This is You Need To Make A Hoverboard in Terraria!

In terraria, the hoverboard allows players to hover around in the air, but these hoverboards are not given freely to players; players must craft them themselves. 

Hoverboards generally help improve the user’s gaming experience, so what do you need to make your hoverboard?

To craft your Terraria hoverboard, you would need to craft the wings, spectra boot, and clouds in a bottle; these are the major materials you would need to make a great hoverboard in this game. 

In this article, we will guide you on how to make a hoverboard in Terraria and how to get a hoverboard in Terraria without having to craft it yourself; please stick with me. 

Five Things You Would Need to Create a Hoverboard in Terraria

What Do You Need to Make a Hoverboard in Terraria

In Terraria, an item known as the hoverboard enables the player to hover around faster and improves your gaming experience. 

The materials required to create a hoverboard in terraria include the following; 

#1. Shroomite Bars 

To create your terraria hoverboard, you would need 20 chromite bars. To create the chromite bars, You would need chlorophyte bars and glowing mushrooms. 

You can craft your chromite bars by smelting chlorophyte ore; you can find this underground in a jungle biome. 

To smelt this out, you would need a pickaxe or Drax to mine. After smelting the chlorophyte ore at the furnace, you can obtain your chlorophyte bars. 

The glowing mushrooms, on the other hand, are found growing under the mushroom biomes. As their name implies, these glowing mushrooms emit a distinct blue light. 

You would need a pickaxe or a drill to dig out these mushrooms; you would need to collect enough of these mushrooms to combine them with the chlorophyte bars to craft out your chromite bars eventually. 

#2. Souls Of Flight 

You would need 18 souls of flight to craft your hoverboard in Terraria. You can be able to get your souls off the flight by defeating wyverns. 

Wyverns are very large flying enemies that spawn in the sky biomes. These sky biomes are above the cloud layers. 

Challenging the wyverns can be very difficult, and you would need good weapons and equipment to take them on. 

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When you defeat a wyvern, it has a good chance to drop a soul of flight or more. Mind you, you need to defeat a lot of wyverns to be able to get sufficient souls of flights.

#3. Skateboard 

In Terraria, obtaining a skateboard involves multiple steps; first, you must defeat the queen bee.

To be able to summon the queen bee, you have to destroy the larva, which is guarded by a valuable bot. 

After finding the queen bee, search the underground jungle for the bee hive; this hive contains honey blocks; explore these hives to get the honey blocks. 

You should now use a pickaxe to mine the honey blocks; you should mine as many honey blocks as you can; you would need about 50 honey blocks to craft out your skateboard. 

This shouldn’t be much work because you only need one skateboard to craft your terraria. 

#4. Hallowed Bars 

You would need 10 hallowed bars for this. Hallowed bars are crafted by smelting hallowed ores and defeating the wall of flesh. 

After successfully defeating the wall of flesh, you can defeat the mechanical bosses( the twin, the destroyer, and the skeleton prime). 

If you successfully defeat these three, you will be awarded souls of might, souls of sight, and souls of fright. 

After unsuccessfully collecting these souls, you can now craft out the hallowed bars. The recipe to create a hallowed bar is as follows; 

3 souls of might+ 3 souls of sight +3 souls of fright = one hallowed bar

You would need to carry out this process severally since you would need 10 hallowed bars. 

#5. Jetpacks 

You would need eight jetpacks to be able to activate your hoverboard. You can find these jetpacks in chests within the dungeon biome. 

All you must do is explore the dungeon until you find all eight. 

After getting all these items, you should head to the mithril or the orichalcum anvil and combine them to craft your hoverboard. 

How Can You Get a Hoverboard in Terraria? 

Apart from getting several numbers of materials to be able to craft your hoverboard, this is a simpler way you can directly get a hoverboard in Terraria. 

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Follow the steps below to be able to get a hoverboard in Terraria

  • First, you would need to defeat the Martian madness. The hoverboard drops from the Martian saucer that spawns during the Martian Madness event. 
  • When you locate the Martian saucer, then you also need to defeat it to have a chance at obtaining the hoverboard.
  • The hoverboard should now drop from the Martian saucer; if lucky enough, you would pick it up just in time. 

Another way you can be able to obtain the hoverboard is as follows; 

  • Defeat the Martian madness event and get the cosmic car key. 
  • Create a floating island with at least 100 tiles above the ground level. 
  • You can now use the cosmic car key you attained earlier to summon UFO to mount on the floating island. 
  • Fight with the moon lord and defeat him to unlock the hoverboard as a drop. 

How Good Is the Hoverboard in Terraria? 

The hoverboard is a versatile tool in terraria that allows the player to move around by flying and gliding. 

The hoverboard performs the same activity as the flying carpet and the festive wings combined. The hoverboard allows horizontal movement and remains at a fixed height in midair. 

The hoverboard generally improves the gaming experience and saves time because it enables flight faster than the flying carpet and the festive wings. 

Is The Hoverboard the Fastest Item in Terraria? 

Several flying items in Terraria also provide their users with the best flying experience, and even with a hat, the hoverboard is one of the best flying items in Terraria. 

The hoverboard allows the player to surf the sky and is also very similar to wings, but unlike wings, the hoverboard allows the player to hover about horizontally. 

Apart from the hoverboard, several fast-flying items allow the players to soar the skies, such as; 

#1. Wings 

the wings are one of the most versatile items in terraria. Various types of wings are available in the game, with varying times of flight and speed abilities. 

Some of these wings can be crafted, while others can be obtained as drops from the bosses or found in chests. 

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#2. Balloon Variants 

Although the balloon provides the player with a limited form of flight, they are also items that assist the vertical movement of players. 

Different balloons, such as a cloud in a balloon, a sandstorm in a balloon, and a bundle of balloons, offer different unique effects. 

#3. UFO Mount

The UFO is a special mount that hovers above the ground and allows full flight; you can only obtain the UFO mount by defeating the Martian madness event. 

#4. Rocket Boots 

Like the hoverboard, the rocket boots permit horizontal flight, but unlike the hoverboard, these flights are short-lived, more like just short bursts of acceleration in the air. 

#5. Jetpack 

Another item very similar to the hoverboard in Terraria is the jetpack. Unlike the hoverboard that allows the player to hover horizontally, the jetpack enables players to fly vertically. 

Just as the hoverboard can be crafted, the jetpack can be crafted by finding the components. Once these are found, combine them with about 20 hell stone bars to create the jetpack. 

Below is a tabular difference between the hoverboard and the jetpack; 

Hover Board Jetpack 
Permits the horizontal movement in midair Permits vertical movement for a limited time
Hoverboards are obtained as a rare drop from the Martian saucer or the moon lord. Obtain jetpacks at the tinkerers’ workshop by combining rocket boots with wings. 
It doesn’t require any resources to operate Requires periodic refueling with fuel sources
The fight duration is continuousThe flight duration is limited 
Doesn’t consume any resourcesConsumes fuel and some other resources along the way 

The hoverboard and the jetpack are the fastest means of sky movement in terraria; the only major difference between both is their direction of movement. 


Is The Hoverboard Better Than the Jetpack in Terraria? 

Yes, the hoverboard offers the best speed in terraria, but it can’t be directly compared to the jetpack because while it offers horizontal speed, the jetpack offers vertical speed. 

How Do You Fly Infinitely in Terraria? 

The player must equip the winged-type accessory to the rocket boot for infinite flight time bonuses. 

How Fast Is the Hoverboard in Terraria? 

The hoverboard in Terraria has a hover speed of 52mph and can also fly up to a height of 86-94 tiles. 

How Do You Activate Hover in Terraria

To activate the hoverboard in Terraria, hold “jump” and “down” simultaneously. 

What Is the Hardest Boss to Spawn in Terraria? 

The moon lord is undoubtedly the hardest boss to spawn in Terraria.

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