Razor Scooter GPS Removal (Follow The Correct Steps)

The GPS installed in razor scooters is primarily for protection against vandalism and theft. 

However, if you feel the need to remove the GPS from your Razor scooter, I’ve compiled an easy guide to doing that in this article.

For the razor scooter GPS removal, you’ll have to look for the tracker in the handlebars or under the seat.  Once you’ve located the tracker, you’ll have to disconnect it from the power source by removing the battery.

How Do You Remove GPS From a Razor Scooter?

Razor Scooter GPS Removal

It’s possible to remove the razor electric scooter GPS.  The first thing you’ll need to do is locate the GPS tracker. 

The tracker is usually located on the handlebars or under the seat.  Once you find the tracker, you’ll have to disconnect it from the power source by removing the battery. 

After disconnecting the tracker from the power source, you’ll be able to remove it from the scooter. 

This removal process is as easy as unscrewing the tracker from its mount and pulling it away from the electric scooter bike.

How to Make Your Razor Scooter Faster?

This topic interests those who prefer more fun and fast journey on their scooter.  If you are one of them, here are procedures on how to make your scooter fast:

#1. Use Airless Tires

Airless tires are usually sticky on the road and have less friction with the ground.  When the friction produced is less, it improves speed

Plus, tires like this promote autonomy, giving the scooter more chances to ride many miles.

#2. Keep Your Battery Charged

You will always experience low speed and poor acceleration when you do not fully charge your scooter battery. 

The lower the battery level, the lower the speed rate will be.  It’s common to encounter performance differences in razor scooters when the battery level reduces.

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Razor scooters tend to have poor acceleration when the battery is between 35% and 40%.  Most of all, attaining maximum speed is difficult when the battery is lower than 40%

So, if you need your electric scooter bike to be fast, make sure to charge the battery and service it when necessary. 

#3. Parts Maintenance 

Maintenance of the scooter’s accessories is vital to ensure maximum speed.  Even if it’s just one of the parts that are not working properly, ensure you service or replace it. 

If you don’t do this, it’ll negatively impact other scooter functions.

#4. Remove Speed Limitations

One of the easiest ways to take your electric scooter bike to the top speed is by removing the speed limiter so there’ll be no speed limitations. 

Interestingly, you can remove it without getting your hands soiled.  Also, you can do this manually by using some everyday tools. How Do You Remove the Speed Limiter on a Hoverboard? 

#5. Sprocket Renovation or Change 

Sprocket renovation depends on the age of your vehicle.  If it is still new, there’ll be no need for renovation.

Also, the sprockets should not produce friction to improve the scooter’s speed level.  To reduce friction, it’s advisable always to spray some oil after intervals.

If the sprockets produce excess friction, you’ll have to replace them with new ones, so they don’t negatively impact the scooter’s speed. 

Benefits of Removing the GPS From a Razor Scooter        

There are numerous benefits of removing the GPS from a razor electric scooter.  Some of them include:

#1. No Monthly Fees

One of the significant benefits of razor scooter GPS removal is that you’ll no longer have to pay the monthly fee that comes with the tracker.

However, the tracker is a vital part of the scooter and GPS.  So, owning a scooter means that you’ll need to make provision to pay the monthly tracker fees.

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#2. Increase in Battery Life

The tracker highly consumes the battery life of the scooter. To be safer, you can remove the tracker and risk encountering vandalism or theft

Anyways, you can try out other theft protection options.

#3. Theft Prevention

No doubt, the tracker is meant to check theft and vandalism.  But, when the tracker comes out of the scooter, it becomes less attractive to vandals and thieves as they have no use for it. 

Recall that the GPS tracker is a vital part of the scooter. 

#4. Reduced Expenses 

Since one of the parts is missing, there’ll be a reduction in expenses as you’ll not have to spend so much on servicing or maintenance. 

How Does the GPS Work?            

The GPS tracker works by tracking the scooter’s location using a satellite. 

The information received is then transmitted to a central server, which helps locate the scooter to know whether it has been vandalized or stolen.

Additionally, in razor electric scooters, there’s a bicycle controller in the base with different wires in different colors. 

These wires control the speed of the scooter. To be able to remove the speed limiter and increase the speed level, you’ll need to:

  • Open the base of the scooter using a pincer, and then open the casing
  • Pull out all the wires and pick out the white-colored ones.
  • Since they’re connected to the circuit, you’ll need to cut them
  • After cutting, tape them together to avoid dust and close the base.

Since the GPS is an essential part of the scooter, you must understand that they’ll be major changes in the device. 

For instance, you may need to remove the speed limiter to avoid limitations while trying to escape vandalism or theft.

How to Remove the Speed Limiter on a Razor Scooter?

First, you need to understand that all scooters have their peculiar way of removing the speed limiter.

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For example, you’ll need to cut wires in some scooters, while in some, you can remove the limiter using the particular and display buttons. 

Generally, when removing the speed limiter on the scooter, you’ll have to follow easy steps to ensure that your vehicle is at the top speed. 

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Switch the scooter display on
  • Long press the brake from the handle.  Ensure the brake is effective during operation. 
  • Press the power button until it shows P1 on display. 
  • Move P1 to P3 using a button with the inscription, ‘light
  • Afterward, press the “S” button to configure your desired settings.  It will remove the speed limiter immediately. 
  • Turn on the scooter, get on the brake and enjoy your ride.

Why Do Razor Scooters Have GPS?  

Razor scooters have GPS installed in them for vandalism and theft protection

The major function of the GPS is to track the scooter’s location so that you can recover it if it is vandalized or stolen.

Without the GPS, the tracking system will be dysfunctional. So to be able to get optimum results from your Razor scooter, you’ll have to ensure that the GPS tracker has been installed. 

In cases where there was no GPS in the scooter at the time of purchase, you can take it back to the store where you bought it or contact an expert to install the GPS tracker.


The razor electric scooter GPS removal has numerous benefits and drawbacks. 

You can do this in different ways, depending on the type and features of your scooter (in this case, the razor scooter). 

So, if you decide that you want to remove it, carefully follow the guide we’ve provided in this article.

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