Lyft Scooter Hack (Things You Must Know)

Some cities in America, like Los Angeles and Miami, have scooters placed at strategic points for people to hire.

Lyft is the most popular scooter and bike rental compared to Bird and Lime’s counterparts. There are little to no variations in services provided by Bird and Lime.

However, Lyft is already the most used rental app since there are few differences from newer rental apps.

Still, people have discovered ways to bypass the technology used in the operation of a scooter to the detriment of the rental companies, and Lyft is the most affected.

So what is there to know about Lyft scooter hacks? This article covers all you need to know, so read on.

Lyft scooter hacks serve different purposes based on the intention of the user. For example, some hacks alter the calculation of the distance covered to reduce cost, while others take the vehicle offline to convert the vehicle to personal. While some hacks are proper and legal, such as converting to personal, others are illegal, and you should avoid them.

Lyft Scooter Hack 2023

Lyft Scooter Hack

Hacks have increased the manhandling of Lyft scooters in recent times. The scooters are now becoming private properties for people who haul them and reconfigure their technology.

The Lyft scooter hack is becoming very common in most cities. You can ride the scooter past its speed limit once it is hacked and avoid being tracked.

All relevant technology of a scooter is in the controller motherboard. The speed limiter and the tracking device are both on the controller board.

Therefore, you can hack a Lyft scooter by accessing the controller. However, you have to note that removing the GPS or getting rid of the speed limiter will not do the job.

You have to replace the controller board entirely. This method is most effective in hacking an e-scooter and converting it into personal property for yourself.

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You can also add new features to your scooter after a hack. A $32 Chinese kit can help to decouple and personalize a scooter. 

Some controller boards used to replace the default board have a Bluetooth connection.

This new display unit enables you to connect your phones with the scooter. And it is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile apps.  

Lyft Scooter GPS Removal

You begin the removal of Lyft GPS from the base of the scooter. The base plate is fastened with special fasteners known as security screws.

So you need special screwdrivers to loosen them. The wires that connect the GPS are located on the left side of the base immediately before the battery. Pull the wires out gently to disconnect the GPS.

Lyft can track its scooters with the help of built-in GPS technology. However, it is quite unfortunate that intruders can hack this feature and remove this piece of technology.

The GPS isn’t at the base of the scooter. It is placed inside the controller motherboard, and the only thing you open the base plate for is to disconnect the GPS wires.

The wire connects from the scooter’s base to the controller motherboard. So you have to get access to the scooter’s controller to remove the GPS.

This process is not a difficult one. Simply unfasten the screw holding the top cover of the scooter to expose the motherboard. The GPS is beneath the controller motherboard.

Simply removing the GPS device will not suffice; you must also dispose of the motherboard.

You must also dispose of the motherboard because the GPS device connects to the motherboard.

So you will change the controller motherboard to remove the GPS fixed inside of Lyft scooters.

Proven Methods to Hack Lyft Scooter

There are three proven methods to hack Lyft scooters. These methods include

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#1. Changing the Dashboard and Controller Motherboard Into an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

This method is the easiest way of hacking a Lyft scooter. You can get an original dashboard and motherboard for around $100 on eBay.

It is an easy way because once you can get the original parts, fixing them becomes a piece of cake. You can complete the entire process within an hour or two by following YouTube videos.

It is an easy method, but it also comes with its cons. I would rather say con because there is only one challenge associated with this method.

And it is falling into the hands of scammers. You might buy a counterfeit in your search for an OEM on eBay.

Many people are posing as legit sellers of original dashboards and controller modules. Notwithstanding, this method remains the best and easiest to follow.

#2. Reprograming the Dashboard and Controller Module

This method is not as expensive and easy as the first, but it sure comes in handy. You can reprogram the dashboard and controller module with an ST-Link V2 USB programming dongle.

Although you will need to pay $5 for the dongle, the software is free. In addition, it takes minutes to complete the reprogramming process, unlike the first method, which might last up to an hour or more.

However, this process requires soldering skills to be able to do it. The initial reprogramming does not take up to five minutes.

Following YouTube tutorials will not be enough help for this procedure. But you should have little knowledge of soldering to carry this method out effectively.

#3. Replacing it With a Chinese Controller Kit 

This method has a bit of the first and second processes because you will change the controller kit and carry out a little soldering.

It is the cheapest method and somewhat the hardest also. You can hack a Lyft scooter with a $32 Chinese kit.

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Replacing the boards with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product is the most reliable method of hacking a Lyft scooter.

But, of course, a Chinese kit will still require soldering, which might go wrong with any little mistake.

All the methods explained above are proven ways of hacking a Lyft scooter. I recommend the first method for everyone as it comes with little to no challenge.

However, other methods are reliable and applicable, so it all comes down to what you want.

How Do I Convert My Lyft Scooter to Personal?

You can convert your Lyft scooter into a personal type by hacking it. Converting a Lyft scooter is getting rid of all traces affiliated with the scooter.

And this can be done by either changing or restructuring the controller motherboard and dashboard.

The conversion begins from the base of the scooter. There are wires traced from the controller motherboard to the motherboard that powers the GPS tracking device.

Getting rid of the batteries would make the GPS stop working, but it will become active once it is back in. 

So you should disconnect the GPS entirely by disconnecting the wires located at the base. Then you will have to replace the motherboard where you fixed the GPS.

The scooter becomes personal property once you do this. It is straightforward, even with a little knowledge of wiring. You can do this perfectly by just following YouTube videos.

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Personalization of Lyft scooters is becoming very common, and rental companies are beginning to lose business because of this.

A scooter works with GPS to keep track of its activities.

However, you can open the inside of the scooter and get rid of its tracking device. There are different methods of doing this, as explained in the article.

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