Kaly NYC Vs. Lacroix (In-Depth Comparison)

Kaly NYC and Lacroix are reputable brands famous for producing premium boards. There has been much positive feedback about the quality of the skateboards they produce.

Over the years, many skateboard lovers have compared the performance of both brands. However, there is still a lot of debate on which brand is better.

With the frequent debates between Kaly NYC and Lacroix amongst skateboard lovers, it gets difficult to decide which is the better option. So, which brand can serve you best?

Kaly NYC is an exceptional electric skateboard brand that offers smooth and comfortable boards. On the other hand, Lacroix offers a higher speed and range for your riding. Although, they both share similar features in their boards, like the size of their tires and integrated headlights. But they have other features that distinguish them.

This article makes a detailed comparison of these brands to help you make an informed choice. I will cover their features and differences and help you choose the best for yourself.        

Kaly NYC Vs. Lacroix; Features and Differences    

Kaly NYC Vs. Lacroix

Regarding Kaly NYC and Lacroix skateboard brands, it takes work to choose the best.

The reason for this is simple. Both brands are unique and offer exceptional features that are similar. Therefore, many users often compare these brands due to their similarities.

However, that’s far from the truth, as these brands are different. Therefore, I will carefully discuss each of these brands.

So, you should be able to pick the best between the two skateboard brands.

#1. Kaly NYC

Kaly NYC is a superior skateboard brand with exceptional performance and has given skateboard lovers value for their money over the years.

These brand skateboards come with features that make riding and navigation easier. For example, the trucks on their skateboards are 16 inches CNC precision-machined.

The skateboard features one of the most durable and quality decks, enhancing flexibility. The deck production material includes carbon fiber, basalt, and fiberglass.

The flex of the board is customizable, and the remote controller for their skateboards is the unity by Enertion.

The Kaly NYC brand produces three skateboard models, which include XL2.0, XL40, and XL50+.

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The XL2.0 is the standard model, XL40 has a bigger battery, and the XL50+ has a giant battery out of all the models.

The battery pack sizes are 700 Wh, 1300 Wh, and 1736 Wh, respectively. In addition, you can customize the remote control for these boards through a smartphone App or computer.

The Kaly NYC boards feature a one-speed mode which is not ideal for a beginner rider. The speed and acceleration can be pretty aggressive for beginners.

The speed of the Kaly NYC boards is one of their best features. The boards are high-speed, and it is only advisable to top the speed with a good riding experience.

The range ratings of the boards are 24 miles or 38 km for the Kaly NYC XL2.0, 55 miles or 88 km for the Kaly NYC XL40, and 55 miles or 88 km for the Kaly NYC XL5P0+.

The tire size on these excellent boards is 20 cm or 8 inches. The motor power on them is perfect for a smooth off-road experience.

The prices of the boards are according to their levels, with the XL 50+ as the most expensive. The prices of the XL 2.0, XL 40, and XL 50+ are $2650, $3500, and $3800, respectively.

#2. Lacroix

The Lacroix boards have many positive reviews from skateboard lovers. The boards from this brand are famous for their power, smoothness, and performance.

These boards feature a deck that is asymmetrical and includes a lower angled back concave foot. In addition, the deck has a triaxial fiberglass layer under both feet and tabs.

The decks make the riding experience unforgettable with easy maneuvering. In addition, the trucks, on their skateboard designs, intend to correct speed wobbles.

The Lacroix brand features three skateboard models: the Lacroix Jaws, Lacroix Nazare, and Lacroix Nazare Lonestar.

The Nazare and Nazare Lonestar share identical specifications except for the size of their batteries.

The Nazare has a 1089 Wh battery, while the Lonestar has a massive 2178 Wh battery.

The lowest model Lacroix Jaws has a 726 Wh battery capacity. The range rating on the models is 50 to 60 miles or 80 to 97 km for the Nazare and Lonestar.

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The range rating on the jaws is 16 to 22 miles or 26km to 35km. It costs between $2499 to $6000+ to buy a Lacroix board.

The price depends on the level of the board you intend to buy. Lacroix boards have a top speed of 45 + MPH, which makes them extremely fast.

Although the Kaly NYC and Lacroix boards have some similarities in appearance and a few differences in some features, there are still some other distinguishing features.

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Here is a table to help you distinguish the two brands better.

Kaly NYCLacroix
It has a minimal range.It has a more extended range.
It offers a 60 days warranty on errors and extra 60 days on a free repair.It offers a three months warranty.
It is less expensive.It is faster and more expensive.
The maximum weight capacity is 280 lbs or 127kg.The maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs or 160kg.
The boards weigh 30 lbs.They weigh around 25lbs.

Is Kaly NYC Faster Than Lacroix?

No, the Lacroix is faster than the Kaly NYC boards. The maximum speed of the Lacroix boards is 45 to 50 MPH, while the Kaly NYC maximum speed is 35 MPH.

Lacroix boards are one of the fastest electric skateboard models. The brand prioritizes speed and a better riding experience as one of its main features.

The Lacroix board decks’ quality is durable and offers comfort irrespective of the speed. On the other hand, Kaly NYC boards are fast but can’t deal with a high speed like Lacroix.

It could damage the deck and tires if you attempt to go faster than the maximum speed on the highest Kaly NYC board.

Therefore, it is best to avoid adjusting the system on your Kaly NYC boards to meet up with the Lacroix boards.    

Which is Better for Street Use, Kaly NYC or Lacroix?    

I would recommend Kaly NYC when considering a board for street use. It offers enough safety as you navigate through obstacles and potholes.

Although, it has less speed than the Lacroix boards. But, it is best to avoid endangering your life and those around you.

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In addition, it offers comfort that doesn’t weaken your knees as you try to maneuver through the street. It also has enough flexibility to cut through curves.

Lacroix boards are extremely fast street skateboards. But, it is the least ideal for street use if you still need to master the Kaly NYC board.

The Lacroix boards are for street riding, but you need a lot of experience and skill to maneuver through the obstacles on the street.

Avoid these boards if you can’t control them. It could expose you to risk and cause an accident.

Does Lacroix Have a Better Range Than Kaly NYC?    

The purpose and function of a skateboard are one of the reasons most users often buy boards. However, the range is usually questionable with the Kaly NYC and Lacroix unique features.

When considering a board for its range, it is because most riders use it for daily commutes or long-distance rides.

It would help if you had a board that can maneuver smoothly and offers you a long-range till you reach your destination.

The question is, which of these boards has a better range? Let’s find out below.

#1. Lacroix Range

Lacroix boards have an approximate range of 16 to 22 and 50 to 60 miles which is higher than that of Kaly NYC.

The massive battery capacity, motor power, and light weight contribute to their ability to go long distances.

As a result, the boards keep going irrespective of the terrain and rider weight.

Although the lowest model of the Kaly NYC has a better range than the Lacrosse Jaws, the distance between the two values is small.

The range rating differences aren’t noticeable. But, the Kaly NYC highest model has a lower range rating than other Lacroix models.

#2. Kaly NYC Range

The Kaly NYC has a range rating of 24 to 55 miles. The battery can keep up with any distance you want.

However, this depends on your riding style, riding conditions, and terrain. The battery capacity on these boards is one of the determining factors.

The range of the Kaly NYC is one of its best features, but it can’t compete with the Lacroix skateboard range.

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Final Thoughts

Kaly NYC and Lacroix are unique electric skateboard models that can serve effectively. However, you must have enough experience to ride either of them.

Furthermore, you can settle for any brand you want after carefully considering its features. Then, you can choose the brand you want according to your preference.

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