Step By Step Process To Teardown Neuron Scooter!

The tearing down of electric scooters is a common practice among scooter owners as they perform this act for different reasons.

Hence, many scooter riders patronizing Neuron riding services often wonder if their scooters can undergo the same process. On that note, is it possible to tear down a Neuron scooter? 

You can tear down a Neuron scooter. To do this, you must purchase the tools necessary to disassemble the components that make up the scooter. You can carry out the procedure at home or in your workshop. Alternatively, you can consult a professional if you don’t know how to tear down a Neuron scooter. 

What Is a Neuron Scooter Teardown? 

Neuron Scooter Teardown 

A Neuron scooter tears down, in simple terms, is the disassembling of the crucial components of the scooter.

These components include the handlebars, motor, suspension, tires, brakes, and controller.

The components make up the Neuron scooter; hence, you must exercise caution when tearing them down. 

Although the tearing down of electric scooters is a common practice, that’s not the case for a Neuron scooter.

The reason for this is pretty simple! Neuron scooters are for rent, and users only gain access to them when they pay for the services.

Now, how’s it possible to tear down the scooter with this restriction? Let me explain vividly! 

Before you tear down a Neuron scooter, you must have full authorization to carry it out.

First, you must purchase the Neuron scooter from the Neuron company. You can settle for other alternatives if the scooters are not for sale.

Your best bet is to purchase the scooter through an auction. This way, you can get full access to remodel the scooter to your taste. 

However, there’s a catch! Most Neuron scooters available for auction often come in terrible condition.

Plus, you must budget properly before purchasing one, as the price could be low or high.

Nonetheless, you become the scooter’s sole owner and can tear it down without any restrictions.

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That established, why exactly do people tear down their scooters? I’ll highlight some reasons for this practice below. 

#1. For Easy Storage 

Admittedly, it’s difficult to preserve/store a scooter when the components are still assembled.

Hence, scooter owners tear down their electric scooters to make storage easy and preserve the components.

This practice could come in handy when you don’t use your scooter frequently. 

#2. For Conversion 

Scooter conversion is quite popular today as it gives the scooter a unique appearance. For this to happen, you must tear down your scooter.

This way, you can replace the components you want. Plus, you can remodel your scooter to any design you desire. 

#3. For Repairs and Replacement 

Electric scooters malfunction occasionally, which puts a hold on your daily means of transportation.

The best solution is to tear down the scooter and repair the damage to any component.

Furthermore, you may have to replace the components if the damage is severe and beyond repair. 

How To Tear Down a Neuron Scooter (Step By Step)?

Tearing down a Neuron scooter is no easy feat as it requires basic technical skills and a lot of effort.

Now, how do you carry out this procedure? I’ll explain the procedure in simple terms. But first, you must know the tools necessary for this procedure. 

  • Allen Keys
  • Socket Hex Wrench
  • Philips Screwdrivers
  • Open-Ended Spanners
  • Pliers

Note that these tools have specifications; hence, you must check them properly before purchasing at a tools store.

For instance, Allens’ keys come in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and more. So purchase the size that suits your Neuron scooter.

In addition, it’s best to purchase high-quality tools that will serve you for a long time. Without further ado, below is the step-by-step procedure to tear down your Neuron scooter. 

#1. Step 1 

Turn off your Neuron electric scooter and park it properly before starting the procedure. 

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#2. Step 2 

Remove the dual mechanical and electric brakes. These brakes contain different cables which perform different purposes. Hence, you must be extremely careful while removing them.

#3. Step 3 

Remove the handlebars, GPS, and Geofencing from the scooter.  

#4. Step 4 

Use the open-ended spanners to remove the wide deck and close to the battery covering. 

#5. Step 5 

Use the Philips screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the wheels in place and remove the tires. 

#6. Step 6 

Remove the aluminum construction and the battery. With this procedure, you can easily tear down your Neuron scooter.

You can carry out this procedure right in the comfort of your home. You can utilize this opportunity to replace old and worn-out components with new ones.

The Neuron electric scooter is unique. Let me explain this fact! Many electric scooters need frequent charging, especially when the battery is down to 20%. 

However, that’s not the case for the Neuron scooter. You don’t need to charge the battery as you can easily replace the battery.

Awesome, right? This way, even if your scooter stops abruptly, you’ll be able to continue your journey by replacing the battery. 

Can You Handle a Neuron Scooter Disassembly? 

You can handle a Neuron scooter disassembly if you use the right tools and follow the appropriate instructions.

Notwithstanding, you must know how to disassemble your Neuron electric scooter.

Otherwise, you might encounter complications that could jeopardize your efforts. It’s advisable to consult a professional to be on the safe side.

This way, you don’t have to worry about damaging your Neuron scooter. 

How Does a Neuron Scooter Work? 

Apart from tearing down the Neuron scooter, many users often wonder how the Neuron scooter works.

Using the Neuron scooter is pretty easy as it requires little effort. I’ll briefly highlight some steps you can take to use the Neuron scooter. 

#1. Step 1:

Visit your Google Play Store or Apple Store on your Android/Apple device. 

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#2. Step 2:

Type in Neuron scooter, download and install the app. 

#3. Step 3:

Once the installation is complete, open the app and locate the scan. 

#4. Step 4:

Open the scan icon and use it on the QR code on your Neuron scooter to unlock it and begin your ride. 

#5. Step 5:

Every Neuron scooter comes with a helmet. Therefore, you must unlock the helmet from the Neuron app before embarking on your ride. 

Neuron has designated park areas where you can park the scooter after a ride. Therefore, it’s advisable not to park the scooters in any location.

As this act attracts extra charges. Plus, the Neuron scooter app alerts you on specific parking areas.

Note that every Neuron scooter has a speed limit of 15km/h and 25km/h. The scooter automatically slows down when you exceed the speed limit.

Hence, you must be careful not to exceed the speed limit for your safety and the scooter’s condition.

Furthermore, Neuron scooters are only available to accommodate one person at a time. It’s not safe for two people to ride the scooter simultaneously. 

The reason is that Neuron scooters are lightweight and will break down if you exceed the weight limit.

It has a weight limit of 100 kg; hence, the rider’s weight must be within this capacity. Some first-time users usually ask how much it costs to ride a Neuron scooter. 

This depends on the duration of your ride. Unlocking the Neuron scooter costs $1.

Nevertheless, I’ll outline some services and costs of Neuron scooter rides in the table below. 

Neuron Scooter Services Prices 
Per Minute$0.38 
Ten Minutes $4.80
Three days $25
Weekly $33
Monthly $89

Final Words 

Tearing down a Neuron scooter is a process that requires the right tools and proper knowledge.

Notwithstanding, you can easily carry it out at your convenience. Plus, you can always consult an expert if you’re perplexed about the procedure.

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