Veoride Scooter Hack (Read This First)

Veoride electric scooters are among the popular ones most people love to get around and use for short-distance routes.

While it may be a good automobile, most users complained of almost the same thing— minimal speed. 

Veoride scooters can’t go past 15mph, which is too small for many individuals who love to ride scooters for fun.

But since there are hacks for almost everything, are there any scooter speed hacks for Veoride? 

Remarkably, most electric scooters have limiters hindering them from reaching optimal speed. Removing these speed limiters, adding powerful batteries, and rewinding the scooter’s Motor to enhance the KV value are ways to boost the Veoride’s E-scooter’s speed. Some steps require minimal effort, so you can do it yourself but allow an expert to handle the advanced hacks to prevent damage.

How Do You Ride a Veo Scooter for Free?

Veoride Scooter Hack

You can earn free rides on the Veo Scooter by using promo codes or residing in New York.

New York residents eligible for Federal assistance programs get free rides for 30 minutes daily.

Additionally, you also become qualified for discounts to get rides for lesser amounts.

Hack Bird Scooter 2023

There are different electric scooter speed hacks to help anyone who desires more scooter speed achieve effective results, and below are some of them. 

#1. Remove the Speed Controller

Speed controllers, as the name indicates, are electronic circuits in your scooter that regulate speed and are designed not to exceed 18mph, the fastest the Bird scooter can go.

Unfortunately, since the Bird scooter uses a DC motor, you’ll have to remove the speed controller manually. 

This process involves using tools like a screwdriver to unfasten nuts holding some components together and then detach the wires.

After that, you can conduct an electric scooter speed test to confirm it worked and if you now have your desired speed.

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#2. Replace Sprockets

Sprockets also influence speed since they’re responsible for circular motion transmission.

So you can change your rear and front sprockets and make the rear bigger than the front to increase acceleration over maximum speed.

Or you could make the front sprockets bigger than the rear to offer top speed but reduced acceleration. 

The acceleration implies how quickly you can boost your scooter’s power & speed, while the maximum speed refers to the highest speed limit your scooter can reach.

If you desire instant acceleration, you should opt for the large rear sprockets, but if you want maximum speed, you should get bigger front sprockets.

#3. Rewind the Scooter’s Motor

As mentioned earlier, there are some electric scooter speed hacks you can handle by yourself, while others require a professional.

Motor rewinding is one of those advanced speed hacks you should let an expert handle if you have no solid knowledge of electronics to avoid short-circuiting some internal components and end up damaging your scooter. 

Rewinding motors add more RPM (Revolution by minute) to maximize power output and speed.

And it involves recoiling wire that may have been shortened due to overheating.

It is an effective method, but you can still confirm its result through an electric speed test.

#4. Upgrade the Bird Scooter’s Speed Controllers

Removing the speed controllers of your e-scooter is an effective speed hack, but if you don’t wish to do that, you can upgrade them. 

Upgrade to a powerful electronic speed controller, which will give your scooter more power.

However, be careful with this method as it can be tricky. If not handled by an expert, several things can go wrong.

#5. Increase the Motor’s KV Value

Bird scooter users who don’t want to replace or add more battery cells for higher voltage will have to get a motor with a lower KV value.

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These motor types offer more volts or kilovolts like the KV mean, increasing RPM and, in turn, power. 

The reason is that a low KV motor provides more wire rewinds and hence carries better volts, enabling it to generate increased rotational spin for speed. 

#6. Increase Aerodynamics

Increasing an electric scooter’s aerodynamics, also known as air motion, is a practical speed hack method.

It is as simple as reducing the load on your scooter to make it lighter to decrease your body’s drag.

It allows air to create an arch around you and gives more push around you and your scooter, adding to your forward momentum.

That push plus the extra speed you’re riding in is all the acceleration you need to enjoy your ride.

How Do I Increase the Speed of My Bird Scooter?

Some strategies to help you increase your Bird scooter’s speed. But remember that you can’t do it all by yourself; some are easy while others are complicated and require technical know-how.

The first scooter speed hack is to remove the speed limiter hindering you from reaching maximum throttle.

Speed limiters are connected to the ESC or speed controllers to curb battery depletion, prevent overheating internal components, and comply with State’s speed regulations.

If you don’t mind these reasons, you can detach the limiter hardware.

Secondly, boost your battery power as it also supplies power to your Motor. You can get a bigger-sized battery with more power and voltage.

This process is less technical than disconnecting speed limiters. But remember only to buy batteries compatible with Bird.

Thirdly, you can add another battery to your Bird scooter instead of changing the previous one.

This method supplies extra power and only allows your scooter to retain speed for an extended period.

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Fourthly, upgrade your scooter’s Motor; it is a more technical strategy and requires expertise.

A more powerful motor is equivalent to enhanced speed. You could also consider rewinding the Motor to increase the windings and give your more torque.

Lastly, always inspect your tires to ensure they have enough pressure.

The recommended tire pressure for most electric scooters varies from 40 to 50psi, and when it goes below that, your wheels will slack, leading to decreased performance.

You can check your Bird scooter’s wheels to know the recommended psi and maintain it.

Spin Scooter Hack Apk

Electric scooter hack APK is an app with modified firmware that boosts your scooter’s speed.

Some third parties hack and inaugurate software into these apps with updates that allow hacks of the Spin scooter’s firmware and add additional torque to your motor to give it more power than what is set and enhance your speed.

This app is different from the regular Spin app; the Spin app is from the manufacturers and doesn’t support scooter speed hack.

You only need to find the suitable version for your Android and download it; after that, connect it to your scooter, launch it, and flash away.

The Spin scooters can only go as fast as 15mph, but with this hack, you can exceed 21mph and even more.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what electric scooter you own or ride, you’ll desire more speed because you may find the set speed limit slow and inconvenient and want an enhanced performance.

If that is the case, you can rest assured of electric scooter speed hacks you can implement to boost your scooter’s power output. But request professional assistance when it gets technical. 

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