Ninebot ES2 Problems (Must Know Them)

Ninebot ES2 is a good scooter with a top speed that is good for everyday commuting.

However, like any other machine, it only gives the best if all parts work optimally. Ninebot ES2 does have a lot of features, hence a lot of parts. 

With a lot of parts, it is necessary to consider maintenance. Before getting a Ninebot ES2 scooter, you should know the common problems that plague this vehicle. 

Ninebot ES2 has a lot of problems. All significant parts of the vehicle can develop faults at any time. If you already have one, it is best to use it carefully. The good news is that these common problems have specific diagnoses and solutions. A comprehensive study sheds light on the issues.

Common Problems of Ninebot ES2 and Fixes 

Ninebot ES2 Problems

The Ninebot ES2 electric scooter is a combination of many components and compartments.

This scooter can give you the best driving experience when all parts work optimally. However, like any other product of technology, they do develop faults. 

The different parts of this Ninebot ES2 can develop specific problems. Depending on the issue, it is possible to rectify the situation with a few steps.

Some other errors include solutions that are more complex and costly. However, one can find peace because there is no issue without a possible fix to help the situation.

Here are some of the significant and common issues that plague this scooter. The list also contains possible fixes to help return your ride to the road. 

Ninebot ES2 Control Board Issues

A control board issue is the most common fault that these scooters by Segway can develop.

Issues with the control board affect a majority of the components in the ride. Depending on use and fortune, these issues can develop as fast as three weeks after purchase. 

One common control board issue surfaces when you turn on the headlight.

The scooter starts malfunctioning and is unable to run uphill. The top speed on smooth, leveled surfaces also reduces drastically. 

Eventually, the control board dies after a while. Collective data from buyers shows that this is the first and most common issue that the ES2 develops just weeks after purchase. 

#1. Possible fixes to the control board issues

For control board issues, there are two possible fixes. It all depends on how much one is willing to spend.

The control board in Ninebot ES2 connects to the battery, which is inside the controller handle. Open the screen to bring out this piece.

Here are two possible fixes:

#1. Replacing the Control Board

You can replace the control board with one that is functional. There are two options here; replacing with a new or old control board. 

Replacing it with a new board comes at a premium cost. The cost of purchase, the labor cost, and every other thing involved is the reason why many tend to shy away from this option.

Another fact to consider is that the new control board can also develop faults in weeks. 

This realization makes the option a risky choice. You can also replace it with a fixed old control board.

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This option gives you a level of insurance because it is not as expensive as the other option. It also can last longer if the repair work is good.

#2. Fixing the Motherboard

If you have the knowledge of micro-soldering, or you know an expert that can help out, then you can explore this option.

The area that needs soldering on the board is just about 1mm wide. Hence if one does not know, it is impossible to fix this at home

Ninebot ES2 Charging Problems

Another problem that is common with this Ninebot ES2 is changing issues. After a long ride during the day, you need to recharge the battery.

You might realize that the scooter does not charge after connecting the charger. 

Without the battery charged, there is no power to operate the ride. The charging problem is another issue that is common with Ninebot ES2.

A faulty charger can also be the reason for this problem. In some cases, the failure of the charging component of the Main Board in the scooter is the reason for charging issues.

The issue is often a result of a faulty charging connection or bad charging unit.  

#1. Possible fixes for charging problems

The first step is to check out the charging unit and ensure it is working perfectly. It works fine if the charging maintains the green light when connected to a power source.

Another common fix is to check the charger port on the scooter to see if it is working well. 

There are charging connectors available for sale to test the charger port. If these are not the issue, then the charging component on the motherboard is the final check.

The fix here is to replace the board with a new one or find a suitable replacement. 

Ninebot ES2 Light Problem

Next on the list of common problems that NInebot ES2 often face is the issue with light.

There are two major light problems. Sometimes, the brake and headlights do not come on when using the bike. 

Another common problem happens when you turn on the headlights. The brake lights come on, and the Kick scooter stops running.

The cruise control beep also comes on in this situation. The latter problem is more common than the formal. 

In rare cases, switching on the light also causes the battery to drain quickly. In these cases, the scooter is unable to run uphill. 

#1. Possible fix to the light problem

If both lights are not coming on at all, you might want to check the wiring of the lights. Flip the scooter over and check the harness under a cover on the floor side of the scooter.

You can also trace the wire from the harness to the controller to ensure no damage.

Sometimes, when folding the scooter at home, the sharp edges might cut off the wire connecting the lights to the battery.

Trace the wire to ascertain if this is the issue with your Segway ES2. If that is the issue, carrying the wire to an expert will be a fast option.

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You can contact the manufacturer for repair options if you are still within the warranty period. 

If the issue with your scooter is the latter issue of brake lights coming on when the headlight is on, then there is a solution.

It will involve some screwdrivers and a little bit of manual repair. However, this repair also involves removing the control board and doing a bit of micro-soldering.

If you know your way around with a soldering rod, you need to bridge the compartment that controls the light. That should fix the problem nicely. 

Here are the steps to removing the control board on Ninebot ES2: 

  • Unscrew the upper part of the controller and disconnect the cable leading to the handle
  • Also, release the lower part of the controller and disconnect the five cables leading to the scooter base.
  • Remove the controller and unscrew the side screws and remove the plastic cover. 
  • Remove the screw that connects the control board. 
  • Use a plier to turn the cover inside the controller anticlockwise and remove the cover. This turning will allow you to remove the control board and the battery. 
  • Remove the screws that hold the control board case and reveal the inner content. 
  • Disconnect the battery cable from the board, and the board is accessible for inspection.

Ninebot ES2 Battery Problem

Ninebot ES2 has an option for both external and internal batteries. However, most issues arise with the internal battery.

Sometimes, the battery has a charge but doesn’t power the scooter. It shows on the app that the battery holds a charge but does not power anything.

Other battery problems include battery discharging while connected to a charger.

Another common issue is when the battery is dead and not charging despite the charging components having no problems.

#1. The possible solutions to the Battery Problem

If the scooter is not used frequently, it is essential to check if it has been used for a while. Leaving the scooter idle for some time can lead to a power drain.

A power drain only needs minutes of continuous charging, and it will come on.

However, if there is power in the battery but it is not powering your scooter or perhaps it is discharging, then it has lost its efficiency.

It cannot hold a charge anymore. The solution here is to replace the battery. You can also change the external battery to solve power issues. 

Ninebot ES2 Steering Problem

Driving on the road and you realize the steering is too loose, it takes a complete turn for the scooter to change the slightest direction.

Sometimes, you try to change direction by steering the handle, but it’s too stiff to move.

These two instances point to another common issue with Ninebot ES2: the steering problem.

Steering problems should be emergencies. It is essential to rectify the case before the next drive. 

#1. Possible fixes for steering problems

Nine out of ten times, the steering problem has nothing to do with the steering handle above the controller.

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The problem is always with the front wheel. This wheel is where you find a solution to the problem. 

You must remove the front wheel and screw it properly if it is too loose. Sometimes, the front wheel seems too tight; some lubrication to screw parts will help soften the wheel. 

There is a need for caution when removing the front wheel. The cords and cables should remain intact and undamaged. 

If a Ninebot kick scooter has a steering problem, the answer often lies in the front wheel. 

Ninebot ES2 Motor Problem

At full battery charge, a rider might find out that the scooter fails to reach maximum speed.

The motor controls the power intake of the engine from the battery. If the scooter is running slow, the motor has a problem.

In some other cases, the scooter runs at top speed but makes a loud noise. This noise also indicates a problem with the motor. Fortunately, there are possible fixes. 

#1. Possible fixes for Motor Problems

Again, you might want to check the control board for issues relating to the loss of speed.

When the scooter does not run at maximum speed, the problem often lies with the control board motor panel.

Sometimes, the scooter runs at maximum speed for some seconds, then slows down. The same issue causes both scenarios.

If the issue is increased noise, the solution lies with the connecting cables. Open the controller and trace the wires.

If the yellow cord connecting the front wheel to the controller is severed, the motor makes a noise. Reconnect the cable, and the noise goes away. 

Segway Ninebot ES2 Bluetooth Problems

Ninebot ES2 can also develop Bluetooth problems. In this situation, Bluetooth does not connect with a mobile device.

This failure could be a result of password issues. Sometimes, the icon does not light up on the display menu. 

#1. Possible fix for Bluetooth problem

The practical solution is to reset the system and return it to its factory setting. This method will also erase the Bluetooth password.

You can input a new password after the system reset. Here are the steps to factory reset your Segway Ninebot ES2 Bluetooth: 

  • Power on a fully charged NInebot KickScooter ES2
  • Please press on the throttle and the brake lever and hold them down
  • Turn off the scooter and release the throttle and brake lever.
  • Power on the scooter by holding down on the power button for some seconds. 

This step should reset the system, and the Bluetooth should be ready to go again. 

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Ninebot ES2 is prone to a lot of issues. These high numbers of common problems are the major factors that deter people away from this scooter.

However, if you already have the scooter, you can check out the solution to each problem. 

It is necessary to confirm the diagnosis before going ahead with the solution. A problem-free NInebot ES2 promises a lot of driving pleasure.

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