Ninebot SNSC 2.2 (Facts, Specs and Versions)

Electric scooters are a modern and eco-friendly means of transportation. These two-wheelers are also a fun way to exercise and keep evolving by introducing new high-tech features yearly to improve user experience. 

Ninebot electric scooters have a good reputation in the world of scooters because their designs provide durability and speed.

Segway-ninebot has been able to build good and affordable electric scooters over the years.

With Segway, the max series increases the range and comfort of the segway e-scooters. 

The ninebot snsc 2.2, also called a Ninebot Max Pro, is a smart, fast, and reliable e -scooter that belongs to the segway max series. It is also rugged and has a replaceable battery.

What is Ninebot Snsc 2.2? 

Ninebot snsc 2.2

The ninebot 2.2 or Ninebot Max Pro is an e-scooter from the Segway max series, and like the other Segway max series scooters, it is not very popular. 

It shares roughly the same design as the other scooters in the Segway max series, including an electrical rear brake and a mechanical front brake.

It is one of the best e -scooters that cost below 1000 dollars. It was released June 11, 2019, in Los Angeles with the rest of the segway max series e-scooters.

The Segway-Ninebot release was successful due to its application of customer feedback and incorporated user experience.

Segway-Ninebot provided amazing features that customers had requested, like:

  •  A longer range 
  •  Bigger and better tires
  • Weather resistance, 
  • Affordability 

The Ninebot -Segway company delivered these requested features. It also improved the previous models providing users with a dependable, comfortable riding experience and an increased vehicle lifespan.

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A single charge on the longest ranged Segway max series can now go up to 40 miles (65 km).

The scooters also come in four riding modes to adjust to any situation and have a top speed of up to (25km/h).

They are also portable with a one-step folding system and always ready to go with their built-in charger.

All these specs make the max series scooters an easy way to commute. Below are some of its product versions.

Product versions (SN prefixes)

SFor a 30 km/h (G30P)
CFor a 25 km/h (G30)
For a 20 km/h (G30D blue)
For a 25 km/h (G30E)
For  a Ninebot Max Lite (G30LP) serial prefix limited to 30 km/h
For a Ninebot Max Lite (G30LE) serial prefix limited to 25 km/h
For a Ninebot Max Lite (G30LE) serial prefix limited to 25 km/h
MFor a Ninebot Max Lite (G30LD) serial prefix limited to 20 km/h
T. For a Maserati G30M serial prefix, limited to 25 km/h
0 (zero).For a Ninebot Max Plus, the US-spec (SNSC2.3) serial prefix limited to 25 km/h
C (N4YC). For a Seat Mó (G30D) serial prefix, limited to 20 km/h
1 (NTG1). For an Audi EKS (G30D) serial prefix limited to 20 km/h.
Known rental SN prefixes & mfg lines
YL Lyft
FC Circ
PL Spin
BGBolt (Taxify)
AC Quick
UD Bolt (Taxify)
2C Lyft (SNSC2.2A)
0C Skip (Helbiz, 2.3)

How Fast is Ninebot Snsc 2.2?

The ninebot snsc 2.2 design does not support breaking the speed limit, so it is not extremely fast.

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However, if you are looking for a super fast scooter, you should opt for a performance scooter, not the ninebot snsc 2.2.

The ninebot snsc 2.2 e- scooter has a maximum speed of 25km/h. Some people claim to have reached 28km/h with this scooter. 

How Many Miles Does a Ninebot Snsc 2.2 Scooter Last? 

The ninebot snsc lasts a long time after a single charge. Thanks to its good battery system, a 4-hour charge can last up to 40.4 miles.

Ninebot Snsc 2.2 Specs.

The ninebot snsc 2.2 is not as popular as its other snsc counterparts; however, that does not make it less efficient. It still has a long list of impressive specs.

Scooter’s Dimensions:

Rear Motor Diameter 26cm
Front Wheel Diameter26cm
Standing pad width17cm
Standing pad length65cm
Handle width 48cm
Max. Speed 
25 kmph

Net weight 
Full charge trip60km
Battery Capacity 36V 551Wh (Lithium Battery)
Charging Time 4h (5A charger)
Battery TypeSwappable Battery
Motor Nominal Power 350W
Tire – Rubber Tire + PU Filled tire

Cable Design
Hidden Cables
Front Fork TypeRigid Front Type
Battery Compartment LockElectronic Lock
Max speed20/25/30km/h

Battery (Wh)
Removable battery
3-pin charging connectorYes
Net weight19kg
Charging time (hrs4 (external 5A charger)
Power (nominal)350
Power (peak)700
Motor typeRear Hub
Max angle 20
Brakes Electricalrear Drum front
Braking distance(20km/h)
Shock absorptionN/A
Rear Tire (inch)10 Pneumatic
Max payload100kg
LED screenYes
VisibilityHeadlight, rear light, reflectors on some models
Water resistanceYes

Here are some ninebot snsc ESC codes.

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The ESC serial number consists of 14 characters. Example serial number: N4GSD1939C0123

  •  Black – Product identifier
  •  Orange- Product version (SN prefix)
  •  Gray – Manufacturing line at the factory
  •  Purple- Year of production
  •  Green- Week of production
  •  Red- Product revision 
  • Blue – Serial number unique for every unit made each week

 Product identifiers 

NAG represents a rental version of the Ninebot Max Pro in the US variant (SNSC2.2A) 

Is Ninebot Snsc 2.2 Worth it? 

The ninebot snsc is a perfect pick if you want a reliable and affordable scooter. It costs an average of $849.00. 

Here’s a list of the Ninebot snsc 2.2  pros and cons. 

#1. PROS

  • It’s affordable, averaging about perfect for beginners.
  •  It has an impressive range of 40.4 miles, making it best for long commutes or leisure rides. 
  • It has a sleek look[seamless black paint job and chunky aesthetics].
  • It is comfortable to ride with its thick comfy handlebars and a single-hand lever making braking much easier.
  •  It also has a wide deck with enough space for both your feet.
  • It has Self-healing tires which save you money from replacing tires due to wear and tear. 
  • It has Cruise control and an LED display that dims when the front lights are on while riding to prevent screen glare.
  •  It has a short four-hour charge time. 
  •  The ninebot snsc 2.2 scooters also have a mobile app. Many apps and developers also support the ninebot snsc 2.2 scooters, just like Xiaomi scooters.
  • It has a good battery management system for prolonged life.
  •  It has a twist bell to alert pedestrians of your movement. 
  •  It is water-resistant. 
  • It is quite portable.

 #2. CONS

  • It has no suspension, which makes navigating rough terrain hard.
  •  It has little acceleration.
  •  It is quite heavy. 

Since the ninebot snsc 2.2 scooter’s pros outweigh its cons, the ninebot snsc 2.2 is worth its price. 


The Ninebot snsc 2.2 is a reliable e-scooter released by segway in 2019 along with the other segway max series scooters.

The segway max series scooters are not popular. It is an e-scooter with a sleek look and other specs such as water resistance that make it a good pick, although it is not very fast.

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