Neuron Scooter Hack (Must Know These Things)

Scooters are fun and great to ride on in parks and streets. However, with how slow they are, it’s easy for the excitement to wear off.

The scooter’s speed is limited, and it’s possible to get the neuron scooter to move faster. This article will reveal some of these hacks to you. 

It’s possible to hack neuron scooters to increase the top speed. Mechanics can hack into these scooters to remove speed limitations by overriding the software. Neuron scooters have a speed limit of 15 mph; hacking the scooter can increase this speed to over 21 mph.

Neuron Scooter Hack App

Neuron Scooter Hack

The Scooter Hacking Utility App can hack into neuron scooters. You connect with the scooter via Bluetooth.

The app allows you to override the preset setting. You can increase power, system voltage, maximum speed, and other settings. 

#1. Amperage

You can adjust the current in the scooter. Increasing the amperage earns more torque but adds stress to the motor and other components.

It is recommended to use factory numbers and progress upwards but only if required. 25 amps are the ideal amperage that won’t stress the motor to the level of overheating. 

#2. Speed 

You can increase top speed under Max speed. Here you can input speed in kilometers. Direct power control under this category regulates how fast the scooter moves in certain conditions.

Speed mode has the throttle position conforming to the fractional unit of the established maximum speed. 

With cruise control activated, the scooter will maintain this maximum speed. It will do so irrespective of topography and air resistance.

Direct power mode has the throttle position conforming to the fractional unit of the maximum current. Therefore, it also corresponds to the power available.

#3. Brake Lever Settings

Here there’s the virtual lever parameter. This setting adjusts the lever brake’s linear reaction.

It does this in a manner that applies the highest value quicker depending on the brake lever’s relative position. For example, a value of 130 produces a full linear reaction.

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#4. Highest And Lowest Phase Current

This setting allows you to limit how the brake will drag. The recommendation is 30 amps at most.

There’s been information about damaged controller boards due to regenerative braking. Also, there’s a restriction on the level of completed braking for every system voltage.

Exceeding this limit will have the scooter apply brakes using the current. Normally it should use regeneration.

However, current will strain the motor components and should not be applied except for emergencies.

Additional braking power is obtained by adding the voltage to anything above 48 volts.

Neuron Scooter Speed Hack

There are ways of making the Neuron electric scooter go faster. One of them is taking out the speed limiter. The electric scooter can attain very high speeds, but it is restricted.

Therefore, the scooter comes with an inbuilt and concealed speed limiter. This limiter is present because of laws regulating these machines from exceeding certain speeds.

The limiter is responsible for making the scooter go slow. Removing the speed limiter will allow you to reach maximum speed.

A scooter that utilizes a Direct Current motor has the sensor positioned on the transmission system of the driving wheel. 

This device demonstrates how quickly the wheel turns, which commands the processor to restrict the scooter’s speed.

In addition, the scooter uses sensors to regulate the pedal’s aggregate speed. Electrical measuring devices and built-in motor systems usually control the speed restrictors.

These readings are afterward directed to the processor. The computer then restricts the motor’s productivity and maintains a low speed for the neuron scooter.

Therefore, it should have slower readings while the scooter moves faster. 

One must place electronic equipment between the computer and the sensor to achieve that. You can also adjust the sensor’s magnet.

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However, this action will give false speed readings to the sensor. Hence, when moving at high speeds, the readings from the sensor will be at low speeds.

In addition, you can remove the speed limit by using firmware. It doesn’t require the physical removal of the speed restrictor. 

#1. Risks Associated With Removing Speed Limiters

Speed limiters are built into scooters to maintain safety and keep to legal rules. In some places, there are traffic laws regulating scooter use.

The speed limiters are put on the scooters to comply with these rules. Removing the speed limiters might bring you face-to-face with the law.

Ensure that you’re familiar with the local laws before carrying out the removal.

Additionally, the neuron scooter engineers know these machines’ limits. Though the machines can reach certain high speeds, it doesn’t mean they can function optimally at those speeds.

Overworking the motor can break down the scooter. You’ll have to gradually ease up the speed levels and see how the scooter handles it.

Furthermore, taking out the speed regulator will sap the battery quicker. The motor handling extra speed takes a toll on the battery.

Even the electronics too are at risk of burning and getting fried. 

What Are Some Neuron Scooter Hacks?

There are ways to modify the neuron scooter for it to reach its potential; some of them are;

#1. Bring In A New Battery

Batteries define how quickly the neuron scooters will move. They usually have a 24-volt battery installed in them.

Putting a new and more potent battery will give the scooter a better charge to push it to its limits.

However, this method requires technical prowess since a bigger battery can overload the scooter. The battery should be coupled with the motor and the controller removed.

#2. Wind Back The Motor

You can wind back the motor anytime it overheats. Overheating causes the coils to get shorter. Adding the windings will improve the torque.

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With reduced windings of the motor coil, the torque is also lessened. Lesser torque leads to higher revolutions per minute.

This method is employed by many riders to increase the top speed of the scooter.

Unlock Free Neuron Scooter Hack Free Rides

Go to your scooter and scan it with the neuron scooter app to unlock it. After syncing with the scooter, press the accelerator and start moving.

Once you’ve moved, pull up the scooter from the ground and lock the neuron scooter on the app. 

Cancel the ride with the scooter above the ground; it’ll still be running. Now you can hop on the neuron scooter and continue riding for free. However, the scooter will lock if you come to a full stop.

You can also “Give a free ride and get a free ride.” Neuron mobility gives a 10-minute free ride for you and a friend after you refer.

You have to put your referral code on the Reward page of your Neuron scooter app. 

Your friend will receive the coupon once they sign up and ride free for 10 minutes.

You’ll get a coupon once your friend completes the first trip. This process, however, only works if your friend is a first-time user.

Are Neuron Scooters Free?

Neuron scooters are not free. You can get one month of riding for $99. At this price, users can ride for about 90 minutes each day.

Also, users can unlock the electric scooter for just a day for $1. After that, they’ll have to pay a further $0.45 to get one-minute rides.


Neuron scooters can be hacked into with applications to increase their speed. For example, you can remove the speed limiter and get a better battery to improve the scooter’s speed.

Winding back the motor is another great way to get the scooter to move faster.

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