Kingsong S18 Problems (3 Common Problems)

Knowing all you can about it is ideal whether you are planning to buy a product or already have one. This practice is essential when buying an electrical product like the Kingsong S18.

You will want to know the specifications, the advantage of owning one, and how it compares to other products.

But, above all, you will want to know the problems you will likely encounter.

Some major problems of the Kingsong S18 are the fragile body parts, which come off easily, and the estimated 1100Wh battery capacity. Another problem with this unicycle is the range and speed, which tops at 45 to 50 miles and 31 miles per hour, respectively. How problematic these features may be, depends mainly on your tastes and expectations.

This article will give you a comprehensive breakdown of the Kingsong S18 problems, what other customers have to say, and all you need to know about it.

What Are the Problems With the Kingsong S18?

Kingsong S18 Problems

The significant problems with the Kingsong S18 are threefold: the body parts, speed and range, and battery capacity.

#1. Body Parts

Most parts of the Kingsong S18 are made of hard plastic and rubber. While this gives the unicycle its lightweight feature, it is also unsuitable for intense off-road riding.

The panels will break more easily in a crash, and the paddings are more likely to come off sooner than in other unicycles.

If this unicycle gets wet, it can also affect the screws and bolts. They are prone to rust, becoming stiff, and, therefore, difficult to adjust.

This screw difficulty is a problem because one of the critical features of the S18 is the adjustable height which you do by changing the screw positions. How Do I Replace a Kingsong S18 Tire?

#2. Speed and Range

The S18 has a top speed of 31 miles per hour and a maximum potential range of 50 miles. 

These are low values compared to some unicycles with 35 miles per hour speed and 60 miles estimated range.

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The Kingsong S18 values make it unsuitable for going long distances or racing, as it will power off once you exceed this speed.

If you attempt a higher speed, the wheel might disconnect from the app, which signals an emergency state.

This emergency state leads to a total shutdown; sometimes, it may not come on immediately or even after charging for some time.

#3. Battery Capacity

This unicycle has an estimated battery capacity of 1100Wh. Unfortunately, this means the machine is more prone to battery sags, especially if you do many battery-tasking accelerations.

The battery capacity is lower if you are a heavy rider, as it increases the pressure on the wheel. And constant battery drain plays a vital role in the machine’s longevity.

Also, as you use the unicycle and the battery percentage and capacity reduce, the maximum speed reduces.

What Are Customers Saying About the Kingsong S18?

Customer reviews usually vary depending on the person’s preferences, riding habits, and residential area.

Some aspects of customer’s Kingsong S18 reviews focus on:

#1. Suspension

Most riders agree that the Kingsong S18’s suspension, especially in newer batches, makes the ride smooth and enjoyable.

Both the hard and soft suspension settings always allow for a pleasant ride.

#2. Wheel Padding

Some people have also noted that, even though the grooves on the wheel provide a better grip, they need more padding.

This lack of padding causes soreness, especially after riding for a long time.

#3. Residential Terrain

While the suspension on this machine is one of the best, you will not enjoy riding on all terrain types.

Cracked paths or bumpy off-roads will cause the alarm to start beeping. Sometimes the machine might go off entirely depending on the gravity of the bump.

#4. Carrier Handles

Most unicycle handles have a flip mechanism that makes them easy to carry. The S18 handle requires an extra step to pull up or push down.

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This handle style is a minor turn-off, and if you are already used to other handle types, it may take a while to adopt this change.

#5. Battery

The small battery on this wheel is a problem for most riders, especially if you like long rides, but it only takes about 6 hours to charge fully.

#6. Stunts And Maneuvers

Riders who carry out stunts and maneuvers agree that you cannot use the S18 for extreme activities, like climbing steep mountain bike trails.

In an attempt, the wheel either beeps emergency warning signals or shuts down entirely.

#7. Riders’ Weight

With a maximum weight of 120kg, the Kingsong S18 does not support heavy riders.

The heavier the riders, the greater the battery drain, and eventually, the system becomes overpowered.

Therefore, it is unsuitable for adventurous customers but perfect for riders who must commute to work or the grocery shop.

Customers who cover short distances on smooth roads within the speed limits enjoy the Kingsong S18.

Is Kingsong S18 a Good Purchase in 2023?

Determining if the Kingsong S18 is a good purchase in 2023 depends on your preferences. Kingsong does its best to refine its specification in every production batch.

The general specifications are in the table below.

Weight30.6 kg
Wheel size18 inches
Max Load Weight120 kg
Charging time6 hours
Maximum Climbing Angle35ᵒ
Maximum Range50 miles
Maximum Speed31 miles per hour

 While these are the main features of this wheel, there are other specifications you have to consider.

This machine is one of the lightest wheels in the market, compared to some wheels that weigh well over 30 kilograms.

Additionally, this wheel is one of the cheapest in the market compared to others with more upgraded features like battery capacity.

Another feature most riders consider is the height of the pedals, which are high off the ground, making it less likely for the wheel to bump into other objects while riding.

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Finally, this wheel is one of the easiest to learn and manage, especially if you are a newbie to unicycles.

How Long Does Kingsong S18 Last?

The average lifespan of an electric unicycle ranges between 5000 to 6000 miles. This range varies from one unicycle to the next and depends mainly on how you maintain the battery.

Below are some factors that can affect the longevity of your Kingsong S18.

#1. Rider Weight

The heavier the rider’s weight, the more strain it places on the battery system. This strain eventually compromises the battery capacity and leads to a faster decline.

#2. Using the Battery at a Low Percentage

When your wheel signals that the battery is at a low percentage, it is best to stop using it until you can charge it.

When the battery falls low to 30%, the maximum speed the S18 can go reduces too. If you continue riding until the battery gets to 5%, your device will sound an alarm.

You should avoid using your S18 until it dies, as this action can overpower your battery system and lead to a decline in longevity.

#3. Ignoring Alarms While Riding

Four different alarm notifications that can strain the battery are:

  • Low Battery Alarm which goes off when your battery falls to 5%
  • The speeding Alarm goes off three times – at 18 km/h, 19 km/h, and 20 km/h, respectively. 
  • Constantly exceeding the speed limit will gradually lead to a decline in battery life.
  • The voltage Alarm increases when you accelerate at a higher speed and has the same effects as the speeding alarm.
  • A heating Alarm is an excessive increase in speed and voltage that will heat the system and overpower the battery.

When these alarms start, you should slow down or stop riding immediately.


The good news about the Kingsong S18 is the company keeps refining the problem areas in every batch. So, the latest batches are more upgraded than the original batch.

And despite the problems with the body parts, battery capacity, speed, and range, the Kingsong S18 is an excellent electric unicycle for commuters.

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