King Song  14s vs. 16s (Our In-Depth Comparison)

The King Song 14s and 16s are excellent electric unicycles with unique features.

They have similar specifications, but a few attributes set them apart. This article will highlight each unicycle’s features and specifications and help you make a choice.

The King Song  14s is an electric unicycle and offers greater agility than the 16s. Learners will enjoy the 16s because they have better stability in different circumstances. The 16s offer more power and range than the 14s. 

What Is King Song 14s?

King Song  14s vs. 16s

The King Song 14s is an electric unicycle used for short outdoor trips. The traveling speed of this unicycle is 18.5 MPH, and it has an 800W motor.

It also features a control board with an output greater than 800W in small bursts. The 14s’ handle component is a thin but quite dense magnesium alloy steel.

#1. Pros of the King Song 14s

Let’s see the benefits this unicycle has to offer.

#1. Offers Comfort in Simple Design

This unicycle is fairly attractive with a durable retractable trolley handle.

This handle allows convenient wheeling in the most crowded places like pedestrian spaces. The King Song 14s come in white and black colors.

#2. Durability 

The King Song 14s unicycle has a well-designed wheel. It has an interior shell that adds structural support with an exterior shell strong enough to withstand hits.

Various parts of the 14s unicycle can continue working through years of everyday usage. 

#2. Cons of the King Song 14s

Here are the disadvantages of king song 14s.

#1. Low speed

The King Song 14s design doesn’t allow for speeds above 20 MPH. This unicycle, though, can travel over 18.6 MPH; King Song introduced electronic restrictions to the high speed.

If you like going fast, you’ll have to pick another unicycle.

#2. Weight Limit

There is a 2 mm dense axle with battery cells of 64 X 18650 improvement over the 14s predecessor.

Even with this increase in power, this unicycle will struggle with any load over 250 Lbs. 

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What Is King Song  16s?

The King Song 16s is an electric unicycle ridden for short trips. This unicycle offers great range and power; it is also stable and responds well.

The King Song is great for learners as it’s durable and has the necessary speed to improve your skills. 

Furthermore, this unicycle features a retractable trolley handle with a motor that supplies 1200W power.

The 16s is also equipped with programmable LED to improve visuals. You can find these LEDs on the wheel’s sides.

The colors of the King Song 16s are matte black and silver.

#1. Pros of the King Song 16s

Below is its advantage.

#1. Increased Speed

Since the King Song 16s has 1200W of power, it can travel over 22 MPH. You’ll experience a surer, responsive, and stable ride with the King Song 16s.

You can go places where other smaller wheels struggle to traverse.

#2. Cons of the King Song 16s

The King Song 16s is heavier and would be difficult to jump with over gutters and ditches.

It also requires effort to carry around when not in use or when the battery dies. Furthermore, the 16s are more expensive than the 14s.

King Song  14s Specs vs. King Song  16s

The following are the specifications of the King Song 14s and King Song 16s.

AreaKing Song 14SKing Song 16S
Rated speed20km/h20km/h
Top speed30km/h35km/h
Mileage680Wh ≈ 60km840Wh ≈ 80km680Wh ≈ 60km840Wh ≈ 80km
Climbing angleLess than or equal to 30°Less than or equal to 30°
Temperature14° F/ 140° F14° F/ 140° F
Maximum Upload100 – 150KG 100 – 150KG
Charger voltageInput AC 80 – 240V, Output DC 67.2V 2AInput AC 80 – 240V, Output DC 67.2V 2A
Charging time680Wh ≈ 5.8 hours840Wh ≈7 hours680Wh ≈ 5.8 hours840Wh ≈7 hours
Rated power800W1200W
Wheel size476 * 437 * 202mm590 * 495 * 180mm
Height from ground125mm120mm
Tire size14 inch16 inch
Net Weight680Wh 15.2kg840Wh 16.2kg680Wh 16.3kg840Wh 17.4kg

Below are some features found on the King Song 14s and King Song 16s unicycles.

  • Light sensor: Senses light intensity and lights up anytime it goes dark but stays off during the day.
  • BT/Speaker: Bluetooth allows users to access information on the app, including mileage and riding mode. You can also listen to music on the speakers.
  • Adjustable trolley bar: The trolley bar helps push the wheel instead of lifting it.
  • RGB light: Lights up when riding and signals the battery level of the unicycle.
  • Beeper and voice alert: This safety feature alerts the rider on over-voltage, low battery, and over-power.
  • Tiltback feature: The pedal tilts back when you’re moving fast, the unicycle has a low battery, or the temperature is high.
  • King Song Application: This app is compatible with android and IOS operating systems. It displays the speed, temperature of the control board, mileage, battery, and others.
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King Song  14s vs. 16s Price

The King Song 14s costs about $1,249 while the King Song 16s price is about $1,350. Both King Song electric unicycles have many features that warrant this cost. 

It is also important to maintain these unicycles. This way, you can get the best quality and value out of the cost and lessen the need for repairs.

Below are some maintenance practices.

  • It is not advisable to charge these unicycles with chargers besides the original.
  • Recharge the unicycles once every month to retain battery longevity. 
  • Keep the unicycle away from wet places.
  • Use the inflation hose when inflating the tire.

Battery, Range, Quality, Weight, and Design Comparison

Let’s compare both unicycles with certain metrics.

#1. Battery

The battery capacity of the King Song 14s and 16s is 680/840 Watt-hour.

The 680 Watt-hour will take about 5.8 hours to charge, while the 840 Watt-hour takes about 7 hours to complete charging. Both unicycles can use any of the batteries above.

#2. Range

The King Song 14s has a range of 25 – 30 miles. You can cruise at 18.6 MPH with the 14s.

King Song 16s, on the other hand, offers a range of 35 – 40 miles. The 1200W motor in the King Soft 14s is strong enough to take up to 40 miles at 22 MPH.

#3. Quality

The King Song 14s is a durable unicycle designed to move all over the city. The 14S wheel is simpler to handle when taking a break from riding and waiting at red lights.

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Even with a smaller wheel of 14 inches, the King Song 14s has similar capabilities with 16-inch or 18-inch wheels.

One of the main qualities of the King Song 16s is speed. Retractable trolley handles are well-designed from magnesium alloy steel and convenient for rolling the 14s around.

The 14s also weigh less than the 16s with a similar battery configuration. 

The 16s also has new pedals, an improved control board, and electronic switches with 350A max power.

Additional atmospheric LEDs are also on either side of the 16s’ wheel to increase vision.

#4. Weight

The King Song 14s weighs about 34 lbs. and can carry a weight of 220 lbs. Meanwhile, the King Song 16s weigh 38.5 lbs. and support 250 lbs.

#5. Design Comparison

The colors of the King Song 14s are black gloss and white, and they roll on a 14-inch tire. The King Song 16s comes in matte black and silver colors with a 16-inch tire.

You can balance on non-slip grip aluminum pedals on the 14s and 16s. The 16s, though, has a pad on either side of the unicycle for improved comfort.

Which Are Better King Song  14s and 16s?

Both King Song electric unicycles are great for riding in cities. The 14s’ lighter weight allows for versatile use but won’t travel far distances.

You are more agile on the 14s as it is an elegant machine. The 16s is heavier and more stable, and you can ride on more difficult terrain because of its larger tire. 

King Song 16s also offers more power, speed, and range than the 14s. Therefore, you have to weigh the specs of either unicycle and see which one fits your preference.

Choosing the better unicycle would depend on what you want from a unicycle.


The King Song 14s is a more agile machine than the 16s. Both unicycles share the same battery and retractable trolley handle.

If you want more speed, range, and power, the 16s are for you. You can buy the King Song 14s for about $1,249, while the King Song 16s price is about $1,350.

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