Lime-s Generation 1 (Must Know Things)

The emergence of scooters has made transportation easy for most commuters. Commuters can now easily cover long distances within a few minutes with the help of a scooter.

The lime electric scooter comes in different dimensions and from different manufacturers.

But in this article, the major focus is on the Lime-s generation 1 scooter. Here is everything you need to know about it.

The Lime generation scooter is the first generation of scooter produced by the Lime transportation company. It is fast and can cover a long distance in a few minutes. For this reason, it is ideal for trips that may be considered too long to walk or too short for boarding a taxi.

Lime-s Generation 1 Specs

Lime-s Generation 1

The Lime generation scooter has a lot of amazing components, appropriately put in place for you to experience incredible fun while riding to your desired destination. 

The table below shows all the specifications of the lime electric scooters and their full details.

Here are the different components and their information.

SpeedMax.  of 25km/hr
DistanceMax. 45 kilometers
Battery type and sizeLithium-ion battery with size 36v 5.2Ah
Charging time7 hours
Tyre materialHard rubber
TerrainAsphalt pavement
Climb angle15%
Drive mode optionsEco, Sport, and Drive

The table above lists the major specifications of the Lime-s generation 1 scooter. However, here are more specifications of the lime electric scooter. 

The Lime scooter also has an overheating circuit that prevents it from overcurrent and overcharging.

These systems are put in place to manage, protect and elongate the battery lifespan and keep it safe for use.

Also, the lime electric scooter only has a spring suspension system at the front. The rear part of the lime electric scooter doesn’t have a suspension system.

Another part of the electric lime scooter is the motor. The motor drive system has a nominal power of 250 W and a maximum power of 250 W.

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The wheels of the scooter also vary in height. The front wheel has a slightly higher height than the rear.

The front wheel is about 8 inches high, while the rear is 7.5 inches high. This height is to keep the device balanced and convenient for the riders.

The front wheel works on a regeneration kinetic energy system for the brake system, while the rear seat has a mechanical foot fender brake.

Other awesome features include a smartphone app with Bluetooth or iOS connectivity, cruise control, and front Led lights.

It also has a LED display screen that keeps you informed about the state of your battery and the speed and mode the scooter is riding on per time.

How Fast Does a Lime-s Generation 1 Scooter Go?

The Lime-s Generation 1 has a maximum speed of 25km/hr, which can cover up to 45 kilometers when the battery is fully charged and in perfect condition. 

This speed is the maximum speed the scooter can run per time. However, the weight of the driver determines the speed and how fast the scooter can run. 

For the lime electric scooter to cover a long distance in a few hours, the driver must weigh at most 100kg, equivalent to 220.46 Ibs; otherwise, the vehicle will only run slowly.

Any weight more than this will retard the scooter’s speed, resulting in a slow movement.

Another factor that can retard the speed of the scooter is the terrain on which you’re driving the scooter.

The suitable terrain for riding a lime generation scooter is flat pavement. The scooter can only function properly and run fast only when you’re riding the lime scooter on asphalt pavement. 

Nevertheless, the steepness must be minimal if you drive on a hilly road. The reason is that the scooter has a maximum climb angle of 15%.

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So, going uphill at an angle higher than this will decrease the scooter’s speed.

How Long Does Lime-s Generation 1 Last?

The Lime-s generation 1 has a 36v 5.6Ah battery which takes about 7 hours to charge. When fully charged, the charged lime scooter can last for a whole day. 

The lime generation scooter doesn’t run at night because it is at this time the juicers collect them and take them out for charging.

The juicer takes up the lime generation scooter at a designated time at sunset to charge them all through the night.

After charging, the juicer will place the charge lime scooter at a specific scooter hub, where they are made available for those riding a scooter.

Lime-s Generation 1 Weight?

The lime generation scooter has a maximum weight of 14kg. The vehicle’s light weight makes maneuvering off the lime electric scooter easy and fun.

And because it is light and easy to ride on, anybody can ride on it. Teens, young adults, and aged individuals can ride.

However, the recommendable age to ride the scooter is 14 years and above. Children younger than this age are not permitted to use the lime generation scooter for safety reasons.

So, only young people who can handle the technicality of the lime electric scooter can ride on it.

How Good is Lime-s Generation 1?

The Lime-s generation is great for commuters who are always on the go. It is less expensive than taxis and other means of transportation.

It is also very fast as it can cover a long distance in a few minutes. Here is the necessary information you need to know about riding a lime scooter.

  • Download the Lime electric generation app using your smartphone.
  • Click on the ‘scan to ride’ options on your scooter’s LED screen. Scan by positioning your camera over the QR code.
  • Scan your ID card as requested and fill up your payment information. Your ID card is required to confirm your age and that you’re up to the appropriate age for riding the lime scooter.
  • Listen up for the chirp to verify the information you input. This chirp can take up to 30 seconds or more. Ensure to stay patient while still processing.
  • Scanning unlocks the scooter and gives you access to it. If you attempt riding before the instruction says so, the scooter company could lock the scooter wheels.
  • Get your safety helmet. The helmet is necessary when riding on a scooter. The reason is that scooters run at high speed, which may be dangerous to ride on without a safety helmet.
  • Once the chirp sound comes up, you’re ready to ride. Place one foot on the ground and the other on the scooter. And with the foot on the ground, you push forward three times to enable the electric motor to kickstart.
  • Pull the throttle at the handlebar to keep the electric motor in motion.
  • Begin the trip on the app. 
  • After riding, you can also end the app by parking the vehicle in a safe location, locking it, and then ending the ride through the app. 
  • You must ensure to park the scooter responsible as any irresponsible parking will incur a fine from the scooter company.
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Note that you should only attempt locking the scooter if you’re running a quick shop or need to do something urgently.

The reason is that when you lock the device, no other person can access it, and it will continue to increase charges on your account.


The Lime-s generation 1 is a front-wheel drive scooter made to ease commuters of short-distance journeys.

It is lightweight, easy to ride, and makes trips fun-filled. For these reasons and more, they are ideal and great for commuters.

However, they are not limited to commuters alone. Anybody can use them.

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