Swagtron Swagger 5 Won’t Turn On (Reasons & Solutions)

Purchasing a new Swagtron electric scooter is exciting not just because it’s fashionable but because it gives a sense of simplicity.

However, all that disappears when you discover your new scooter refuses to turn on. Anyhow, it’s natural for you to worry and wonder what would make a new scooter refuse to turn on.

Swagtron Swagger 5 can present electrical issues that mostly manifest as a case of not turning on. Even so, these issues can be so minor that you can find a solution by trying out a few things. However, if it refuses to turn on after exhausting all the options, take it to a professional.

Common Reasons Why Swagtron Swagger 5 Won’t Turn On?

Swagtron Swagger 5 Won't Turn on

The reasons why your Swagtron swagger refuses to turn on might be something minor that you wouldn’t even consider.

However, in a few cases, the facts behind a blank Swagtron swagger may be complex enough to require the help of an expert.

So let me show you some common things you can check and fix to see if the scooter comes on.

#1. A Dead Battery 

Whether your swagtron electric scooter is brand new or old, it can still develop a dead battery. This is because battery problems are one of the commonest factors affecting electric scooters.

If your Swagtron scooter’s battery is dead, there’s no magic you’d be able to perform to turn it on without charging it.

An old scooter can also have a dead battery, especially when it takes a long while before you use it.

Also, factors such as extreme cold, poor charging, and poor battery capacity can cause your scooter to not turn on. So first, you must check whether the battery is dead or low.

That is because, if it’s low, you can just charge it and turn it on again, but a dead battery requires replacement.

However, if you’re charging a low battery and you’re not sure it’s working, try other sockets or get a voltmeter. 

#2. Engine Heat

Engine heating is very important to check because it damages your battery faster than you’d imagine.

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When your engine heats up, you won’t notice on time until your battery integrity changes resulting in your scooter not turning on.

Anyhow, when your scooter refuses to turn on due to a bad engine, I’d recommend you take it to a professional. 

However, after fixing it, you must ensure that you turn off your scooter whenever you notice the engine is getting hot.

#3. Fuse Issues

When the fuse of your scooter blows, it would generate problems and subsequently refuse to turn on.

Also, it’s possible to avoid such an instance by limiting overloading to save your battery life. Hence,  check if the main ignition is on.

However, you’d have to get a new fuse if it doesn’t come on.

#4. The Kill Switch

If the kill switch of your Swagtron Swagger is on, when the battery is low, it will refuse to turn on. Hence, ensure you check and turn off the kill switch to rule it out as a cause.

#5. Faulty Speed Controller

Your scooter won’t turn on if you poorly handle your speed controller. This issue is because the speed controller is essential to your Swagtron electric scooter.

#6. Defective Battery Charger

If your battery charger isn’t working, your scooter battery won’t charge, and if it doesn’t, it won’t turn on when it’s dead.

#7. Tripping Of Circuit Breaker

If your circuit breaker trips, the Swagtron electric scooter won’t turn on when you want it to. This issue can also happen while riding a smooth road; your scooter shuts down and refuses to turn on.

How to Fix Swagger 5 Electric Scooter Stopped Working?

Although fixing a scooter is possible, you must take care of it to prevent it from breaking down easily.

Even so, you can do this by regularly servicing it and cleaning it up after every ride. Let’s talk about fixing the scooter that isn’t working anymore.

  • For a battery that is either low or dead, you’d need to check the main cause and act accordingly. Hence, if the battery is low, you can try charging it up to see if it comes on. However, if the battery is dead, you’d have to change it by getting a new one and discharging the old one.
  • For a fuse or circuit problem, I’d advise that you seek a professional and take your scooter there for an expert check. Also, the cost of fixing this will depend on the extent of the damage. If it’s repairable, you won’t spend up to what you would when replacing it.
  • All you need to do for a defective charger is get a new one. However, you can try borrowing a charger to confirm if the fault is the charger before getting a new one.
  • If your scooter isn’t turning on because of engine heat, get it to a professional to fix it.
  • Taking your scooter to an expert will also help solve the issue of defective speed controllers.
  • If your scooter isn’t working due to the kill switch, you must check and turn it off.
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With all these steps, you can be sure that one works and brings on your Swagger electric scooter. However, if you’ve tried all these and it still changes nothing, take it to an expert. 

Swagtron Swagger 5 Wiring Diagrams

The Swagtron Swagger 5 wiring diagram illustrates the varying wirings or connections controlling your scooter.

For example, while some wires attach to the battery at different points and control different things, you’d find others externally.

Also, Some wires supply the lamp, brake, and accelerator, while others reach the master switch, hall sensor, and other parts.

#1. Diagram 1 :

Shows the battery pack and all of its wiring connections. Anyhow, you’d find this battery pack inside the scooter board. 

#2. Diagram 2:

Shows the external wire connection on the outside close to the handbrakes. These wires control the handbrakes.

Image Credit: https://www.sxcco.com

#3. Diagram 3’s:

Connection is only visible when you remove the sensor screen. These wires send signals to control whatever is going on on the screen.

Swagtron Scooter Error Codes

The Swagtron scooter error codes aren’t so many; however, there are a few of them.

Anyhow, these error codes, when they appear, could mean different things depending on the one that appears.

So, these are some of the error codes you’ll find on the screen of your Swagtron electric scooter and what they mean.

S/NError CodeClue
10000No error
20006Battery low
30007Error in Motor
40008Error in throttle 
50009Error in Controller
60010Error in report receptor
70011Error in report transmission 

Normally, you should see no error code on the screen or only the ER 0000 on your display screen.

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Anyhow, contact your customer care for assistance if you find all other codes beyond the ER 0000 or 0006.

Swagtron Swagger 5 Battery Replacement

The battery of the Swagtron electric scooter is a 216 Watt lithium-ion battery, and it’s something you can replace with ease.

Moreover, the Swagtron scooter uses a single battery, so replacing it when it damages is easy.

Also, you mustn’t hesitate to replace the battery if it spoils because that will further endanger your scooter.

Also, a brand new battery can take your electric scooter up to 10 miles of riding.

However, to replace your battery, all you have to do is open up the battery frame and replace the battery.

Here are the steps to help you.

  • Unscrew the but behind the scooter body and remove the cover.
  • Open the battery frame by unscrewing the nuts.
  • Unplug the battery from its connection.
  • Substitute the old battery with the new one.


Discovering that there are ways to fix your Swagtron electric scooter when it refuses to turn on is relieving.

However, most often, it’s better to prevent these problems from arising than look for solutions. Anyhow, you’re on point to have come to the right source for the right information.

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