ways to generate valid promo codes. This stage is tricky, considering you can only use promo codes once.

Once you’re able to generate the promo codes, you’ll have a brand new Voi account preloaded with Voi credits.

The only hitch will be in finding promo codes. Aside from that, hacking Voi Scooters is very easy.

Voi Credits Hack

Voi Credits are special promo codes given to riders as eligibility for ride discounts.

When using VOI credits for a trip fare, you’ll be required to enter the valid promotion code before beginning your trip.

In addition, before using a promo code, you must include your payment method during your registration process. 

You can enter the promo code on the Voi App. To do this, select ‘free rides’ from the menu. After that, click on ‘redeem code.’

Go to your profile on the app and click on ‘VOI Credits’ to monitor your credit balance. 

Remember that you use the Voi Credits by default. So, if your account has a free ride, you’ll automatically use it on your next trip.

However, if you use all your Voi Credits during a particular ride, you’ll pay for the rest of the ride.

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Also, if a promo code has a scheduled expiration, you must use it before that date. You cannot renew or extend codes.

In addition, Voi Credits are one-off offers and you can redeem them using the Voi App.  Still, Voi has the exclusive right to change or even cancel discounts before redemption and without notice. 

Further, Voi Credits are offered once per customer or account, and you cannot combine them with different offers.

Most of all, you can transfer discounts, and VOI may not refund or resell any. Those are some local laws and regulations that come with creating a Voi account. 

How Do I Unlock Voi Scooters Without Paying?

Users log in using their existing account and select the scooter icon on the main screen to find a scooter nearby. So, you can unlock all available Voi scooters by tapping on the map’s scooter. 

After the ride, you must locate a safe parking area and end the ride in the ‘free now’ app. There’ll be no need to add a new payment option as customers can pay with their saved payment option.

This option offers customers a wider range of solutions and alternatives for all their mobility needs. The service is flexible and reliable. 

You need to know Where Is The GPS Located Where On a Voi Scooter?


It’s possible to have thousands of accounts with over 11 Voi Credits. So, even if you use up all credits on one account, you can sign out and in again using another email.

Also, when multiple promotions are happening at the same time (e.g., ImpactWeek, Bumble,  Revolut,)

It’s possible to have more credits on the same account, reducing the need to switch accounts. The Voi Scooter hack comes as a lifesaver!

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