Lime Scooter Hack Kit (Read This First)

Lime has lost many of its e-scooters to impounding due to the illegal deployment of the vehicles.

In addition, some people have acquired impounded Lime scooters through a public auction for personal use.

The electronic vehicles, however, require detachment from the Lime platform to function as personal scooters.

To detach scooters from their platforms, you will have to hack them using the necessary equipment. First, let’s review the tools and procedures for converting Scooters for personal use.

The Lime scooter hack kit is a combination of scooter parts and other tools for hotwiring Lime scooters. Lime scooter hack kit enables the conversion of Lime scooters for use as personal ones through their electronic system hack. It is a common occurrence, though, for people to illegitimately use this kit to hack scooters for free rides.

What Is a Lime Scooter Hack Kit?

Lime Scooter Hack Kit

A Lime scooter hack kit is a set of equipment for altering the electronic system of Lime scooters.

With as little as $30, one can get these tools for converting scooters for personal uses.

Due to Illegal scooter hacking, however, this kit is not readily made available and is difficult to procure.

If you study the operations of Lime scooters well, you can put together equipment to bypass their systems.

This equipment will include control devices, wires, solders, and the right screwdrivers.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait about eight weeks for OEM parts for scooter hack kits to get from China.

Can You Hack a Lime Scooter?

Yes, you can hack a Lime Scooter, albeit it is difficult. With scooter hacker kits, you can convert a Lime Scooter for personal use or free rides. 

Evidence of hacked Lime scooters abounds, with several in Australia whose audios were modified to say offensive things to riders.

The audio, which originally gives instructions before and after rides, blasts hacked messages.

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Studies have shown that people can hack the electronic system of scooters and make them work with their commands.

They do this by accessing the control app of the Xiaomi M365, the scooter model that Lime uses. With the hack, they can operate the scooter remotely and disrupt its operations.

How Do I Unlock a Lime Scooter for Free?

You can unlock a Lime scooter for free by using a promo code that gives discounts on first rides.

After that, the promo code for Lime scooters gives you free credits, which you can use to unlock free scooter rides.

The promo code is, however, for new riders who have not taken rides with Lime before.

You can get a Lime scooter ride discount by entering the code “LIME5RESPECT” in the app for the scooter.

You can do this by following the simple steps below:

  • Download and open the Lime scooter app
  • Look for “Wallet” in the app and click on it
  • Select “Add a Promo Code,” and under it, click on “View.”
  • Fill in the LIME5RESPECT and click on “Add promo.”

If they apply the code to your Lime account, your wallet will hold the discount for a free scooter ride. You will use the discount for your first ride and save your money for the next one.

There are many fake promo codes, so you have to ensure the code you have is from a legit source.

Fake codes won’t work if you are wondering why you are not getting the discount for a free ride. A code might be legit, though, but if someone has used it before, it won’t work.

Another way to earn free Lime scooter rides is by referring people to Lime. You can do this by using your Lime referral code, with which you can invite people to use Lime.

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If a first-time rider uses your referral code, you and the person get $3 ride coupons each.

You can get your unique Lime referral code using the steps below:

  • But, first, go to the Lime app.
  • Go to the menu on the app. The menu button is on the upper left-hand corner of the app.
  • Select “Get $3 Credits.”
  • You will get your referral code which you can copy and share with your friends.

How Do You Turn a Lime Scooter Into a Personal Scooter?

Turning a Lime scooter into a personal scooter involves hacks to the scooter’s electric board. You can do this by replacing the scooter’s android device with a Bluetooth adapter or microcontroller.

The android device with a SIM card mounted under the handlebars controls the scooter.

You replace the device with the adapter and control the scooter with another device, usually a phone.

You can do this using the steps below:

  • Open the green box holding the android device and remove the board. Leave the smaller board to power the adapter.
  • Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the yellow and green RX and TX serial wires. The red and black wires supply the adapter with power from the power supply board.
  • Get “Bluetooth SPP” on your phone from the Google Play or IOS apps store. With this app, you will send HEX commands to the adapter on the scooter to control it. The commands involve HEX codes such as 464316610001F1F28F and 464316610001F0E2AE for enabling and disabling the scooter.
  • Close the box and fix it to its position on the scooter’s handlebar.

These steps will detach a Lime scooter from the Lime platform. You must ensure that you legally obtain the scooter you are converting through auctions.

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You will also need the following equipment for the conversion:

  • Jumper wires
  • Solder
  • Bluetooth adapter (HC-05)
  • Torx security bits

How Do I Disable the GPS on Lime Scooter?

The GPS on a Lime scooter enables the activation and use of the vehicle. However, not everyone is not comfortable riding the scooter with the creepy feeling of being tracked.

If you are one of these people, you can simply disable the GPS on the scooter with these steps:

  • Log in to your Lime account on the scooter app
  • Go to the “Me” tab
  • Under “My Device,” choose your scooter
  • Disable “Vehicle GPS Positioning”

Disabling the GPS on a scooter boosts privacy while using the vehicle. However, with the scooter GPS, people can track your location, which you might find invasive.

The GPS on the scooter also renders it vulnerable to theft as the scooter’s location is open to people.

Another bright side of disabling the GPS on the scooter is battery retention.

The positioning system is notorious for draining the scooter battery, which can be quite frustrating. With the GPS off, the battery will serve the rider for a longer period.

However, not all is sunny about disabling the GPS on a scooter. Without the GPS, locating and using the Lime scooter can be tedious.

In addition, the GPS increases the security of the scooter; without it, the scooter is prone to vandalism and theft.


The Lime scooter hack kit, a set of tools and hardware, is effectively used to convert Lime scooters to personal ones.

Hacking electronic scooters are possible, as evident in reconditioned scooters in some places. So if you legitimately acquire a Lime scooter, you can use this kit and some procedures to hotwire it.

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