Ninebot S Bluetooth Pairing Code (How To Connect, Errors & More)

The Ninebot S uses a Bluetooth connection to allow you access to most of its features. Generally, it is standard for hoverboards to pair through Bluetooth.

However, you need a code to pair the hoverboard with your mobile device. Thankfully, the vehicle always comes with a default Bluetooth pairing code.

But the pairing code may not be in the user’s manual, which can be frustrating. So this article will help to know the pairing code for a Ninebot S.

The Ninebot S Bluetooth pairing code is 0000 or 1234. This pairing code is the default Bluetooth code for Ninebot S. The code will connect your hoverboard to your smartphone successfully. Although, you can change the Bluetooth pairing code in your Segway Ninebot App. Then, you can always use the new code to connect your device.

In this article, I will explain the Ninebot S Bluetooth pairing code, how to connect your Ninebot S to Bluetooth and how to connect it to your phone.

By the end, you’ll also understand why your Ninebot S won’t connect to Bluetooth.

What Is the Ninebot S Bluetooth Pairing Code?

Ninebot S Bluetooth Pairing Code  

The Ninebot S Bluetooth pairing code is either 0000 or 1234. This code is the default pairing code that comes with the hoverboard.

However, you may set a new code once you connect your device to Bluetooth. The code would help you secure your Ninebot S connectivity.

If you keep the code the same or unintentionally release the code to someone. The person can easily connect their phone to your hoverboard.

Unfortunately, the person would be able to track and control communication between your Ninebot S and its App.

How Do I Connect My Ninebot S to Bluetooth?

Connecting your Ninebot S to Bluetooth is one of the significant steps to an exciting riding experience. In addition, it helps you keep track of many things about your device.

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So, here are the steps to connect your Ninebot S to Bluetooth.

  • Go to your mobile device App store and search for the Segway Ninebot App.
  • Then, download and install the App.
  • Open the Segway Ninebot App.
  • Next, register and create your profile.
  • Turn on your Ninebot S to pair through Bluetooth.
  • The Bluetooth icon on the device will begin to blink to indicate it is ready for connection.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  • Tap the “Vehicle” option.
  • Select “Scan for Vehicle.”
  • The Ninebot S Bluetooth device name will appear on your mobile device.
  • Select your hoverboard.
  • The Ninebot S will beep to notify you of a successful connection.
  • Also, the Bluetooth icon will stop blinking and remain illuminated.
  • Follow the instructions prompted by the App to activate your vehicle successfully.
  • The Ninebot S will connect to your mobile device, and you can control it from the App.

How Do I Connect My Ninebot S to My Phone?

Use the Segway Ninebot App to connect your Ninebot S to your phone. You can get the App from your phone’s App store.

The App will connect your hoverboard to your phone via Bluetooth 4.2 or Above. Then, follow the instructions on the App to connect your Ninebot S.

Once you connect to your phone, you do not need to reconnect again. Just turn on the Bluetooth whenever you need to do anything.

The Ninebot S will connect automatically whenever your phone’s Bluetooth is on. However, you may have to disconnect and reconnect sometimes.

This situation happens especially when there is a problem with the Bluetooth connection, or you need to reset your Pairing code.

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When you reboot the Bluetooth, it erases the former pairing code. So, you will need the default pairing code to connect your devices.

Then, you can check your hoverboard’s status through the App and communicate with other Ninebot users.

Why Won’t My Ninebot S Connect to Bluetooth?    

Your Ninebot S won’t connect to Bluetooth if it is off. The device’s Bluetooth automatically goes off after two minutes of no connection.

The Bluetooth icon will stop blinking when it goes off, but you can turn off your hoverboard and turn it on again to reactive the Bluetooth.

It would always help to ensure your Ninebot S Bluetooth is on before trying to connect.

Apart from this issue, there are other reasons for your Ninebot S not connecting to Bluetooth.

Here are the reasons why your Ninebot S won’t connect to Bluetooth.

#1. Inactive Bluetooth

The Bluetooth on your phone or hoverboard might go off while waiting for the connection. The two devices cannot connect if their Bluetooth isn’t active.

In addition, the phone’s Bluetooth can automatically switch off when there is a usage timeout. Most Bluetooth phones have this in their settings.

Your Ninebot S Bluetooth can also turn off during usage timeout. Hence, you need to keep checking if Bluetooth is still active.

#2. Out-of-Range Devices

Two devices must be in close range to establish a successful Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth connectivity can’t cope with long distances.

Therefore, your Ninebot S won’t connect to Bluetooth if it is too far from the other device. So it would be best if you kept them in close range.

Put your phone in your pocket or bag to keep it close to your hoverboard. It would help if you always watched the distance between your hoverboard and your device.

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#3. Low Battery

The Ninebot S doesn’t respond to commands when its battery is low. It would make the hoverboard refuse to connect to your Bluetooth.

Your hoverboard needs sufficient power for a successful Bluetooth connection.

#4. Phone Bluetooth Visibility

Some Bluetooth phones can hide their visibility. As a result, you may have unintentionally turned off your Bluetooth visibility.

The Ninebot S won’t be able to pick up your Bluetooth network when the visibility is off.

#5. Error Pairing Code

Your phone and Ninebot S need a Bluetooth pairing code to connect successfully. The code is like a password to open up the connection network.

The two devices won’t connect if the pairing code is incorrect. So it is best to write the code on paper or save it somewhere whenever you change it.

#6. Multiple Connected Device

Sometimes, multiple Bluetooth connections can overwhelm your mobile device. You may need to disconnect other devices to leave the connection open.

The hoverboard won’t connect to your phone if other devices are connected. These devices will hold the Bluetooth network and prevent it from connecting.

Now that you know why your hoverboard is not connecting to your Bluetooth. It would be best to know the solutions to fixing the issues.

Here are the solutions to a Ninebot S not connecting to Bluetooth.

Inactive BluetoothCheck your devices and turn on the Bluetooth.
Out-of-range devicesBring the two devices within close range.
Low batteryFully charge your Ninebot S.
Phone Bluetooth visibilityTurn on your phone’s Bluetooth visibility.
Error pairing codeCheck the code and input the correct one.
Multiple connected devicesDisconnect other devices and connect the hoverboard.

Final Thoughts

The Bluetooth pairing code for a Ninebot S is 0000 or 1234. However, this is just the default code that comes with the hoverboard.

You can change the code in your App if you want but always ensure to keep it safe. For example, anybody can hack your hoverboard if they have your pairing code.

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