Voi Scooter Gps Removal (Our Step By Step Process)

There is no doubt about the possibility of removing a GPS tracker on a Voi scooter. What poses a challenge is how you can remove the tracker.

Whether for business or personal reasons, the GPS tracker is important and synonymous with safety and efficiency.

So reading this content should imply that you have a tangible reason for wanting to remove it. 

There are several ways to remove the GPS on your Voi scooter. You can remove the GPS on your Voi scooter by replacing the controller board with a cheap Chinese one. You can replace the controller module and dashboard with the OEM parts or flash the dashboard and controller module with an ST-linkV2 USB programming dongle. 

Where Is The GPS Located Where On a Voi Scooter?

Voi Scooter Gps Removal

The Gps on a Voi Scooter is located on the dashboard. It is below the scooter but not connected to the control board.

The control board is found under the dashboard, and the dashboard is the flat-surfaced part of the scooter to which the hands are connected.

When you open the dashboard, you see the GPS antenna, GPS unit, and display unit.

The GPS tracker is connected to the scooter through wiring that runs down to the battery. 

How Do You Remove the Gps From a Voi Scooter?

You remove the GPS of a Voi scooter by physically disconnecting the tracker from the battery of the Voi scooter.

Removing the GPS from a Voi scooter requires disabling the tracking device installed on the Voi scooter.

Its GPS tracker is hand-wired for a Voi Scooter, which infers that it is directly wired into the system and derives energy from the engine.

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This means that removing them without issues requires professional or expert help. A hand-wired tracker is connected to the battery and does not require charging.

To avoid damaging your Voi Scooter or the GPS tracker you want to remove, here is a step-by-step process for removing the GPS from a Voi Scooter.

#1. Step 1

Open your control board. You can open your control board by inserting a screwdriver Into the slit and tapping it with a hammer to make the control board lift, then hold and open it.

#2. Step 2

When the control is opened, you see the GPS antenna, the GPS unit, and the display unit.

Next, you unscrew the knots holding the Gps antenna, GPS unit, and display unit to the control board.

#3. Step 3

The Gps unit, GPS antenna, and display unit have red and black wires that go down to the battery connecting them with the battery which powers it.  Pull these wires out.

#4. Step 4

What you do next is to pull the GPS antenna and carefully disconnect it from whatever it is connected to in your Voi scooter.

#5. Step 5

Now that you have disconnected or removed the device from your Voi scooter, you need to carefully reconnect all the ignition wires and put all the components back in their workable positions.

#6. Step 6

Then, you cover your control board back with all screws in the right places. Note: This process is technical, so you might want to contact a technician for accuracy.

You will need screwdrivers to open the dashboard, unscrew the knots that connect the control board, GPS antenna, GPS unit, and display unit and then screw them back after you finish.

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How Do I Convert a Voi Scooter To a Personal?

You can convert a Voi to a personal scooter by replacing the controller module and dashboard with an OEM part.

Furthermore, you can flash the dashboard and controller module with an ST-linkV2 USB programming dongle.

Alternatively, replace the controller board with a cheap Chinese controller board. Below is a more detailed explanation.

#1. Replacing the Controller Board With a Cheap Chinese Controller Board

This method is hardcore but is the cheapest way of converting a Voi scooter to a personal scooter. Here only we’re soldering is involved.

You can get generic control boards for as cheap as $10 and a dashboard or a control board that has a dashboard. Once you get your wiring right, that’s all.

#2. Replacing the Controller Module and Dashboard With the OEM Part 

Using this method, you must disassemble the mast to replace the controller. Difficulties are faced doing this, which is why youtube has so many videos on Ninebot disassembling.

#3. Flashing the Dashboard and Controller Module With an ST-linkV2 USB Programming Dongle 

This is one easy and inexpensive way of converting a Voi scooter into a personal one.

Here all you need do is watch YouTube videos on how to flash the dashboard that shows soldering.

Use the existing stock components on scooters with GPS tacked on like a Voi. Flash the dashboard and initial control boards to be OEM. 

Can You Turn Off The Gps On A Voi Scooter?

Just like the location on a mobile phone can be turned off, the Gps on a Voi scooter can be turned off using the Voi App. 

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Having a Gps on your Voi scooter can be of great value and is essential to both the user and Voi.

But what if you don’t want a GPS on for some reason? Voi respects these reasons, which is why there is provision for a turn-off in these instances.

You can enable and disable GPS tracking on your Voi scooter. If you are perplexed about the procedure, follow the process below.

  • Just click on the tab ‘Me’ on your screen.
  • When you click on the tab ‘Me,’ choose your scooter next to ‘My device.’
  • Then you click on the disable button if it was on the enable button of the ‘Scooter Gps Positioning’ initially.

Note: When you turn on GPS, the button in the section is red, and when you turn off GPS, the button is white.

So to be sure that the GPS is disabled, make sure the GPS positioning button is white, not red. Below is a table illustrating why people want to enable or disable their Voi scooter GPS.

Why Turn On the GPS Tracker On Your Voi ScooterWhy Turn Off the GPS Tracker On Your Voi Scooter?
To get the real-time location of a place.GPS tracker exposes one’s moment, making privacy almost difficult.
For the security of both the rider and the Voi scooter.The Gps tracker depletes your moment.
It makes route planning easier.The GPS tracker causes driving destruction.


Using a GPS tracker on a Voi Scooter benefits both the rider and the cooperation. However, a few drawbacks give people reasons to remove their scooter GPS.

Removing the GPS on a Voi scooter can, at this point, be an option. Just follow the steps above, and you are good to go.

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