Segway Mini Lite Not Charging (Causes & Fixes)

As the cost of living keeps rising, inventors and innovators keep looking for ways to help cut costs.

One such way is a self-balancing scooter like Segway’s Mini Lite. These scooters have many beneficial features, one of which is that they are rechargeable.

This feature tops the list, rendering them highly convenient. So, it can be frustrating when your Segway suddenly stops charging.

There are a few reasons why your Segway Mini Lite is not charging. These problems could be from the charger, the charger port, or the battery. One rare reason is that your Segway is defective, and there is nothing you can do on your end. Some problems can be quickly resolved, while others might require professional help.

Why Is My Segway Mini Lite Not Charging?

Segway Mini Lite Not Charging

There are different reasons why your Segway Mini Lite is not charging.

They include:

  • Improper connection or faulty power socket
  • Possibility of battery drain
  • Defective battery
  • Faulty charging port
  • Faulty charger
  • Defective machine

There is no way to pinpoint these reasons when your machine stops charging.

So, you will have to go through each of these possible causes one at a time to diagnose the problem.

How to Fix a Segway Mini Lite That Is Not Charging?

The best way to resolve charging issues on the Segway Mini Lite depends solely on the diagnosis. 

This means that each reason why your machine is not charging has a corresponding way to resolve the issue.

#1. Improper Connection or Faulty Power Socket

The connection is the first thing you should check when your machine is not charging. Next, inspect both ends of the charger and ensure they connect correctly.

If it is charging, you will see a red indicator light. If the light is green or there is no light, it is not charging.

You should also check the wall socket to ensure it is not burnt or faulty, as this can make your mini lite not charge.

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#2. Possibility of Battery Drain

Like other electrical appliances, it becomes too low to recharge when the battery discharges.

This phenomenon is common with a battery drain or if you leave the machine without use, but with a full battery, for a long time. 

The average time for a battery drain after a full charge is six months. In this case, the best fix is preventive.

First, do not use your scooter till the battery dies. Second, try to use the scooter often.

#3. Defective Battery

A faulty battery is another reason your Segway Mini Lite is not charging. If you use your machine often, you should inspect your battery.

Two factors could affect your battery. These factors are overcharging or overusing, and they can melt or burn the internal components of your scooter.

You can easily detect burnt batteries or wiring from the smell. Otherwise, you will have to open up the scooter to investigate.

You can open up the battery by following these steps.

  • Remove the four bolts under the scooter to open the external plastic case.
  • Unscrew the bolts inside the case to have access to the batteries.
  • When you have access to the batteries, charge the batteries with a power bank for about two hours.
  • Ensure you connect the power bank to the correct poles by confirming with a voltmeter.
  • Check each battery to know the faulty ones. 

Removing and inspecting the batteries of a Segway Mini Lite can be tricky.

It is best to allow professionals to handle it, so you do not cut or tamper with another part of the internal wiring.

Replace each defective battery with an original, good brand. These batteries are usually 65 millimeters long, 18 millimeters in diameter, and 1.5 OZ (43g) in weight.

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Failure to use quality batteries will affect the entire working system of the scooter, after replacement, couple your machine back with the suitable screws.

#4. Faulty Charging Port

This is one common problem with Segway Mini Lite and other rechargeable devices.

After some use, the charger port can become loose, making it difficult for the charger to connect.

When this happens, you might have to push in or support the charger with a port rubber connector. 

There is a little metal protrusion in the inner ring of the charger port. If this protrusion becomes too flat, it can prevent your scooter from charging.

So, to fix it, bend it back a little bit using a small flathead screwdriver to ensure appropriate friction between the port and charger.

You must be careful when pulling this protrusion backward, so you do not distort it. It is much harder to push it in than to pull it out.

#5. Faulty Charger

You will have to check the charger to see if there is nothing wrong with the wall socket, battery, or charging port. It is possible that the charger may be faulty or burnt out.

Usually, once you plug in the charger and it starts working, the indicator turns red.

Otherwise, it turns green or shows no color, which means the charger is not working well. In this case, you will have to replace the charger with excellent quality.

#6. Defective Scooter

In rare cases, none of the reasons above affects your scooter’s charging efficiency. In this case, the problem is with the manufacturers. These problems could be in the wiring or coupling.

Whatever the reason, the only way to rectify it is to contact Segway Service Center for a warranty repair.

Below is a summary of common battery problems and how to fix them.

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Battery ProblemSolution
Improper connection and faulty socketEnsure you plug in the power cord in a functional wall socket.
Battery drainPractice preventive measures or use a reconditioner
Defective BatteryReplace the faulty batteries with good quality batteries
Faulty charging portReadjust the protrusion in the charging area
Faulty chargerReplace the faulty charger with one of good quality.
Defective machineContact Service Center.

How Do You Revive a Segway Battery?

You can revive Segway batteries by using an MTO Battery Reconditioner. This reconditioner, also known as a reviver, works for batteries that suffer from a drain.

This reconditioner is portable and easy to use. Begin by plugging the reviver into the Segway battery pack and connecting the power cord to the reviver.

This action will initiate a series of events that will positively affect the battery’s condition. This process works for 75% of batteries.

You should note that this process does not work for batteries that have been in contact with water or have other internal problems.

How Do I Reset My Segway Mini Lite’s Battery?

You can reset or recalibrate your Segway Mini Lite with these simple steps. First, log out of the Segway app on your phone and delete it.

Next, turn your machine upside down but ensure it is level with the ground. Also, ensure you pack your hair up and remove all forms of jewelry that will dangle.

Then press and hold the power button for at least five seconds. This will cause the light indicator on the scooter to flash brightly and repeatedly.

Also, both wheels will turn in alternate directions. When it stops, release the power button and flip your scooter back to its normal position.

Now, restart your Segway scooter, reinstall the app on your phone and log in. You have successfully reset your scooter.

Performing a reset will help your battery and general device work more efficiently.


Battery problems are often common with rechargeable devices due to our charging practices. Knowing that you can quickly diagnose and solve these problems is comforting.

However, if you feel you cannot do it, call in a professional electrician to help out. Also, note that tampering with the battery will break the warranty seal.

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