King Song S20 Range Test (Read This First)

The King Song S20 Unicycle, which the King Song renamed as King Song S22 after some updates, is now available on the market.

Compared to the previous models of unicycles, the S20 promises to be better.

First, however, as a user, you want to know its specifications and what sets it apart from its predecessors. 

You want to take your  King Song S20 on a spin and see how long it can go, like doing a range test.

When doing a range test for the King Song S20, it depends on the rider’s weight. If you are a heavy rider, you will cover less range than a light rider due to the battery consumption. However, with the S20, you can cover a range of 45 miles as a heavy rider with a 19-mile-per-hour average riding speed. 

In this article, I’ll explain how you can test the range of a King Song S20 electric unicycle, its specifications, and updates in the S20.

By the end of this article, you will know what to look out for in this unicycle and how far you can push it.

How Do You Test the Range of a King Song S20?  

King Song S20 Range Test

To test the range of a King Song S20, you have to check out some of its features on different terrains.

For example, ride your S20 on a bumpy, smooth road, and be creative with it. Also, consider your size when trying out your S20 unicycle; before starting your range test.

First, ensure you charge the battery of your S20 and decide on a trail you want to travel on. Like an acceleration test, this test determines how far your S20 wheels can go.

Another thing to look out for when doing your range test is the tire pressure. You can set the pressure to about 40psi, then start riding your S20.

You start a little slow and ease into it. For example, if you ride 15 miles, you can probably feel the wind on your face and go for a very long ride.

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If you go slowly on the wheels, you should still have more than enough battery power.

For example, a rider rides 30 miles, and after 2 hours, he still has 60% battery power left in his S20.

If you ride at a reasonable speed on a good road with a fully charged battery, you can cover a 70 miles range or more.

You should also note the wheel of the S20; it requires more input for direction from you than the previous King Song models.

Take note of how the S20 wheels feel beneath you while riding on different trail paths. 

Also, please take note of your battery consumption while on a trail; your S20 will beep to alert you when it’s low.

When this happens, and you continue on your path till you exhaust your battery, it will stop, and you can no longer ride it.

Consequently, the range you cover with your King Song S20 depends on factors like your weight, riding speed, trail, battery charge, etc.

How Have Users Reviewed the King Song S20?  

Different users have tested out the King Song S20 and given glowing reviews. Unfortunately, however, not only do they have positive reviews but also negative ones.

Here’s a review of the King Song S20 with its features. So you can know what to expect from the King Song S20.

Here are reviews from users according to these factors;

  • Durability.
  • Headlights.
  • Stock pads.
  • Suspension.
  • Range.
  • Sound.

#1. Durability

According to users, the S20 has a good-looking wheel and is comfortable to ride on.

However, this fine unicycle can break easily in some places when handled poorly because of its material.

Especially if it hits something, places like the plastic in the front bumper and the kickstand will break.

So in the durability aspect, King Song needs more work to improve the S20 unicycle.

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#2. Headlights

They have bright headlights in front of the S20, which you can adjust.

However, a user complained about the light being in an exposed area where it could easily be damaged.

#3. Stock Pads

Some users were uncomfortable with where the stock pads are on the S20 but got used to it. They ended up loving it, and if you don’t, you can remove it to add your pad.

#4. Suspension

The suspension of the King Song S20 is excellent, way better than its predecessors. Moreover, you can adjust the suspension on the S20 to get a smooth ride.

With the S20, you don’t get to feel the bump or potholes in the road while riding. The review on the S20 is that people enjoy a comfortable ride on it.

#5. Range

Some people complain about the range of the S20. That is because the range your S20 covers differs for different people based on different factors.

However, people find the range ok. Although King Song states that the range for this unicycle is 200km (124 miles), at a reasonable speed, your range can be 60mph or more.

Your range might be less than 60mph if you are a heavy rider or on the trail you are riding.

#6. Sound

Users say you can’t play music while riding the S20 except if you use a Bluetooth speaker. However, even when you aren’t playing music, you can still hear sounds from the S20.

The sounds you hear are from you going too hard on your S20, and it beeps to alert you of that. Also, if your battery is low, your S20 beeps.

What Are the Specifications of the King Song S20?  

If you want to know the specifications of your King Song S20, check the table below for it.

Battery.2200Wh with BMS.
Color.Available in red and black.
Maximum speed.70km per hour.
Available charging port input.2 (the extra to make charging faster.)
Brake lights.Available.
Night driving lights.Available.
Loudspeaker.Not available.
Pedals.Spiked pedals of 277x130mm.
Engine power.3300W.

What Are the Updates on the King Song S20? 

There are several updates King Song made on the S20, after which they renamed it S22. 

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Renaming it enables them to track the new electric unicycles and not mistakenly ship the old ones.

In addition, updates were made on the suspension, battery, charging, and much more.

After the release of the first batch release of the S22, there was an increase in the price. This increase was due to costs incurred during production.

On the S20, the suspension is better than the other suspensions of King Song. In addition, the suspension was updated and is far better than the S18, giving you a smooth ride.

Another update is the addition of smart BMS to the King Song S20. With this, you can monitor your S20 with your phone via the King Song app.

This feature is a significant upgrade from the previous models, as you can now check your battery health this way. You can know if your battery is faulty or low with this feature.

With the S20, there are updates in the hardware, such as the headlights, pedals, and power pads which you can adjust however you like.

That way, you can customize your S20 to suit you. This update gives you comfort, style, and flexibility.

An update to the King Song S20 is in the range; it doubles that of the S18. Also, as the battery drains, you can see it on display in front of the S20.

This model also updated the charging mode, as two charging inputs are available. Also, this model comes with a 5A charger which makes charging this model fast.


The King Song S20 is a great unicycle and looks fine. It can cover double the range of the S18, going as far as 100 miles, depending on how you ride it.

The S20 is an upgrade in the unicycles produced by King Song and is worth its price. However, be careful as some parts can easily damage.

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