The KingSong 16S Top Speed (Must Know Things!)

Are you thinking about getting the KingSong 16S but aren’t sure of the level of speed it’d offer you?

Do you wonder if it’s possible to modify the speed of this electric unicycle to what you want? This article will help answer all your questions about the KingSong 16X.

KingSong 16S has a top speed of approximately 22mph and can run a maximum range of 40miles. Your decision on the amount of speed depends on the location you live in and the rules guarding speeds on the road. To ride your KingSong 16S on a top speed of 22mph, you’ll need to modify its settings on the KingSong App.       

What Is Top Speed for KingSong 16s?

The KingSong 16S Top Speed

The top speed your KingSong 16S can run depends on your settings in the KingSong app.

That’s because when you get this electric unicycle, it comes with a recommendation that tells you not to go beyond 12mph.

So, it’ll tilt back and give beeping sounds when you try riding more than 12mph without modifying the top speed settings.

When you buy your KingSong electric unicycle, I’d advise that you download the app on your smartphone.

After installing the KingSong app, change the top speed settings and switch off the beep sound.

You can set the speed at your desired level so it doesn’t tilt back whenever you try hitting that level.

Certain factors can affect the level of top speed that you can ride on your KingSong electric unicycle.

Rider’s weightThe level of top speed you can ride your KingSong 16S depends on your weight. The electric unicycle can hold a maximum of 150kg, so you’ll need to weigh less than that to hit a top speed. If you’re more than 150kg, you’ll not have balance and stability when you ride on the KingSong 16S electric unicycle.
BatteryWith a full battery, you can go on a high speed; however, low battery life won’t give you that privilege. That’s because you need the unicycle to be at full capacity before you can ride a high speed. 
TerrainIf the road where you’re always riding your KingSong 16S is bad, you won’t know what top speed you’ll be able to reach. However, a smooth terrain will let you go as far and fast as you desire without the fear of bumps.
Smartphone App Settings The first thing you must do after buying your unicycle is to link it up with your smartphone. You can do that with the KingSong app. With that feature in place, you’d get to pick the highest speed you want to ride without the unicycle back-tilting.

How to Know the Top Speed of KingSong 16s?

The top speed of the KingSong unicycle can be as low as 12mph and go as high as 35kmph.

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You must use the KingSong smartphone app to know the top speed. Without that app, your unicycle will only function at a particular speed and would back-tilt when you try accelerating faster.  

Without setting the top speed on the KingSong app, you’ll usually hear a warning sound to decelerate when you try speeding.

That sound is part of the safety warning system that ensures you ride safely.

However, if you set up the speed limit of the KingSong unicycle, you’ll set the safety alarm at a higher speed.

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KingSong 16s Top Safe Speed?

The KingSong 16S electric unicycle has a slower speed that isn’t close to the top speed.

The safe, top speed of the KingSong 16s is about 35kmph. To configure the speed of the electric unicycle to what you want, you’d have to go through the KingSong App.

If you decide to ride at a speed higher than the safe top speed, your electric unicycle will give a warning via a voice.

With the KS App, you can change the speed at which the safety warning system turns on to give the sound.

Also, you can configure the safety warning system to beep more than once when you ride at different speed levels.

The safety warning system is important because it keeps you in check so you don’t override and exceed your safe limit.

Now, I’ll show you the steps to change the speed limit of your KingSong 16S using the KS App on your smartphone.

#1. Get the KS App

You’d have to download and install the KingSong App on your smartphone. Switch on your KingSong 16S electric unicycle and ensure it’s ready to connect via Bluetooth.

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Log into the KS App and connect to the electric unicycle through Bluetooth.

#2. Device Setup

Enter the device setup on the app and click “speed limit decoding.” Next, you’d have to accept the terms and conditions.

After accepting the terms, you’ll see a serial number on display to copy. Launch your browser and search ” KingSong unlock.” 

Paste the serial number in the box and ensure to remove the dashes and replace them with colons.

Tap the unlock button; if it doesn’t work and shows you “failure,” try typing the serial number manually.

#3. Unlock Speed Limit

The last thing you’ll have to do after unlocking the speed limit is to set up the speed alarm of your KingSong unicycle.

There are classes one to three and an Ollie Speed limit. However, you must ensure to set up the right speed limit and stay safe while riding.

16s Top Speed Firmware Update?

In this section, I’ll show you how to update your top-speed Firmware on the KingSong 16S using the EUC World App.

However, you must note that upgrading to a newer version doesn’t mean you can’t downgrade to the older version if you choose to.

The importance of upgrading your electric unicycle is to check if there are better features for you in the new versions. 

Now let’s go over the steps to follow for you to upgrade your KS-16S Firmware.

  • Connect the EUC world app to your electric unicycle.
  • Click settings, then go to wheel settings.
  • Check to see the Firmware update in the Firmware section.
  • You’d find an available version for an update. Also, you’ll see an option there for a downgrade to a lower version.
  • Tap on the “Firmware update.” You see a notification indicating all the changes with this update.
  • Ensure to stay close to your wheels while the update is loading. You’ll notice the progress of the update on the LED lights of your wheels as they brighten progressively in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • When the update is over, the wheels will shut off to reboot automatically, but if it doesn’t, you’d have to shut it off yourself. Please switch it on after a while, and your wheels will be ready for a new adventure.
  • The next step is to calibrate your wheels to suit this update.
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Ks-16s Unlock Max Speed

To unlock the speed on your KingSong 16S, you’ll need to use the KS App on your smartphone. 

  • Log in to the KS App on your smartphone and connect to your electric unicycle via Bluetooth.
  • Go to the device set up and click on speed settings.
  • Adjust the speed to fit what you want, then click to confirm. Ensure that the speed you pick is higher than what it was previously.
  • When you finish, don’t log out of the app; leave the speed sliders on the screen because it’d take a while to activate the speed limit.

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The KS-16S electric unicycle can give a maximum top speed of 22mph. Going higher than that can pose a danger and would activate the safety warning system to beep and back-tilt.

However, you can go on the KingSong smartphone App to change the settings of the top speed you can ride.

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