Segway Minipro Battery Hibernation (Read This First)

Segway e-scooters are the best of their kind; you will find out there. But that doesn’t exempt it from having breaks at times.

However, battery issues with every e-scooter are usual. There are situations when your Segway mini pro needs to be charging or starting, even when the battery is ok.

Hence the need to know when your mini pro battery is in hibernation mode or bad.

When a mini pro battery is not in use for long, it will lose capacity and might lead to hibernation. However, when your mini pro battery fails to charge, it’s probably in hibernation mode. So the possible solution to revive it is by charging it for a long time or boosting the battery’s voltage.

How Does the Segway Minipro Battery Hibernate?

Segway Minipro Battery Hibernation

The Segway mini pro battery hibernates by stopping its functions. Most times, when you use your Segway mini pro for a short time and also fail to charge it, the battery will hibernate. 

If you will keep your mini pro scooter away during a period like a winter, endeavor to charge it. You can decide to charge every two weeks; it depends on your routine.

Also, ensure the battery is still alive before storing, depending on how long you’re keeping the scooter without use. And keep it for a short time, like five months, without charging it.  

The Segway mini pro being a self-balancing e-scooter is a delicate e- scooter that requires good care and maintenance. It would help if you noticed all aspects, the battery especially.

How Do I Know If My Segway Minipro Battery Has Hibernated?

The typical way one notices a battery going into hibernation is when the scooter isn’t charging, but the battery is ok. And the lights on the dashboard will be off.

As most e-scooter and rechargeable batteries are lithium-ion, hibernation is bound to occur. A lithium-ion battery hibernates when you undercharge it.

You can easily confuse a hibernating battery with a faulty or dead battery and dispose of it.

However, such batteries can recover from such a state with specific testers and chargers. 

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Using a voltmeter comes in handy in situations like this. You can take the voltage reading of the battery to check if the voltage is within the range.

Before reading the voltage, disconnect the scooter from any power source.

Charging your scooter battery while checking the voltage may cause permanent danger to the battery.

However, the battery can develop some issues, which will display on the dashboard through error codes.

Below is a table showing some standard battery-related error codes with their solution.

Error CodesSolutions
Error 24 (failed battery communication)Battery replacement.
Error 27( cannot power off)Disconnect and reconnect the battery or replace the battery or power button.
Error 51(temperature)Switch off the scooter to cool down. If it persists, replace the battery.
Error 52(voltage)Replace battery. 

How Do I Start a Hibernated Segway Minipro Battery?

A battery in hibernation needs a boost to increase its voltage and bring it back to life. Also, charging your battery for a long time will boost the battery and start the scooter.

Charging the battery to wake it up will determine whether the battery is hibernating or dead. 

Additionally, you will need an original mini-pro charger to remove the battery from hibernation.

Most times, a hibernating e-scooter is due to the weather condition. So you need to keep it away from the extreme cold or heat. And charge it afterward. 

How Long Does the Segway Minipro Battery Last?

A mini pro battery with a full charge can take up to 14-19 miles. And your battery can last three to five years, depending on your maintenance.

You should also know that if your Ninebot scooter battery pack is more extensive, so will the capacity. However, a bigger battery pack scooter should accelerate faster and further.

The battery may have a specific charge cycle, but sometimes it will last longer and diminish in capacity. And some practice can make the battery exceed the charge cycles.

However, diminishing capacity isn’t necessarily a total loss of battery capacity but just a reduction.

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Below are some tips to help prolong battery life and its charge cycle.

  • Keep the scooter battery around 50% before keeping it for a long. 
  • Avoid operating your battery in extreme temperatures. 
  • Ensure to unplug the charger after every charge because overcharging weakens the battery.

How long a mini pro battery will last determines the range the scooter will cover. A mini pro scooter will cover up to 14 + miles per charge or lesser, depending on certain factors.

However, certain factors can affect how long your mini-pro battery will last. These factors will either shorten the range or prolong it; they include;

  • Type of terrain.
  • Speed and acceleration rate.
  • Weight of the user.
  • Temperature. 

#1. Types of Terrain 

The terrain you ride your mini pro will determine how much power your scooter will consume. And as a result, the more power the scooter consumes, the shorter the battery life.

Rough and uphill terrains will put more stress on the battery and run the battery down faster. So instead, find a flat road to keep your scooter at an average level.

#2. Speed and Acceleration Rate

The more acceleration, the faster the battery drains. So if you often accelerate your scooter, you should slow down to prolong the battery life. Or set it to Eco mode to minimize acceleration.

#3. Weight of the User

The Segway mini pro scooter can carry a rider weighing up to 100kg without tension on the scooter.

So the weight of the rider( and items) on the scooter will affect the battery life.

#4. Temperature

The appropriate temperature suitable for riding an e-scooter is around 68° Fahrenheit. However, the environment should not be too cold or hot when riding your scooter.

Scooter batteries usually operate through some chemical reaction. And a cold atmosphere can affect the battery life. So keep your scooter at a suitable temperature to prolong its lifespan.

Can You Repair the Segway Minipro Battery?

Yes, you can repair your mini pro battery. But it depends on the type of damage and whether there’s a sign of life in the battery. 

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Suppose you are having a problem whereby your battery isn’t starting your scooter. However, there’s usually a red blinking indicating a faulty battery.

Follow these quick hacks to receive your battery.

  • Detach the battery from the scooter by removing the screws under it.
  • Get a voltmeter to read the voltage of the battery. If the voltmeter reads a low voltage, that signals you can boost the battery. 
  • Cut your charger to expose the two wires inside.
  • Plug the charger at the socket and use the two exposed wires to jolt the battery by plugging it into the battery terminals.
  • The blinking red light should turn green.
  • Connect your battery to your back to the scooter.
  • Connect back your cut charger and charge your scooter and try starting the scooter.

If your voltage doesn’t boost, your battery is probably dead or faulty from the manufacturer’s end.

If you need to be more knowledgeable about some problems with your scooter, you might spend more on replacements. However, diagnosing a problem is always a step toward fixing the problem.

Repairing batteries generally depends on the type of problem it has. Also, the level of damage is essential too.

Another significant way of repairing your Minipro battery is to maintain it to exceed its charge cycle. Some certain practices will help ensure the battery stays high in capacity.

Avoid attempting any repair if you need a good idea of technical repair expertise. Instead, it’s best to employ the help of a repair expert or visit a repair shop.

Lastly, replacing a faulty battery is better than repairing it. Once a battery is weak and has faults, its efficiency won’t match the previous State; the level of damage matters.

Besides, many options for a quality battery replacement will serve your scooter perfectly. Repairs like hibernation that don’t affect the battery’s health are ok to repair.


A battery is one of the most expensive components on your e-scooter. The Segway mini pro uses a battery with a bigger capacity and will probably cost more.

Proper maintenance of your mini pro battery will serve you to the max without any breaks. And a scooter not starting doesn’t necessarily mean it’s faulty but might be in hibernation.

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