Swagtron Swagger 5 Battery Upgrade (Must Know This)

Swagtron produces one of the best and fastest scooters in the world. One of the scooters is the Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite, also known as the Swagger 5.

This scooter is fun to use, durable, and faster than others within its price range. But the swaggers battery does not last more than a few years compared to cars and bikes. 

You can upgrade your Swagtron Swagger 5 from 10Ah to 12Ah. The upgrade can only be possible if your scooter has enough space to accommodate the update without affecting the performance.

Swagtron Swagger 5 Battery Replacement

Swagtron Swagger 5 Battery Upgrade

Replace your Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite battery when it fails to work or charge or your scooter output level is half what it was before.

Furthermore, when its general performance drops to a point where you can’t accept it, a new battery will do the work.

You can change the battery yourself or give it to a professional if you don’t know how to go about it.

To change your scooter battery, follow the directions below:

#1. Step 1

To gain access to where your battery is, unscrew the panel on the deck. Before you change your swagger battery, turn off your engine.

The battery is in the deck. Next, turn your vehicle upside down to make it lenient for you to unscrew the panel on the deck. 

After removing the panel, keep them close so you will not lose them. Before unscrewing the panel, you can snap it to help you identify where to place each screw.

#2. Step 2

After unscrewing the panel, the next step is removing the battery. Peel off the wires and connectors that surround the battery.

Before unplugging the cables, snap them to help you plug the wire correctly.

#3. Step 3

After taking the old battery, put the new one inside the deck. The pictures taken will help you fix the cables and connectors appropriately.

First, seal the bottom wire before the top wire. Then, check thoroughly to ensure each wire and connector are attached tightly to avoid slack cables.

#4. Step 4

Close the deck when you finish fixing the cables correctly. Place each bolt in its right compartment in the panel. If you are confused, check the pictures you took earlier.

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Ensure you twist the bolts tightly. After tightening the panel, test your Swagtron to see if the controls work perfectly.

When you experience difficulty when testing and you don’t know the reason for the difficulty, visit your mechanic.

What Battery Does the Swagger 5 Use?

Swagtron swagger Elite 5 uses a highly productive battery made of Lithium-ion.

In addition, the Swagger electric scooter battery is protected with an intelligent Battery management system (BMS) and the Swagtron proprietary sentry shield that protects the battery and allows it to charge well. 

When the battery is full, remove the charger. Do not leave the battery on its charger for long so as not to weaken the battery. 

A new swagger electric scooter is only charged to 50% when you buy it. So you have to top up the battery till it’s full before you ride.

When you want to charge the battery, use the Swagtron battery charger that comes with it. 

When the battery pointer shows a full signal, your charging cycle is complete. A scooter battery takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to charge completely.

When the backlit display on the handlebar indicates low battery power, you need to replenish the battery.

To recharge the battery, follow the procedures below:

  • Turn off the swagger scooter and find the charging port down the deck
  • Put the charger end into the charging port and plug it into a power outlet.
  • If the scooter is charging, you will see a red light at the charger light. 
  • If the three-wheeled bike charges fully, you will see a green light at the charger light. You can now remove the charger.

How Long Does the Swagtron Swagger 5 Battery Last?

A Swagger electric scooter battery will last 2 to 3 years or 300 to 500 full charge. The battery lasts up to 8 to 10 miles for every ride.

That is, 13k/h to 16k/h when you ride your scooter at a normal speed. When you ride your vehicle at a top speed or climb slopes with it, your battery will last a lower range. 

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The battery is the fuel tank of your scooter. The battery stores the power absorbed by the regulator, the lights, the DC motor, and other components.

There are different ways to make the Swagger electric scooter battery last longer. Some of the ways are:

#1. Never drain your scooter battery. 

When an electric battery dies, it wears out more rapidly than it should. If Lithium-ion batteries drain totally, it triggers a device.

By the time you charge the battery, it may not respond quickly. As a result, the battery may seem dead. 

#2. Charge your three-wheeled bike often.

Professionals instruct that you should charge your scooter after every use, regardless of how short you plug it. Always check your vehicle’s manual for more information.

Note, never charge your scooter after you ride instantly. It is best to plug it in a power outlet when it’s cool so the battery will not devalue quickly.

#3. Don’t overcharge the battery. 

Overcharging your scooter battery may cause harm, and not advisable to risk it. The possibilities of damage are slight, but they occur.

You can download the Swagger app on your phone to send you a notification when it is full.

#4. Do not charge the battery in the sun. 

When you expose your Swagger electric scooter battery to the sun, it will result in the production of undesirable chemical reactions from substances in them.

These substances your battery produces can either destroy the battery or reduce its performance. 

When you expose your battery to the sun, it can induce agents that can stop your battery from charging or crush the circuit that protects the battery, causing it to overheat or explode.   

#5. Use the original charger. 

For effective charging of your battery, it’s best to use your Swagtron battery charger. If you want to replace your Swagtron charger, buy from the same manufacturer.

Don’t use a different charger unless you don’t have a choice. If you use another charger, ensure the voltage and capacity are close to the original one.

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#6. Charge your scooter at a lower rate. 

Do not use the higher-capable charger because it reduces the battery life.

#7. Ride with the fully expanded tire.

 Do not ride with a deflated tire since it will increase friction and use more power, which will decrease the battery’s life.

#8. Keep your scooter well. 

When you want to keep your three-wheel, keep it in a dry, dark, and cool place. Always charge the battery at 60% once a month.

#9. Always examine your battery. 

It is good to check your battery every time you do an inspection. Check for gaps, tears, swells, corrosion, and other damage.

Once in a while, you can also check your battery for more advanced battery testing methods.

How to Upgrade the Swagtron Swagger 5 Battery?

Each cell in the battery stack is attached end to end. This measures the voltage of the battery. The battery series are assembled parallel to each other to intensify the current given.

So, adjusting the number of cells in the cycle and parallel will upgrade the swagger battery. Thereby boosting the output voltage.

The more the battery loads, the more the capability and the more the distance the scooter will cover. When there is an upgrade of the battery, the length and weight of the scooter will increase. 

So, when you want to upgrade your battery, it’s best to consult an expert.

When to Upgrade the Swagtron Swagger 5 Battery?

If you replace your Swagtron Swagger battery numerous times, or if you notice that the battery in your scooter is not powerful enough to carry out your daily activities, it’s best to upgrade your battery.


Electric scooters are now a popular vehicle used worldwide today, but their original battery is not satisfying their users.

If you have read through this article, you will see the steps involved in replacing and upgrading your battery to improve its longevity.

So go ahead to buy your Swagtron Swagger elite so you can join the swagging.

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