Lime-S Generation 2 (Things You Must Know)

The Lime scooter is a rentable three-wheeled bike that is very suitable and safe. This scooter has different models with improved features. This article will discuss the Lime-s scooter generation 2.

Lime-s Gen 2 scooter is one of the fastest models that Lime has. This scooter can travel for a long time at a fast speed when you charge it fully. In addition, this is an improved model from the previous one that is much more user-friendly and difficult to hack.

Lime-S Gen 2 Scooter Specs

Lime-S Generation

The Lime-s Gen 2 scooter can climb up to 15% (6.75°), and the maximum weight this scooter can accommodate is 220.46 lbs.

In addition, the Lime-s Gen 2 scooter has a battery size of 36V 9.6 Ah (345 Wh) made from Lithium-ion. This battery charges for over six hours before it reaches 100%. 

The lime-s Gen electric scooter possesses an ultimate range of 22 km (13.7 miles) and weighs 17kg (37.47Ib).

The lime-s Gen motor consists of a minor power of 250 that possesses a front-wheel-drive suitable for the highway.

The wheels of this scooter come from hard rubber tires, which give a smooth ride on Asphalt or flat pavement. 

You can’t fold a Lime-s Gen 2 scooter because its dimension is not flexible for folding. So instead, you have to use the scooter and the lime app together.

To use them together, start by doing the steps below:

  • Go to your apple store or play store to download the Lime app
  • Register a new account if you don’t have a lime app account, and make sure you include your email. But if you have an account already, connect your email to it. To add your email account, tap the Menu icon and Settings.
  • Check your purchase confirmation email if you find it hard to connect your scooter to your lime account. This email contains the registration link. You can also visit the Lime website for more instructions.
  • Then go to your scooter, and turn on the Green center console unit (CCU). To activate this, rub the magnetic hook for 15 to 20 seconds at the CCU front. The CCU will ring when it activates.
  • Log in to the Lime account on your phone
  •  Press the My Lime icon
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If you don’t see the Icon, check if you verify your email on the account. After verifying, contact the Customer Support Team if you don’t see the menu.

How Fast Does a Lime-s Gen 2 Scooter Go?

How fast a Lime Gen 2 scooter can go depends on the pace you ride your vehicle. Riding your scooter at a regular speed will last longer than riding it at a higher speed.

The Lime-s Gen 2 electric scooter can travel about 14 miles at a speed of 22.5 km/h. Therefore, the maximum speed of this scooter is 15 mph or 24 km/h.

Though an improved model, this scooter is best for short-distance rides; therefore, ensure not to exceed the maximum recommended speed.

2nd Gen Lime Scooter Motherboard

A Gen Lime scooter motherboard system is one of the most important parts of a scooter. It contains the vehicle brain.

This part sends information to the other part of the vehicle. The motherboard is responsible for gathering information from the Lime Gen motor, the battery, the throttle, and the electric brakes.

The Lime Gen motor is a chain-propelled motor mounted outside the wheel.

Immediately you tap the throttle, you are telling the motherboard that it’s alright to continue moving at your current speed. To go slow, push your throttle a little, and to go fast, push it down. 

After your push, the motherboard opens the overflow gates that hold the battery power. The battery power travels through a cable set to the motor.

The motor and the battery energy get information on how fast they should revolve.

The motherboard also tells the Lime Gen motor and battery energy the exact velocity to move to achieve the speed the rider chooses by pressing the throttle.

Do not ride your scooter under wet conditions for your motherboard to function well.

Always carry out a safety inspection on all your Lime electric scooter parts. The parts to carry out the inspection are:

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#1. Hand brakes:

Roll your vehicle to the front and the back. Squeeze the brake level when you are rolling. When you are testing the hand brake, the back wheel must not twirl.

#2. Throttles:  

Push the throttle down with more pressure. After releasing the pressure, check if the spring returns to its normal place.

#3. Damage:

Look at the rim, body, handlebars, and baseboards. Check for any sign of damage in them.

#4. Steering:

Rotate the handbags left and right, to ensure the steering functions well.

#5. Lights:

Ensure the scooter lights at the front and back are on. These lights come on immediately after you unlock your bike with the app.

#6. Wheels:

Ensure the wheels are in good condition.

#7. Screws:

Ensure you tighten the screw to its base well.

#8. Error Code:

Search the Lime electric scooter display for the error code. If you see an error code different from the 02E, contact customer support. 

How to Create your New Lime-S 2 Scooter Working at 40km/h Speed?

To upgrade your Lime-s scooter, follow the steps below;

  1. Remove the scooter controller, display, and other garbage.
  2. Purchase a scooter motor controller with 350 watts. A controller must have a display regulator.
  3. Trim the original cables from the controller so you can use them in the hall detector wire of the motor.
  4. Attach all the wires you disconnect from the motor, original scooter throttle button, light, and so on. To connect the wires without making mistakes, use this diagram. The only cables you should reconnect are:
  • The three motor phase cable
  • Five wires from the motor hall sensor
  • The battery positive and negative wires. Ensure you use the original connector from the regulator to attach it to the battery.
  • The display connection
  • The accelerator 

Note that the light controller output is 36V, so you need a step-down converter that will come from 36 to 4.5 Volts.

  1. Get a suitable box that will contain all the wires.
  2. Adjust the controller to boost maximum speed. To boost the speed, you need to rectify the internal shunt in the PCB by replacing it with a thicker shunt. This modification will improve the speed of the three-wheel, up to 40km/h.
  3. Close all the controllers and wires inside the box.
  4. Set the display parameters on your Lime Gen motor controller by pressing + and bottom for 3 seconds to enter the parameters setting. Then choose the following;
  • Parameter 1=2 represents the brightness category of the display 
  • Parameter 2= 0 represents km/h and 1 stand for mp/ h
  • Parameter 3= 36V that is the voltage of the battery
  • Parameter 4= 0 stands for the sleeping time
  • Parameter 5= 0 shows the no power assist mode
  • Parameter 6= 8, which is the wheels inch 
  • Parameter 7= 30 stands for the number of the magnets 
  • Parameter 8= 100 is the maximum speed 
  • Parameter 9= 0 represents the zero beginning 
  • Parameter 10= 1 shows the maximum power when you start
  • Parameter 11= 24 is the boost sensitivity 
  • Parameter 12= 5 shows the highest boost strength
  • Parameter 13= 5 indicates the type of magnetic steel disc present 
  • Parameter 14= 20 shows the absolute motor ampere
  • Parameter 15= 29  reveals the lowest voltage your scooter permits
  • Parameter 16 clears recording made by the speedometer 
  • Parameter 17= 0 means no cruise control
  • Parameter 18= 100 shows the display speed is 100%
  • Parameter 19= 1 reveals that you did not enable the gear
  • Parameter 20= 0 shows the Protocol is N°2
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Then on display, use the + button to fix the throttle to 2 or 3. When you fix it to 3 you have set the speed to be 45 km/h. Your scooter is now very fast for you to ride.

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Anytime you need to transport yourself to a place that is not walkable, or you just want to lose some weight or have fun outside, use the Lime-s scooter. 

Since this article has highlighted all you need to know about a Lime-s Gen 2 scooter, read through it. Then, enjoy yourself riding your scooter.

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