Kingsong 16s VS 16x (In-Depth Comparison)

The kingsong 16s and the 16x are the new generations, top-of-the-line electric unicycle (EUC) from Kingsong.

They both offer extended riding range on a single charge, good cruising speeds, and sport very powerful electrical motors. 

You might be new to the EUC market and not know the EUC that will fit your needs.

Do not worry; in this article, I will compare the differences between the Kingsong 16s and the 16x.

The Kingsong 16s is more of an intermediate-level EUC compared to the 16x. The 16x boasts a higher watt electric motor, has bigger batteries, and travels for longer distances. But this doesn’t mean the 16s is the lesser unicycle. The 16s has a better learning curve than the 16x and is cheaper.

What is Kingsong 16s?

Kingsong 16s VS 16x

The Kingsong 16s was Kingsong top-of-the-line intermediate EUC in 2017. Kingsong has done many revisions and upgrades to the present 16s, giving it a higher motor and upgrades to its maximum cruising speed. 

The Kingsong 16s has a minimalist design, with smaller drive wheels and smaller mass.

The kingsong 16s weigh just 38 lbs, making them light enough to carry up inclines or stairs. But heavy enough to project a feeling of stability and safety. 

Here is a basic description of the features of the kingsong 16s. 

#1. Key Specs

  • Top speed ~22 mph
  • Range of ~35 – 40 mi 
  • Powerful 1200-watt motor
  • 640/840Wh battery
  • Retractable handle
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • 16″ tire
  • Front and rear lights
  • Customizable indicator lights

#1. Top Speed

The kingsong 16s is a formidable EUC that can easily handle recreational and sporty riding and travel long distances.

It can accelerate to speeds up to 22 mph and climb hills effectively. The ks-16s can be used as a daily driver to and fro your workplace or as a last-distance commute. 

#2. Handling

It has a 16″ tire that can handle small bumps and a bit of dirt path riding. It has a retractable handle that you can use to pull it around like a suitcase.

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You can use the handle in malls, eateries, and places you cannot ride inside. But it is not advisable to ride it in heavy rain or snowy conditions. 

#3. Battery and Range

Its 840Wh battery takes 6.5 hours to fill up with the standard charger. But you can buy an aftermarket 5A charger to charge the battery in a shorter time.

The ks-16s only ship in matte black colors, but you can purchase a custom cover that suits your taste. These covers provide better protection against scratches and falls.

What is Kingsong 16x

The kingsong 16x is the latest and possibly last EUC of the ks-16 series. It has a 2200-watt motor that can produce up to 4200-watt peak power.

The KS-16x has the best technical specifications of all the KS-16 series, and it’s a great choice for seasoned EUC riders. Let’s go over the features of the KS-16X 

#1. Key Specs

  • Top speed ~31 mph.
  • Range ~65 mi.
  • 2200-watt motor, with up to 4200-watt peak power.
  • 1554Wh battery.
  • 4x surround speakers and 20 watts subwoofer.
  • 16″×3 tires.
  • Up to 300lb carrying capacity.
  • Wide 9.5-inch pedals.

#1. Top Speed

The KS-16x has a top speed of 31 mph, faster than many traditional EUCs on the market.

That means you can safely match the average traffic speed on public roads without worrying about riding too slowly. Speeds like this are perfect for extreme riding and sporting activities.

#2. Handling

EUCs with large motors and battery sizes normally have poor handling and braking power, but the KS-16x is surprisingly agile.

It has a slimmer horizontal cross-section and 16″×3 oval tires, enhancing its ability to steer and handle corners.

#3. Battery and Range

The KS-16x has a 1554Wh battery that allows it to travel for distances up to 60 miles on a single charge.

Its 1554Wh battery can take up to 13 hours to charge on the basic charger. But you can opt for a 5A charger to charge it fully within 5 hours.

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Kingsong 16s vs 16x Price

The KS-16x is the bigger brother of the 16s, and the 16x has a larger battery pack, bigger motor, and better-inbuilt functionality.

All these upgrades mean the KS-16x is more expensive to produce and ultimately costs higher than the KS-16s.

#. KS-16s price

The starting price of the KS-16s is $1,350. While this isn’t cheap compared to other EUCs in this class, the KS-16s offer many features not found on other wheels.

#2. KS-16x price

The ks-16x is one of the best electric scooters you can purchase. The KS-16x retails at a starting price of $2,089.

It’s a bit on the high side, but you will surely get your money’s worth from this unicycle.

Which is Better, Kingsong 16s vs Kingsong 16x?

The KS-16s and the ks-16x are two good Kingsong electric scooters in their own right. They offer a good range and a comfortable riding experience without compromising too much.

At a glance, it might not be apparent which is the better electric scooter, but there are differences between the models.

Here is a table comparing the specifications of the KS-16s and the ks-16x.

Particulars Kingsong 16sKingsong 16x
Release date20172019
Maximum Speed~22 mph~31 mph
Motor rating1200 watt2200 watt
Battery rating840Wh1554Wg
Range~35 mil~65 mil
Maximum carry weight250lb300lb

The table above shows that the KS-16x beats the ks-16s in every area except price and weight.

But this is expected due to the larger wheel and the heavier battery pack in the KS-16x.

#1. Overall Winner

The winner is the KS-16x, which has proved to be the better electric scooter, providing a better range, a higher watt motor, and a higher top speed. It is only affected by its heavier weight and higher retail price.

Which is Good For Starter Wheel, Kingsong 16s vs Kingsong 16x?

The KS-16s and the ks-16x are two good unicycles that anyone can easily learn.

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They are not too heavy, and they have good handling. But ultimately, the unicycle that is good for new riders is the kingsong-16s. 

The kingsong-16s is a light and highly maneuverable electric scooter. Its weight makes it easier for learners to balance and steer the unicycle.

The KS-16s also come with a speed limiter that limits the speed to 10 mph for the first 10 miles of riding.

The ks-16s cost just $1,350. This price is more than $750 cheaper than the KS-16x. It is also lighter, so beginners can carry it around easily.

Kingsong 16s vs Kingsong 16x, Range, Seat, and Battery

Here we will compare the range, seating position, and battery life of the KS-16s and the ks-16x.

While both unicycles are beasts of a machine, there are subtle differences between them. Without further waiting, let’s get into it.

#1. Range

The CS-16s have a maximum range of 35 miles on a single charge. In comparison, the KS-16x maxes out at almost 65 miles. The KS-16x has the better range of the two unicycles.

#2. Seat

The KS-16s and the ks-16x do not have an actual seat you can sit on for long distances, so you must buy an aftermarket seat if you plan on riding in a seated position.

You can purchase seats for your KS-16s here and the KS-16x here.

#3. Battery

The KS-16s uses a 67.2v 840Wh battery that allows it to travel up to 35 miles on a single charge.

In comparison, the KS-16x uses an 84v 1554Wh that allows it to go up to 65 miles on a full charge.

Based on this comparison, we can conclude that the KS-16x has the better battery life of the two unicycles.


The KS-16s and the ks-16x are two good unicycles in the EUC space. The KS-16s is a good unicycle for newbies.

It is cheap and light. In contrast, the KS-16x is a unicycle oriented toward seasoned riders and pros. 

It has a bigger motor and better battery life. Ultimately it would be best to do a good survey before choosing a unicycle to buy.

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