Unagi Scooter App (Things You Must Know)

Who doesn’t appreciate convenience? If you’re constantly moving about, owning a scooter can have several benefits, especially if you are a student or have a job requiring a daily commute.

With this, you won’t have to be concerned about rising costs such as petrol prices. 

That is one benefit users of the Unagi scooter enjoy. In addition, they’re even more convenient when you can operate your scooter using an app. Let’s find out about the Unagi scooter app. 

There isn’t a brand-specific app available for the Unagi scooter. Unagi, not having an app for its scooter, has received mixed reactions. Some users would prefer it with an app; some enjoy it without the app, and others are indifferent. 

Is There an App for Unagi Scooters?

Unagi Scooter App

As of now, there is no app for the Unagi scooters. Although the brand says, it’s developing one for its scooters.

Unlike other scooter brands that use an app, the Unagi scooter doesn’t need an app to start. You can turn it on and operate it without any applications.

To start the scooter, simply hold down the center button for three seconds. 

Unagi scooters not having an app can also be an advantage; it will be quite simple to get on the scooter and start riding without an app.

The drawback to this is that it will also be that simple for other people to get on your scooter and take off. 

For extra safety, you can lock your scooter. To lock your Unagi scooter, you can get a kryptonite U-lock about 10 inches long. Unlock it, place it over the deck of your scooter and lock it.

That way, your scooter is locked. With this, no one will be able to get the u-lock over the front or rear wheel. 

Despite the brand not having an app, it has a subscription service plan called the ‘Unagi All-Access.’ It is a platform that allows people to access and rent scooters without owning them. 

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You must subscribe by selecting from two plans; the monthly pay-as-you-go plan and a discounted annual plan.

New subscribers will pay a $50 setup fee, including the monthly fee. The set monthly charge includes maintenance and insurance against scooter theft and damage. 

After a buyer subscribes, Unagi guarantees they will deliver a fully assembled Uniga scooter to your house in less than 24 hours.

For the scooter, subscribers can select their choice of color from four colors. 

The scooter is taken back by Unagi whenever the user cancels their subscription.

To ensure you live in the service area before signing up for the Unagi scooter, you can visit the company’s website.

Scooter rentals may be the best option for you, whether you’re on a quick trip or are just looking for a quick and easy way to get around.

No other commitments or contracts are involved; you only need to subscribe monthly. 

Why Is There No App for Unagi Scooters? 

There is no response from Unagi as to why there is no app for its scooters. However, many of their customers also use and enjoy the scooter without the app.

Some even believe that the app is not essential because it could be a distraction as the display screen on the scooter provides all the information and features needed. 

The lack of an app does not affect the scooter‘s abilities. The new Unagi electric scooter is one of a kind in that it is a smart scooter.

The e-scooter has a camera sensor designed with it. You receive sound notifications as well. 

With an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) similar to those found on cars, this new compact scooter differs from the regular ones.

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The scooter not only will warn you if anything unexpected occurs, such as a person darting into the cycling lane or a passenger door opening, but it also detects stop signs. 

It’ll also notify you of any rocky areas or potholes ahead. 

A companion app is now included with the new scooter, allowing you to monitor your scooter from any location.

Your attention is drawn to any movement on the scooter by a feature on the app.

In addition, using the remote kill switch in the app, you can disable your Model Eleven if you think it has been stolen. 

Is There an App for an Electric Scooter? 

Yes, there are several apps for electric scooters. These apps have maps that assist you when riding. 

#1. Bird 

This Company rents out electric vehicles. With offices in several cities around Santa Monica, California,

Bird operates a dockless scooter sharing firm that is well-known for renting out electric scooters in towns around North America for $1 + 15 cents a minute.

Using a smartphone mobile application, users can find, activate, and use the e-scooter. How Does Bird Scooter Rental Work?

#2. Lime 

The top startup rental service with transportation is Lime, based in San Francisco, California, in the United States. 

Through smartphone apps that use GPS to pinpoint the precise position of accessible vehicles, the online transportation service provider arranges e – scooters and automobiles that users may find and unlock.

The Lime mobile app is a simple download from the Play Store or App Store for mobile devices.

#3. Wind Mobility 

Wind mobile app, one of the best and latest e-scooter apps, was founded in 2017 by Eric Wang and is a micro-mobility startup with offices in Berlin and Barcelona.

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To begin using the new e-scooter service, users only need to download the version of the Wind Mobility app that best suit their smartphones from the app stores. 

#4. GOAT 

You don’t need to look any further when looking for an electric scooter rental business in Austin because GOAT has already secured all necessary legal and official permissions through the transportation authority that operates there to launch its program. 

The app that allows users to use electric scooters nearby can be downloaded and installed by users.

First, use the map integration tool to find the nearby scooter, and then use your QR code scanner to scan and open it. 

By leveraging their scheduling ability through the mobile app, you can now make a scooter reservation while one is in motion.

Even so, you might need to pay for it ahead. If you and your friends have the same location to go to, you can also use the social media option to share your ride information. 

What is the Cheapest Scooter App? 

Based on the fees charged on the several scooter apps available, the most affordable electric scooter app in the US and Canada is the Bird app, with a one-time fee of $1 and a fixed usage fee of $0.15 per minute.

The most affordable scooters in Europe are from Bolt; they’re unlocked and activated for free and cost €0.25 per minute. 


Unagi is one of the top manufacturers of electric scooters. The addition of scooter rentals has completely changed how people commute because it makes it simpler, more affordable, and more enjoyable.

Above all, Unagi opts for a business strategy that makes its electric scooters the most reasonably priced option for anyone that wants to get it, almost negating the requirement for an app. 

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