Kingsong 16x Firmware! (Things You Must Know)

With the increasing urban population, alternative means of transportation other than cars and buses are becoming increasingly popular.

This development has made bikes, tricycles, bicycles, unicycles, and scooters popular in most cities worldwide.

Asides from the ease of maneuvering through the city with a unicycle, it offers comfort and high efficiency.

The Kingson 16x Firmware is one of the most popular and reliable brands that offer high-quality unicycles. One of the updates of the Kingson 16x firmware that people love most is its range of performance. Although the Kingson 16x is a new unicycle industry, it has become one of the highly bought brands of unicycles.

What Is Kingsong 16x Firmware?

Kingsong 16x Firmware

Kingsong 16x firmware is a brand of unicycles made up of a set of software that aids its operation.

Kingsong electric unicycle company designed the 16x model to tackle the issue of gridlock due to increased car usage.

Notwithstanding, it has features that offer high performance and comfort, making it a famous brand of unicycles.

A Kingsong 16x is shaped like a shell and constructed symmetrically through the wheel. The structure also extends to its handle.

The Kingsong 16x firmware is designed specifically for improved performance and better range. 

The Kingsong 16x is the apex product of the Kingsong company, and it has put the company in the limelight.

The quality and performance of any product or brand give it an edge over others of its kind. And Kingsong electric unicycle has made a name in the unicycle industry. 

Kingsong 16x Firmware Updates

Kingsong releases updates of its 16x firmware over time. Each version of Kingsong electric 16x firmware comes with software and hardware upgrades.

They ensure a smoother ride experience and fix the previous unicycle’s shortcomings. Therefore I highly recommend you update the Kingsong Firmware.

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It has become easy to update the Kingsong 16x Firmware because of its mobile application. You will get notifications about any updates that you need.

If you are using an android phone, you can get the Kingsong mobile application from the Google play store and the apple store if you’re using an iPhone. 

You can also control many things with the Kingsong mobile application. Below is a list of things you can do on your Kingsong 16x with your phone;

  • You can monitor the distance your unicycle covers per hour.
  • You can alter the speed settings of your device and adjust some other settings to your favor.
  • You can control the lighting of the unicycle.
  • Most importantly, you can carry out a firmware Kingsong update with your mobile or apple device.

Kingsong 16x Firmware Cost

Kingsong electric 16x firmware costs between 2000 USD and 3000 USD, depending on your location.

It is a fair price for the 16x Kingsong Firmware as a new and robust Kingsong unicycle. Other kinds of unicycles do not cost up to $1000.

However, electric unicycles cost over that price because of their variety of performance.

What would you expect from a brand on a different level? More, I guess. The case is similar to the cost of a Kingsong 16x unicycle.

Moreover, the Kingsong company offers higher performance, unlike other brands of unicycles

However, most unicycles are not electrical, so they are cheaper for much less than a thousand dollars.

On the other hand, the Kingsong 16x Firmware costs a lot because of its high-end components.

Newest Firmware Version for Kingsong 16x Model

The latest firmware Kingsong update is version 1.08, released two years ago.

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The version incorporates the hardware and software (firmware) features of the Kingsong 16x model. Kingsong modified a lot of things before he released the newest edition.

This new firmware version came with an overall improvement in performance. It also fazed out low features and increased them.

Below is a table representing the updated features of the newest firmware version of the Kingsong electric 16x unicycle.

FeaturesNew Value
Battery capacity1554Wh
Speed31m/ hour
Weight51.8 lbs
Range60 miles
Power2200 watt
Speed 31m/ hour
Load Capacity300 lbs
Tire size16 by 3 inches
Pedal size9.5 inches

The most recognized updated features are:

  • The range
  • The load capacity 
  • Tire size 
  • Pedal size 
  • Battery capacity

#1. Range

There is a significant upgrade in the range the Kingsong 16x unicycle can cover.

Therefore, taking your unicycle past the former set limit is now possible. The range a Kingsong 16x unicycle can cover is 60 miles.

#2. Load Capacity

The load capacity is the most fantastic upgrade of a Kingsong electric 16x unicycle. It can carry 300 lbs worth of weight.

So, a person’s weight would no longer be a big issue when riding a unicycle. It is because it can fit almost everybody’s weight.

#3. Tire Size

The Kingsong upgrade saw the need to modify the size of the tires. The tires are now larger than they were to keep up with the new load capacity of the unicycle. The new size of the tire is 16 by 3 inches.

#4. Pedal Size

The pedal size is a significant factor to consider when it comes to comfort. An increase in the size of the pedal helps to ensure balance.

It also supports the load capacity and the tire size. So, we can say the three features of load capacity, tire size, and pedal size work in handy. The new pedal size is 19.5

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#5. Battery Capacity

Of course, Kingsong will update the unicycle’s battery capacity. However, It is an outstanding lithium-ion battery that Kingsong uses in the new version of the Firmware.

Ks-16x Firmware History

The Ks Firmware model was designed six (6) years ago in 2015 by Kingsong company.

This design is a breakthrough in the history of Kingsong electric unicycles. The entirety of Ks-16x Firmware is top-notch, and the physical features are also on a different level.

So, Kingsong users are happy about the design of the Kingsong electric unicycle.

Kingsong was initially working with Gotway; after some time, he broke out of the company and began making his unicycles.

The knowledge he got from Gotway is the spark he needed to begin his own company. Luckily, he could improve on that knowledge and build a better unicycle.

The journey of Kingsong began with the KS14c and b. Later on, Kingsong came up with the 18a, and it was a solid model. 

After that, he designed another model, the 16b, and did not stop there either. He released 14d, 14s, 16s, 18L, and XL consecutively.

All these releases took a swift and breakthrough turn when he unveiled the Kingsong electric 16x unicycle.

This unicycle model has an entirely different build, quality, and performance, and it was the model that helped Kingsong get more recognition.

It is the reason why Kingsong has the best electric unicycle review.


You might have seen several unicycles around your city a few times. Among these, the Kingsong electric 16x Firmware is the best electric unicycle in the market, and Kingsong users give good reviews about it.

Therefore, the Kingsong company keeps improving the 16x model with other updates.

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