Segway Mini Lite won’t Turn On! (Reasons & Solutions)

Segway Mini Lite is a twin-wheel smart balancing electric hoverboard manufactured by ninebot.

The Segway mini Lite has a smaller body profile and smaller traveling distance on a single charge compared to other models.

But this doesn’t mean it’s an unworthy addition to the Segway electric hoverboard lineup. 

There have been different cases where customers’ Segway hoverboards did not turn on.

Either due to a hard bump or it refused to charge after a period of extended storage. Read on to learn of the possible causes and solutions to help you get your hoverboard running again.

Your Segway Mini Lite will not turn on if it is experiencing a Faulty charging adapter or low battery charge. Other causes include Broken connector cables and Dead battery pack/ cells. You must identify the problem preventing your hoverboard from turning on and take the correct measure to fix it.

Why is Segway Mini Lite won’t Turn On

Segway Mini Lite won't Turn On

You might suffer from a little problem that does not allow your mini Lite to turn on. You have to identify the problem with your unit and try your best to fix it. 

Your problem might be something as light as a low battery or something as bad as a motherboard error.

But don’t worry, Segway has a reputation for producing quality products, so your problem might not be too bad.

Here is a compilation of why your Segway Mini Lite won’t Turn On.

#1. No Battery Charge

The first and the most apparent reason why your Segway Mini Lite won’t turn on is probably due to a dead battery.

Your child might have taken the hoverboard board for a spin and forgot to charge it properly.

Plug it with the appropriate ninebot charger and wait for the indicator light to come.

A single red blinking indicator light means your battery is low but charging. When all the lights turn green, it means the battery is full. 

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#2. Bad Charging Adapter

A good charging adapter should charge your hoverboard properly and with a reasonable charging speed.

It will not turn on if you cannot charge your Segway Mini Lite. You should test your battery charger with a multimeter to see if it is still working.

If the green indicator light on the charger doesn’t come on, your charging adapter might be bad.

#3. Bad Power Switch

Your Segway Mini Lite power-on switch might be faulty. A faulty power button is clear when your battery has charged, but the hoverboard doesn’t turn on.

If the power switch has been misbehaving in the past, it might be at fault. You can order a power switch replacement from online retailers like Amazon and AliExpress.

#4. Dead Lithium Ion Cells

Your Segway Mini Lite hoverboard uses a series of Lithium Ion Cells as its storage unit. If one or all of these cells dies, your hoverboard cannot hold a charge. 

#5. Defective Unit

Sometimes you might be unlucky, and a faulty unit might get shipped to you. A defective hoverboard will not turn on, and some might not even charge.

If your warranty is still active, you can return your hoverboard to a certified Segway dealership for repairs. Do not attempt any repairs as they can void your warranty.

Segway Mini Lite not Charging after Storage for one year.

Some users reported that their Segway Mini Lite hoverboards are not charging after being stored without use for a year.

Some problems can cause it, but the major cause of this issue is probably a lithium-ion battery failure.

Threshold Discharged Lithium Ion Cells 

Lithium-ion cells cannot handle long storage like lead acid batteries. There is a certain threshold voltage lithium-ion batteries have to stay above to function optimally.

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If you stored your hoverboard without charging it and the batteries self-discharged below the voltage threshold, it might not charge properly again.

You can try plugging it in for a whole day; there’s a chance the battery might pick up and start charging.

But only attempt this in a properly ventilated area out of reach of flammable substances.

You should then test the voltage of the battery pack, and if it is below the supported threshold, You should discard the battery.

How to Fix Segway Mini Lite that is not Charging ?

Your Segway Mini Lite can stop Charging because of multiple problems. Before attempting repairs, you must first identify the issue preventing your hoverboard from charging.

Below is a list of possible things you can try to fix your charging problem.

#1. Allow it to Cool Down

The Segway mini lite comes with battery overheat protection, which prevents the battery from charging when it is hot.

It will not charge immediately if your hoverboard is still hot from a long ride on a hot day. Allow the hoverboard to cool down sufficiently before attempting to charge it.

#2. Insert the Charging Cable Correctly

The Segway mini Lite uses a traditional DC cylinder-shaped charging cable. You should insert these types of cables fully into the socket.

Other variations like the Segway ninebot mini pro have a face the charger should face.

#3. Check the Internal Charging Connection

Sometimes the inner charging wire that carries the charging current to the board gets disconnected.

You should open the hoverboard cover and check the charging wire connection. Quick soldering to the correct contacts will fix it.

#4. Change Your Charging Adapter

If you have a faulty charging adapter, your Segway Mini Lite will not charge. If the charging adapter indicator light does not turn on and there’s no current, your charging adapter is bad.

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You can order such charging adapters from online retailers like this.

#5. Change Your Battery Pack

Batteries are the lifeblood of any electronic device. If your Segway Mini Lite batteries are bad, they will not charge.

It would be best if you swapped out the bad battery pack with a new and possibly upgraded aftermarket battery pack. Do you know How to Reset Segway Mini Pro’s Battery?

How Do You Turn On Segway Mini Lite?

You can turn on your Segway Mini Lite easily by pushing the power button. Ensure you charge the battery before turning it on. 

You can monitor the battery percentage and temperature and limit the board’s top speed.

You can connect your phone’s Bluetooth to the hoverboard and customize it to suit your kid’s needs.

Things to Do When Segway Mini Lite Doesn’t Turn On

You can try basic troubleshooting techniques when your hoverboard doesn’t turn on.

  • You can start by checking your battery charge level. A low battery will not power your hoverboard.
  • Check Your charging adapter for breaks in the cable or if the adapter itself has burnt.
  • Identify the error codes and take the proper measures to fix them. Here is a list of the error codes from the Segway ninebot series.
Error CodesMeaning
Error 24Battery communication failure
Error 31 and 32Motor drive circuit failure
Error 51Battery overheating
Error 52Battery voltage error


The Segway mini lite is an electric hoverboard perfect for kids and teenagers. It has a 700-watt motor that can travel up to 10 MPH and reach distances of up to 11 miles.

It is one of the market’s most advanced children’s hoverboards, with many safety measures. 

You can perform small repairs on them by yourself, but it is advisable to contact a certified Segway outlet for proper repairs.

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