Spin Scooter Teardown (Step By Step Process)

Scooters make for an easy dash within cities and regions around your environment where large vehicles can’t go.

A spin scooter is an electrically powered machine with two tires, making movement possible by a charged battery. 

Scooters offer an affordable, accessible, and sustainable form of personal mobility. This article will show you all you need to know about spin scooter teardown.

Spin scooter teardown is a stepwise process that leads to dismantling a scooter. It’s either for harvesting viable parts to fix another or to locate where the fault lies in your scooter. Good tools are required to successfully teardown your spin scooter.

What Does a Spin Scooter Teardown Mean?

Spin Scooter Teardown 

Spin is a company that produces scooters, whereas scooters is an electrical device that has two wheels.

Spin scooter teardown means the stepwise method undertaken to dismantle a scooter. Dismantling a spin scooter takes a lot of energy, and it is a time-consuming process.

However, you get the required result when you teardown the spin scooter appropriately. You may tear down your spin scooter for various reasons.

These reasons might be that you want to study the various parts of the scooter to know how to fix them and why your scooter might have an issue that demands an immediate fix.

How Do You Teardown a Spin Scooter?

Tearing down a spin scooter takes time and demands a lot of skills and patience.

The spin scooter looks small but comprises different tiny parts. These parts fit together one after the other with bolts and nuts. 

Tearing it down requires removing the outermost part and gradually moving inward.

The stepwise methods for tearing your scooter down are as follows. To teardown the spin scooter, you follow the steps below;

#1. Step One

You gather the tools you need to tear down the spin scooter. These tools are:

  • Hammer
  • Pair of Channel Lock Pliers
  • Flathead Screwdriver (for prying)
  • Pair of Needle Nose Pliers
  • Metric Allen Key Set
  • Pair of Snap Ring Pliers
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With these tools handy, your success in tearing down your spin scooter is very high.

#2. Step Two

Apply pressure to unfold the lock scooter using your thumb into the riding position.

#3. Step Three

You open the scooter’s handlebar to expose the tiny screws underneath. You use a 3mm Allen key to unscrew the single retaining screw.

Once you remove the screw, then you can remove the clip lightening screw by merely hand freeing the whole retaining clip.

#4. Step Four

Once you remove the retaining clip, you can slide it toward the handlebar, making it easy to slide the handle grip “T” out of the scooter base. 

#5. Step Five

Using a 5mm Allen key, remove the lower retaining ring through the remaining scooter shaft.

It should be worthy of note that you hold the front wheel when trying to remove the lower retaining part to prevent an undue spinning of the head of the scooter.

#6. Step Six

You can now use your hand to unscrew the first nut on the axle. After that, you can now use your channel lock pliers to remove the remaining screws on the axle.

#7. Step Seven 

After you’ve removed all the nuts, the axle can come off easily and the bearing inside.

You can now remove the rear wheel assembly with your 5mm Allen key. After removing the rear wheel, you can remove the front wheel.

#8. Step Eight

Press hard to remove the brake mechanism attached to the base by a steel pin. However, it’s difficult to remove but possible anyways.

#9. Step Nine

Using a snap ring plier, you can remove all six snap rings from the pivoting assembly.

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Note that you wear eye protection during this process because there is a high chance of the rings springing up.

#10. Step Ten

You remove the spring from the inner workings of the pivoting mechanism with the needle nose pliers by pulling on the visible hook.

Next, push the hook back into the machine to remove the tension on the second hook. 

After you’ve done all these, the remaining pieces should fall out. You’ve performed your teardown if you do these steps appropriately.

Two Reasons Why You Should Teardown a Spin Scooter?

There are so many reasons why you should teardown a spin scooter. Of the numerous reasons, I will discuss two of them in this article.

The reasons are; to understudy the mechanism behind how the scooter works and, secondly, to get the scooter fixed when damaged.

These two justifications are why people tear down their spin scooters.

#1. To Understudy The Mechanism 

Tearing down your scooter helps you understand how it works and makes it easy to detect a fault when something goes wrong.

You teardown the scooter to understudy it, that is, to know what mechanism supports its working principles.

By opening the scooter, you tend to know the governing principle of how it works and what can easily happen to damage it.

By tearing your scooter down, you tend to increase your knowledge exponentially of the various parts.

#2. Getting The Scooter Fixed When Damaged

Knowing your gadget helps you understand how to get it fixed when it’s damaged.

When you are conversant with what you have, when something goes wrong, you get it fixed yourself without having to call someone else to do it for you.

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You save money that was supposed to have been paid to an engineer by doing it yourself. There are numerous problems associated with spin scooters.

The table below shows some of the problems and how to fix them:

Problems of ScootersPossible Solutions 
Brake pads failureService the brake pads regularly, but when it is bad, you must change them.
Damaged tail lightWhen the tail light of your scooter is damaged, you replace it with a new one.
Broken fenders You mend your broken fender or get a new one to replace the broken fender.
Damaged charging port coverYou replace the damaged charging port cover.
When you can’t switch on the scooterUse a waterproof cover for the dashboard to prevent water from contacting the switch.
Swinging handlebarYou tighten it very well or buy a shake reducer. 
The problem with the folding mechanism Contact scooter service providers when you notice any aberrations with the folding.
Problems with flat tires.If the tire is flat, you should get it to pump or replace the tire. 

Spin Scooter Disassembly

Disassembling a spin scooter takes a lot of time and patience. It would help if you had various types of instruments to enable you to disassemble your spin scooter. 

Some of these instruments are; various types of Allen keys and hex drivers such as 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, etc.

It would help if you had small and medium-sized star screwdrivers such as 10mm, 8mm, and 10mm open-ended spanners, pliers, and a sharp scalpel are also needed.

You follow the stepwise pattern below to disassemble your spin scooter. These steps are:

  • You remove the handlebar grips.
  • Also, remove the brake lever.
  • Removing the scooter bell close to the handlebar.
  • You remove the dashboard and display.
  • You remove the headlight.
  • Take off the handlebar entirely.
  • You can now remove the throttle.
  • Removing the head stem at the “T” junction.
  • You dismantle the upright and catch.
  • You remove the kickstand.
  • Removing the bottom plate is the next.
  • You disconnect the ESC.
  • Removing the battery is now possible.
  • You remove the front motor wheel hub.
  • Front mudguard removal.
  • You remove the headset collar.
  • Removing the fork.
  • You remove the rear wheels and remove the brake pads.
  • Remove the brake cable and footplate bumpers. 
  • Finally, you remove the footplate grip.


Spin scooter teardown is a stepwise process that leads to dismantling a scooter either for harvesting its viable part to fix another or to locate where the fault lies in your scooter.

Good tools are required to successfully teardown your spin scooter.

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