Segway S-Plus Battery Replacement (Read This First)

The Segway Ninebot S-Plus scooter is famous for its balance and other fancy features. But all that performance comes at a cost; a high power demand on the S-Plus.

Well, the 800W-rated dual motor powers the scooter’s features. So, the battery takes frequent beatings and is likely to become less efficient within a short time.

The question then would be if you can replace the weak battery or if you have to order a brand-new scooter.

The good news is that you can replace weak batteries on your Segway Ninebot S-Plus scooter. So you cancel plans to pack up your scooter and order a new one due to battery issues. That’s a relief because it would be sad to see your scooter eating dust in the garage due to a weak battery.

I bet you’re excited knowing you can replace your S-Plus scooter’s battery.

So, follow this article to find out how to replace the battery and all the steps and costs involved.

Can You Replace Segway S-Plus batteries?

Segway S-Plus Battery Replacement

Yes, you can replace Segway Ninebot S-Plus batteries. The batteries have average lifespans due to the high power demand on the scooter.

But by no means does that mean S-Plus scooters have meager battery lifespans. On the contrary, they last pretty long, but not as long as you’d peg them.

That’s normal, considering the high-power functions of the S-Plus scooter. But it’s only fitting that Segway made the batteries replaceable.

Riders can continue to enjoy their scooters past old batteries. So, you shouldn’t cast your scooter aside if everything besides the battery is in good condition.

While replacing Segway Ninebot S-Plus scooter batteries is possible, users can’t service them. Segway takes care of replacing batteries on the S-Plus.

The battery is a sensitive part of the scooter, and the slightest fault can affect the scooter’s function. That’s not a risk you’ll want to take.

Handling batteries involves some technical know-how, mainly for vehicles. This process goes beyond changing remote batteries.

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Putting the battery’s negative part on the remote’s positive terminal wouldn’t do much damage. But that’s different with a scooter.

Although that’s not all you have to worry about, there are wires and joints to confuse you in the scooter’s battery pack.

It’s best to leave that work to the experts (Segway technicians). Then even if you know all about batteries, you won’t find S-Plus batteries on the market.

There’s nothing like too much emphasis on how it’s vital to use the proper battery for electric devices. Their parts work best at fixed voltages.

A battery that supplies too much or too little voltage to the scooter will only damage the unit.

So to avoid all that, please reach out to Segway to take care of replacing the S-Plus battery for you.

You’ll need to provide the serial number for your S-Plus scooter when you contact Segway. That’s basic for maintenance, safety, or error inquiries.

The skid plate on the underside of your S-Plus usually carries the serial number. You can also get it via your App in More Settings – Basic Information.

Once you contact Segway, you’ll decide on a convenient way to get your scooter to the nearest service center. Tests and replacement of the battery will follow..

How Long Does the Segway Ninebot S-Plus Battery Last?

The typical battery life of a Segway Ninebot S-Plus battery is three to five years. That’s the range for the best scooter batteries on the market.

It’s somewhat unusual for the S-Plus battery to still fall within that range, considering the dual 800W-rated motors. But Segway got its tech right!

Mind you, getting the best out of your S-Plus battery is down to proper battery care. So the battery lifespan does come with conditions.

Surely you wouldn’t expect your S-Plus battery to last its estimated lifespan when you maltreat it. Yes! You can treat batteries poorly in many ways.

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How you store your battery pack and charge it defines its lifespan. Those factors can either boost or mar battery cells. So it’s always crucial to always employ proper battery care.

The table below offers insight into healthy battery care habits.

Charging RoutineAlways ensure to charge your S-Plus battery after each ride.
Charging TemperatureCharge your S-Plus battery within 32–104°F. 
Optimum Usage TemperatureUsing your scooter at 70°F will keep the battery’s range and performance at optimum.
Wet ConditionsAvoid getting water or other liquids on your battery pack.

Always do your best to keep your battery in a healthy charge-discharge condition. Don’t overcharge your battery, and don’t drain it completely.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Segway S-Plus Batteries?

The cost of replacing a Segway Ninebot S-Plus scooter battery varies. Apart from the battery price, you’ll also have to cover service fees.

But the price of the S-Plus battery is unavailable on Segway websites. Thus, you can only get the battery price at authorized service centers.

But for reference, the Ninebot S and S Pro batteries cost $249.99. So the S-Plus battery would surely cost North of that price.

Depending on your location, you can choose how you want to get the scooter to the service center. There are options for self-delivery or pickup.

You can take the S-Plus to the service center or have Segway pick it up. That decides if you’ll have pickup and delivery costs in your bill.

Yet, you’ll get a breakdown of the total battery replacement cost at the service center after you contact Segway. After that, you can proceed with the battery replacement.

Why Is My Segway S-Plus Not Charging?

Your S-Plus not charging points to an electrical fault. It could be due to an issue with the scooter charger, charging port, or another component.

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Sometimes there’s not much of a problem and reconnecting the charger does it. Other times that doesn’t work, and you must probe for answers.

Below are measures you can employ to find out why your S-Plus scooter isn’t charging. You’ll also learn what to do when you can’t find the fault.

#1. Bad Contact

First, ensure that you have an active power outlet and the scooter charger is well-connected. Also, confirm a proper connection between the charger and the scooter.

These two factors must be in place before you get any charge on your S-Plus battery. Charging will never happen if one of them is lacking.

So, replug the charger into the power outlet and the scooter, and see if your S-Plus will charge.

#2. Faulty Charger

You may have a faulty charger, so your S-Plus won’t charge. Start by checking the charger for signs of physical damage.

Next, probe if you’ll notice the smell of burnt rubber in case a power surge may have damaged the charger’s electrical parts.

You can also look out for the green indicator light on the charger. The charger works fine if the light is on, but it’s otherwise if the light is off.

#3. Faulty Charging Port

The charging port is likely faulty if you have a green indicator light and the S-Plus doesn’t charge. Thus the light should go from red to green.

Red means the scooter is charging, and green signals when the battery is full. The charger can also be a culprit when you have a green light instead of a red light .

You can reach the Segway service center if you need help defining the fault. You’ll get free service if the S-Plus is still under warranty.

Otherwise, you’ll cover the repair cost when you return the unit to the service center.

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You can replace the battery on your Ninebot S-Plus scooter, but a service center authorized by Segway has to do it. The cost of replacing the battery varies with location.

But, you get a breakdown of the total cost at the service center. Proper battery care improves battery performance, so always take good care of it.

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