Monster Boomerang Vs. Bose Soundwear (In-Depth Comparison)

Over the years, neckband speakers have gained their way into the sound industry with a different style. These speakers go around your neck but work precisely like the EarPods. 

The amazing thing about these speakers is they do not keep the noise entirely off. 

Two very good Soundwears are the monster boomerang and Bose Soundwear; so if you were to go for one, which should you pick? 

Getting the right speaker all depends on your choice and preference. The monster boomerang Bluetooth speaker is a clearer choice if you want audible bass audio. The Bose Soundwear features a digital signal process and waveguide technology that enhances a clearer sound. 

In this article, I will provide in-depth knowledge on both the monster boomerang speaker and the Bose Soundwear.

By the end, you should be able to identify which is best for you; please stick with me!

Monster Boomerang Vs. Bose Sound Wear; Features and Differences

Monster Boomerang Vs. Bose Soundwear

When it comes to getting the best neckband speakers, several factors need to be put into consideration. 

Some factors like price, size, style, and longevity are critical, so I carefully picked the best in each category based on experts’ recommendations.  

#1. Monster Boomerang

The monster boomerang speaker is a comfortable, durable, and wearable speaker that fits perfectly around your neck. 

This monster boomerang neckband ensures you enjoy your music or sound with an excellent 3D effect. 

Monster boomerang works based on Bluetooth connection, and you can also connect it to various sources wirelessly. 

You do not have to worry about the quality of sound on phone calls because the quality of sound on calls is also top-notch. 

You do not have to worry about activities like poolside outings because these speakers are IPX7-rated waterproof speakers.

It can last underwater for 30 minutes for water bodies as deep as only one meter. 

Some other unique features that come with these speakers include; 

  • An inbuilt microphone for clear and uninterrupted phone calls. 
  • An authentic 3D theater stereo sound. 
  • A comfortable design that enhances the device’s outlook around your neck. 
  • Soft silicon33FT

#2. Bose Soundwear 

The Bose Soundwear is one of the latest innovative designs from Bose. 

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Not only would you be able to listen to music with this speaker, but you can also stay connected to your environment and your virtual assistant like Siri. 

Several flexible designs enable a better sound and provide a flexible design that would always fit around your neck, no matter the position it is set at. 

The Bose Soundwear is enabled with features like; 

  • An excellent around-your-neck design. 
  • Bose Connect app. 
  • Multiple technologies for one that one Bluetooth pairing. 
  • Speakerphone functionality, 
  • Inbuilt controls. 
  • Long-lasting battery life.

#3. Monster Boomerang Vs. Bose Soundwear; Sound Quality 

Sound quality is an essential factor you should look into when choosing your neckwear. 

To get the most out of these wearable neck speakers, you must go for neckbands with a more significant number of speaker units and output. 

Usually, if you want a booming sound, the speakers of your neckbands should not be too tiny, and since that is not achievable with the size of wearable neckbands, you have to work with more speaker units. 

The monster boomerang comes with four speakers, while Bose only comes with two, so the monster speakers have better base audio and a clearer stereo. 

#4. Monster Boomerang Vs. Bose Soundwear; Battery Life 

The longer a device lasts, the better; this does not only apply to neckbands. It wouldn’t be nice to have your device cut on you midway during phone calls or while listening to music. 

For devices to have a more extended battery life, the batteries have to be bigger, which is not ideal for neckbands due to their size, and that is why only a few neckbands last long. 

The Soundwear companion wearable wireless speaker can last up to 12 hours, even if you do not provide a standby.

Also, the monster’s Soundwear speakers can last up to 12 hours without standby. So in this aspect, both neckbands are amazing. 

#5. Monster Boomerang Vs. Bose Soundwear; Water Resistivity 

Some primary reason people need neckbands is to carry out their normal day-to-day activities efficiently.

It would not be ideal to own a neckband that cannot resist a little rain or sweat. 

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I recommend that you go for neckbands with an IPX4 rating which means the device can withstand sweat and little rain. 

Both neck bands work with an IPX4 rating and can withstand water splashes. 

#6. Monster Boomerang Vs. Bose Soundwear; Price 

With everything I listed, you must work based on your budget at the end of the day. 

So you have to get a neckband that you do not have to go way above your budget before getting and would also provide you with the comfort you desire. 

The Bose Soundwear companion wireless wearable speaker costs $299, while the boomerang neckband Bluetooth speaker costs $89 on amazon. 

So if you’re working on a lower budget, it is advisable to go for monster’s boomerang speaker; that way, you can enjoy clean music at a cheaper rate. 

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#7. Monster Boomerang Vs Bose Soundwear; Bluetooth Connection 

Many Bluetooth pairable devices come with Bluetooth 4.0-5.0, which provides you with a wide range of connectivity. 

These days, you can get devices with a 5.2 Bluetooth version which further enables connection between your audio and Bluetooth devices. 

The Bose Soundwear works based on a Bluetooth version of 4.2, while the monster boomerang works based on a Bluetooth version of five. 

Whatever you decide would work great for you! Below is a table that contains information on the features between the two.

Features Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker
Price $299.00$89.99
Weight Lighter than the boomerang neckbands (0. 56 lbs.)A bit heavier (1. 34 lbs.)
Battery life 12 hours 12 hours 
Speaker units provided Two units provided Four units provided 
Water resistance Resistant to splashes Resistant to splashes 
Bluetooth version4.25.0

Does Bose Soundwear Have a Microphone?

Yes, it comes with a microphone, although the quality is not so excellent. 

So if you want to be going in for more critical conference calls, you would like better headphones or neckbands. 

You would notice that the speech recorded with these neckbands is relatively thin and lacks detail, but they are not so bad and can be manageable for regular calls. 

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Is The Monster Boomerang Waterproof? 

The monster boomerang wearable neckband is waterproof because it operates based on IPX7 technology. 

You can submerge this device in a one-meter-deep water body for about 30 minutes. 

Its water resistivity makes it an ideal choice for you if you work out because sweats won’t adversely affect these neckbands. 

What Are Some Other Alternatives to Monster Boomerang and Bose Soundwear?

If you do not want to settle for the monster boomerang or the Bose Soundwear for a reason or two, there are several other options. You are not just limited to EarPods and headsets.

Some excellent alternative options include; 

#1. Clip On Speakers

Unlike the usual neckbands, you can clip these speakers on your backpack or your belt loop while listening to your music without any inconvenience. 

These speakers are waterproof, durable, and portable, come in a wide range of colors, and also have a powerful battery life of about 10 hours. 

What more do you need to enjoy quality music?  With this device, you can stream wirelessly without restrictions. 

#2. Magnetic Wearable Speakers

If you feel like the neckband speakers are too heavy and uncomfortable, or you want to opt for a more fashionable option, then the magnetic speakers are the best. 

Zulu audio presents us with this fantastic speaker consisting of just two small loudspeakers attached by a cord. 

With this option, you would have absolutely nothing weighing your neck down. 

#3. Audio Sunglasses 

Audio sunglasses is a fantastic technology that lets you wear your audio speakers without anyone noticing. 

These glasses from Bose sunglasses provide an excellent feature that allows you to hear music in your ear without feeling like you’re with any pair of earphones. 

The speakers are located right behind your ear, and you can get them to work by touching them once.

If you like, you can even fit these glasses out with your prescription lenses. Some other amazing alternatives include; 

  • Hat with Bluetooth speaker from edyell. 
  • Wrist strap speaker 

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The monster boomerang and Bose sound speaker are both very good neckbands, but you have to ensure that you go for the option that suits the criteria above and still fits your wants. 

All you have to do is carry out adequate maintenance. 

If you are not feeling both devices, there are several alternatives; there is always a tech solution for you.

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