Lime Scooter GPS Removal (Easy Ways To Do It)

There are a few reasons you’d be thinking of removing the GPS from your scooter. Either it runs out the scooter’s battery easily, or you don’t want your location getting out to the public.

First, however, you must be sure this removal is what you need now, so you don’t end up doing and undoing it.

Even though the GPS in your Lime scooter gives it an additional advantage, its removal can be understandable. However, after successfully removing the GPS, you’d need a key to operate your lime scooter. Anyhow, before you are able to remove the GPS from your scooter, you’ll have to discover its exact location.

Where Is the GPS in a Lime Scooter?

Lime Scooter GPS Removal

The GPS of your scooter is a little chip that you’d find on a green plate in the control box. Also, underneath the GPS unit is a little connection to the battery that keeps it on most of the time.

But, ultimately, when this battery dies, the GPS doesn’t get power, so it goes off.

Hence, as long as you want your GPS on, you’ll need to charge the battery regularly. Even so, despite the GPS chip in the control box, you’d still depend on the Lime app to control it.

Anyhow, to locate the GPS of the Lime scooter, you’d need to have the Lime app on your mobile phone.

Also, without the Lime app, you won’t be able to operate your scooter unless you use a real key. Hence, its GPS won’t be visible because you can only activate it via the Lime app on your phone.

That said, before successfully deactivating the GPS, you’ll need to have the Lime app on your phone. 

Consequently, the absence of the app on your phone means that you wouldn’t see the GPS let alone remove it.

Schematic Lime Scooter GPS Removal

The schematic removal of the GPS unit shows what it looks like when you expose the control box to take out the GPS unit.

#1. Image

#2. Image

You must ensure that you keep all nuts safe to screw them back on after taking out the GPS unit.

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How to Remove GPS from Lime Scooter?

To remove the GPS from your Lime scooter, you’ll need to remove the GPS chip from your control box.

To do this, follow these steps.

  • Turn the back of the Lime scooter notification screen and take off the seal. Then, unscrew all the protective nuts to uncover the GPS chip.
  • You’ll find a small square-shaped box on top of the green plate.
  • Remove the chip alongside the green plate to cut off its connection, and that does it.

Alternatively, you can simply deactivate your scooter’s GPS using the Lime app on your phone. Hence, to discover and remove the GPS, follow these steps.

  • Log in to the Lime app on your mobile phone.
  • Tap on the “ME” tab.
  • Find the “MY DEVICE” option and select the scooter type as Lime Scooter.
  • You’ll see the “VEHICLE GPS POSITIONING” tab.
  • Simply deactivate it.

There you go; your Lime scooter GPS is no longer functional. 

However, you may just decide to disable your scooter’s GPS without really knowing its advantages.

Hence, allow me to tell you that having a GPS in your scooter is an additional benefit that outweighs some risks. 

#1. Advantages of Having a GPS On Your Scooter

The benefits of having a GPS on your Lime scooter are inexhaustible; however, let’s discuss a few.

#1. Anti-Theft Protection

With the GPS on your Lime scooter, you can say bye-bye to the issue of Lime scooter theft.

This is because, no matter where the scooter goes, you’ll get it back as long as the GPS is on. Even so, it also enhances your security level as the rider.

What’s more, Lime can detect the GPS of your scooter and notify its exact location at every point in time. Also, Lime GPS will help you locate and find your scooter when you lose it.

#2. Route Planning and Navigation

GPS monitoring lets Lime help you plan and navigate your route. With the GPS, you can never run out on the idea of your location and where you’re heading.

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Also, when planning to go on an excursion, Lime would help you plan the most appropriate route you should take. 

#3. Real-Time Location

Another benefit of having GPS on your scooter is that it helps you track your scooter when you lose it in real-time.

Even more than that, you can locate any scooter in your location at any time with GPS monitoring.

Just as there are two faces to a coin, the issue of having GPS on your scooter has disadvantages.

#2. Disadvantages of the GPS On Your Scooter

When you think about these disadvantages, you’ll most likely want to let go of the GPS.

This idea is because, though quite a few of them, they still tend to scare you off the GPS issue. So now, let’s go over them. 

#1. Location Tracking

One of the turn-offs of the Lime scooter GPS is that it gives way to your every location. As a result, anybody can track your location anytime, without you controlling it.

This fact can be annoying because you can no longer hide, especially when you want to have an alone moment. 

Moreover, the real-time GPS monitor can tell people your exact location and every point in time. 

#2. Battery Depletion

Another disadvantage of the GPS is that it can reduce the battery life, which will thus reduce your ride time. Also, this issue can cause inconveniences at the wrong times.

For example, imagine if your scooter battery dies while on a trip, and you’d have to figure out another way to get to your destination.

Finally, you’d be wondering if it’s possible to have a hack on your Lime scooter

Can You Hack a Scooter?

With all of my research, I dare to tell you that nobody is capable of hacking your Lime scooter. Before attempting to hack a scooter, you’d have to pay an unlocking fee.

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And, as a rider, you’ll always need to sign up for the scooter charging while earning money simultaneously. 

Hence, you wouldn’t be able to hack into just any account and ride it. 

How Much Does It Cost to Unlock a Lime Scooter?

Usually, it doesn’t cost so much to unlock a Lime scooter. Moving on, the standard price it’d cost you to unlock your scooter is around $2 or 2 euros monthly.

However, Lime doesn’t charge an unlock fee everywhere it’s available, which means that while some cities would charge, others won’t.

Also, there seems to be a variable rate that counts every minute but also depends on your location. Also, this rate was initially $0.2 every minute but is now at $0.4 per minute.

Moving on, you won’t see this rate on the Lime website but rather in the Lime app on your phone.

However, since the Lime scooter’s unlock fee differs with location, simply download the app and input your payment details.

So, when in the app, you must locate your scooter and scan your QR code. This process would unlock your scooter and display the total and the per-minute price while you ride.

Can a Lime Scooter GPS Tracker Be Detected?

The GPS monitor enables you to detect the Lime scooter no matter how far or close enough you are to it. Also, the GPS tracker enables you to connect with a Lime scooter easily.

What’s more, cities can now build appropriate bike lanes only from the ability to track Lime scooters. 

Also, to track a Lime scooter, you must install the Lime app and open it. So, after opening the app, check the map screen and see the scooters to track.


Owning a scooter that comes with GPS monitoring can be both exciting and annoying.

However, these experiences occur separately and can determine how you feel about the GPS at different times.

Anyhow, it’s proper to get your facts straight to help determine why you’d need to remove the GPS from your scooter.

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