King Song 18 XL Top Speed! (Must Know This)

Among all the best electric scooters, the King song 18xl is one of the best unicycles with almost all the features you need; speed, satisfaction, elegance, and lightweight.

Since the King song 18xl has improved performance, you might wonder what the top speed of this unicycle is.

King song 18xl top speed depends on the kilometers you cycled on the first ride and the total weight on the unicycle. The unicycle’s top speed ranges from 40 km/h to 31mph. You can also unlock faster speed.

What Is the Top Speed for King Song 18xl?

King Song 18 xl Top Speed

The King song 18xL has a top speed of 31 mph or 50km/h when you ride it for about 200 km the first time.

If you have not ridden it up to 200 km, the maximum speed is 40km/h. But if you want a faster speed, you must unlock the mobile App’s speeds. 

The King song company produces this electric unicycle for external sport and short-duration rides.

It has several improved performances that enable you to maintain a maximum speed range which includes:

#1. Improved Battery

The King song 18xl has a battery upgrade of 1554Wh that does not interfere with the body materially. It also contains 120 battery cells in its interior body structure. 

The King song battery cells are the Samsung 35E with a power rate of 3.5Ah and an output of 10A.

Combining all the battery cell output and capacity will generate sustained power up to 4320W. 

The King song electric unicycle increased cells deliver 50% more range than the king song 18l.

The six parallel packs run together to provide additional capacity at a lower charge state.

Thus, allowing the top speed of 31mph that the unicycle bike maintains to operate at a 25% charge level.

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The singsong 18 xl battery upgrade makes it one of the best king song electric unicycles with high performance.

#2. Enhanced trolley device 

King song has a retractable telescopic grip that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

This unicycle handle comes with a strong, lightweight magnesium alloy material that makes you feel nice and enjoy your ride. This handle design is long-lasting.

#3. Biggest and most comfortable pedals 

King song 18xl has a wider pedal length. The length in the former King song was 7.9″/20cm, but in the 18xl, the pedal length is 10″/25cm.

The pedal length extension improves the rider’s comfortability and makes you enjoy your ride when driving at a top speed. This feature makes it one of the best electric scooters.

How to Know the Speed of King Song 18xl?

To know the speed of your King song 18xl, you need to download the king song app on your phone.

The King song App enables you to trace and record your ride growth and accomplishment.

It also provides a live view of your current statistics such as speed, battery range, temperature, voltage, and much more. 

The steps to use the king song app are as follows:

#1. Step 1

Scan the code on your electric unicycle pedal with your phone or tablet browser. Then download the King song app and install it.

If you don’t want to scan the code on your unicycle, Download the King song app on your phone from the King song website and install the App.

#2. Step 2

After installing the App, go to Mobile set settings and click on More settings. Then press the Permission management.

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Under the App permission management, finds the King song app and grant all the permission for the App on your phone. 

#3. Step 3

Open the King song app on your phone and register an account with your phone number or your email.

During the upgrade, be patient because it takes a long time to get a confirmation code. But if you have an account on the King song app, you don’t need to do this step.

#4. Step 4

Turn on your unicycle and log into the App. Then click on My Device and press Disconnected.

Then it will show you a Search icon, find the model of your unicycle under the icon and click on it to connect the unicycle to your phone.

#5. Step 5

When you have connected the King song app to the bike, you will hear two beeps, and your motor name will show on the screen.

Then press the Unlock button to unfasten the wheel. You can now drive your king song at top speed while tracking your speed.

King Song 18xl Safe Speed?

The King song 18xl rides at a top speed of 31 mph, but it is advisable to ride at 10 km/h to get used to the unicycle performance before setting any safe speed.

You can decide to set your safe speed lower than the top speed on the King song app on your mobile phone. You will receive a beep or voice alarm if you exceed the speed limit. 

There are other protection features on this King song 18xl electric unicycle.

Protection featuresSolutions 
The lift stop rotation prohibits the vehicle from engaging when the rider lifts it while its power is on. The sensors under the retractable handle will disentangle the engine when it discovers a grip.Slow down immediately.
The tilt stop Rotation feature frees the engine automatically when the electric unicycle tilts 45° to the left or right. This feature powers off the motor immediately and sounds an alarm.Place the bike vertically on the floor to start the engine automatically. You don’t need to restart manually.
Speed limit protection will produce a beep alarm or voice alarm anytime you ride beyond the speed limit you set.To turn off the alarm, you need to decelerate and drive at the speed you set.
Low battery protection will activate when riding on a battery range of 30%, and your speed will reduce. When your battery is below 5%, the lower battery protection will sound a voice alarm to alert the rider to charge the bike. When the battery reaches 0%, the pedals will lean backward, and you have no choice but to stop and get off.Please charge your unicycle immediately.
Over-temperature protection will enable the pedal to tilt back when the control board temperature is 80°C and above. This safety feature will initiate the interior fan once the management board surpasses 50°C and will automatically turn off the fan when the temperature is below 40°C.Slow down and stop speeding instantly.

18xl Top Speed Firmware Update?

The updated firmware version allows you to set your top speed above 50 km/h with an ultimate speed of 60 km/h.

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When upgrading the King song 18xl firmware, it avoids loss of connection between the scooter and the App.

To avoid connection loss, carry out the following steps;

  • Ensure you keep the phone close by one meter from the wheel.
  • Ensure your phone and unicycle are charged and choose a good network environment for the firmware update.
  • Make sure the App is running in the foreground. Do not minimize or close the App and ensure there are no interruptions. If there is any failure in the firmware upgrade, it can harm the control board.
  • When the upgrade starts, wait about 5 to 10 minutes for the upgrade process to complete.
  • If the firmware upgrade fails, try again by selecting the Continue upgrade tab on your phone. 
  •  When you do not see the Continue upgrade icon, press the Power button for 10 seconds to turn off the electric unicycle entirely.
  • Then turn the scooter upside down, press the King song App for three seconds and try to reconnect the App to the wheels to finish the upgrade. 

After carrying out all these steps, if you still have issues upgrading your top speed firmware, take your King song electric unicycle to professionals.


The King song has a top speed range from 40 km/h and above; unlock it in the King song App for a faster speed.

While riding at a top speed, it’s best to ensure your safety and take note of the protective features of the unicycle. Remember, you can’t go wrong with a King song 18xl.

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