Veteran Sherman V3 (All You Need To Know)

The Veteran Sherman V3 is the latest and upgraded version of the Veteran Sherman Max, just with additional features.

The Veteran Sherman is a big name in the electric unicycle world with its first-ever release, the Veteran Sherman. 

However, upon the first version’s release, it was necessary to upgrade its features to eliminate shortcomings and improve the unicycle.

So, if you want a new wheel, check out the latest features on the Veteran Sherman V3.

The Veteran Sherman V3 is a powerful unicycle with a battery of 3600wh which is an upgrade from the 3200Wh. It is fast, waterproof, and has more torque than its previous version. Heavy riders can use this unicycle without a problem as it can support their weight. You also have the option of a knobby or street wheel with it.

In this article, I will explain all you need to know about the Veteran Sherman V3, how long it lasts and other additional information.

By the end of the article, you’ll know whether on not to get the Veteran Sherman V3 and what makes it different from its counterparts.

What Is a Veteran Sherman V3?  

Veteran Sherman V3

The Veteran Sherman V3 is a performance unicycle; it has no unnecessary attachments that aren’t mainly for riding performance. 

For example, the Veteran Sherman V3 has no Bluetooth or kickstand, and you don’t need to manage it via an app on your phone.

It is an upgrade from the previous version’s loopholes to a better unicycle. For example, this unicycle has improved waterproofing, a better rim, a better pedal design, etc. 

This electric unicycle has increased torque and is faster than before, and it can go a long distance at a swift pace without problems.

One great thing about this unicycle is its improved casing design with the addition of a roll cage to its design. It is far better than other unicycles that use brittle plastic for their casing.

If you fall while riding the Veteran Sherman V3, rest assured that your unicycle will be in good condition. You do not need to order a replacement for a broken part.

The Veteran Sherman V3 is the kind of EUC you’ll ride in any terrain and enjoy your ride. You can choose your wheel based on where and how you want to ride it.

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You can get the street tire or the knobby tire. The street tire on your Veteran Sherman is excellent if you’re going on 30mph when riding in the street. 

The ride on the V3 will be smooth and soft if you stay within this 30mph.

However, if you want to go above this speed, the knobby tire is good; it will not be as smooth as the street tire.

However, with this tire on your Veteran Sherman V3, you can ride through off-road trails or dirt hills.

This tire will hold steady; you can use it anywhere, not only in these areas. It’s not possible to talk about what a Veteran Sherman V3 is and not talk about its specifications.

Therefore, the Veteran Sherman V3 electric unicycle specifications are in the table below.

Color.Only available in black.
Available charging port input.2.
Tire size20.
Engine power.2800W
LED Light.Available at the front and rear.
Charge Time.8 hours.

How Fast Does the Veteran Sherman V3 Go? 

Under reasonable circumstances, the Veteran Sherman V3 can go 45mph and as far as 128 miles while riding it when charged fully. 

Most people use the Veteran Sherman V3 at a lesser speed than it can go.

However, if you tend to increase your speed, know that you can enjoy your ride with no problem with the unicycle. 

It is speedy and not for someone learning how to ride a unicycle. As a new rider, you need help handling a unicycle with the capability of a Veteran Sherman V3.

Riders have tried out the improved and upgraded Veteran Sherman V3 and testified that it’s fast. When riding as fast as this, please remember to gear up to protect yourself.

Even for heavy riders, the Veteran Sherman V3 is still very fast, although they don’t feel the bumps on the road while riding it.

Nevertheless, when turning a corner at high speed, input from your body is needed to direct the unicycle in which direction to go. 

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You can also reduce the speed and go low with a Veteran Sherman V3 or ride at a medium speed. It all depends on what ride mode you set your V3 at.

How Long Does Veteran Sherman V3 Last?

The Veteran Sherman V3 can last about 3-5 hours or more while riding it due to its large battery capacity. With a unicycle of this battery size, you get to enjoy your long ride.

However, the exact time your Veteran Sherman V3 lasts depends on terrain, weather, and weight. All these contribute to how the battery drains in your Veteran Sherman V3.

This unicycle should last over 100 miles or close to that range before the battery drains. However, before it goes off, you’ll get a beep indicating the battery is low.

Also, you can view the battery status on the display as you ride the unicycle. That way, you know when to turn back before the juice in the unicycle dries up.

It is not good to drain your Veteran Sherman battery fully before charging it. So ensure you keep the battery in mind when going for a ride with your V3.

You can charge your Veteran Sherman battery in 8 hours. However, if you are in a hurry, you can do this in half-time (4 hours) by using the two charging inputs to charge the unicycle.

However, I recommend you do this only sometimes to avoid damaging the battery lifespan of your Veteran Sherman V3.

Overall, your Veteran Sherman V3 will last for a long time as long as you maintain it properly.

Is the Veteran Sherman V3 Waterproof? 

Yes, the Veteran Sherman V3 is waterproof. However, the display on top of this unicycle is what is waterproof to keep water from penetrating the display.

The Veteran Sherman V3 improved the waterproofing technology in this version.

With that, your machine is safe from the weather, and water cannot enter and destroy the internal components.

After unboxing the Veteran Sherman V3, a user said the waterproof covers the LED display on top of it and nowhere else. 

That way, you must be careful in the rain for water not to penetrate through the trolley handlebar.

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You can wait till the water evaporates before removing the handlebar to avoid water penetration.

This version of Veteran Sherman helps reduce water risk down to this level. In addition, you can use tape, velcro, or silicone to protect your unicycle from the rain.

Another user tested this unicycle in the rain; the rainwater slid down the body and couldn’t enter the machine. 

However, when the rain ended, the Veteran Sherman V3 was in perfect working condition.

Although this rider didn’t use the trolley handlebar while riding, the waterproof top did its work. So water couldn’t penetrate through the handlebar, and it probably evaporated.

This update to the Veteran Unicycle V3 allows you the freedom to ride in the rain.

Not only in the rain but in messy areas or mud splashes without fearing your unicycle will get damaged.

This feature keeps your unicycle safe while riding and prolongs your machine’s lifespan.

Where Is the Veteran Sherman V3 Made?  

The Veteran  Sherman V3 is made in Guangzhou, China, by the Guangzhou-Leaperkim Veteran Intelligent Technology Limited. 

They are popularly known as LeaperKim and started their operation in 2019.

At the time of their entry into the market, they were the first unicycle with an integrated LCD panel dashboard.

This company is relatively new in producing electric unicycles. Their first product on the market is the Veteran Sherman which the company has upgraded to what it currently is.

The engineers making the Veteran Sherman V3 in this company are previous Gotway engineers.

The factory in China is where the upgrades to the latest Veteran Sherman upgrades occur.

So, not considering that this company is only a few years old, they produce great unicycles with the help of these expert engineers.

They ship their products to their various distributors who sell their products. In addition, they have various e-stores that help sell their products and accessories.


In summary, the Veteran Sherman V3 is an excellent unicycle with exceptional features. Regarding durability, speed, safety, and battery, the Veteran Sherman 3 checks these boxes. 

LeaperKim saw the weaknesses in the Veteran Sherman original version and improved it to the great name it is today in the EUC’s world. They are all about improving the rider’s experience.

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