Jetson Sphere Hoverboard Continuous Beeping (Explained)

You may first think your hoverboard is malfunctioning when it starts beeping. However, many factors can cause a hoverboard to make these sounds.

Jetson Sphere Hoverboards are no exception. These devices can also make continuous beeping sounds.

Therefore, it is necessary to get all facts at hand about why a Jetson Sphere hoverboard would beep continuously.

Your hoverboard would beep when it wants to communicate its demand to you to continue working efficiently. One of the significant factors that’d cause your hoverboard to beep continuously is when the battery is running low. Apart from that, if you ride at a speed beyond the maximum speed the hoverboard can take, you’ll hear disturbing beep sounds.

This article aims to help you see the various factors that can generate continuous beeps from that hoverboard.

And to solve the problem, in the end, I’ll show you how to reset the hoverboard and its sensor.

Why Is My Jetson Sphere Hoverboard Beeping Continuously?

Jetson Sphere Hoverboard Continuous Beeping

It is essential to have clues on why your hoverboard makes beeps; that way, you’ll know the right things to do to restore its default mode.

In this section, ill be taking you on all possible causes of a beeping hoverboard. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

#1. Calibration Issues 

A calibration issue is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear a hoverboard beep. 

You would hear a characteristic beep sound when the hoverboard’s balance mechanism is off-kilter. This is because a hoverboard’s balance mechanism determines its calibration state.

Hence, first, you’ll need to calibrate the hoverboard to stop it from making sounds.

When the hoverboard produces beep sounds after the calibration, try out these other less complex measures.

#2. Low Battery 

A hoverboard doesn’t work via a magical principle. It’d require its battery to be on a maximum for it to move.

That means you’ll need a higher battery. Moving on, I love this particular initiative of a hoverboard to alert you whenever its battery is low.

That way, you’ll know when your battery is running low and needs a charge. This fact, therefore, means that as soon as you charge the hoverboard, the beep sound should go off.

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Also, why did the beep sound not start immediately when you turned on the hoverboard; why did it take a while before beginning the beep sound?

Well, that only means one thing; the initial level of the battery was enough to power the hoverboard, but after going longer than it could handle, it needed a charge.

Additionally, to confirm that the battery is down, try checking the indicator light of the hoverboard.

#3. Speed Sensor 

Another important factor determining whether your hoverboard makes beep sounds is how fast you’re rolling.

A Jetson hoverboard is not different from other brands of hoverboards that have speed control sensors.

That sensor serves as a protective/safety feature by limiting how fast you should move on the hoverboard.

Hence, if you’re sure other possible factors are intact, check to see that you need to ride past the necessary speed.

How Do I Get My Jetson Sphere Hoverboard to Stop Beeping?       

Getting your Jetson Sphere hoverboard to stop beeping is easy when you know where the problem originates.

In the previous section, I showed you some of the primary factors that’d cause your hoverboard to beep; in this section, we’ll go through ways how to tackle those problems one after the other.

#1. Calibrating the Hoverboard 

If you notice your hoverboard is making beeping sounds because of a distortion in its balance mechanism, the most logical thing is to try calibrating it.

So now, I will take you through the steps of successfully calibrating your hoverboard to keep it from making beeps.

  • The first thing you want to do is turn off the hoverboard.
  • Next, place it on a flat surface.
  • If you’re on top of the hoverboard, please get off; we want to ensure no weight is on the hoverboard during this process.
  • Tap on the power button and hold it down for 15 seconds.
  • Take your finger off the power button when you get a sign. Of course, the character you see would depend on your brand (in this case, a Jetson).

So you can either see the light going off and on, hear a “recalibration complete” voice or hear a beep sound.

  • Finally, turn off the hoverboard and then back on. Most times, those steps do the magic.
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Additionally, you may have to recalibrate more than once to get results.

#2. Give the Hoverboard a Charge 

If you’ve checked and you see the problem is due to the low battery, it’s time to charge it.

Frequently, apart from getting a beep sound due to low battery, your Jetson would yell out “low battery.”

That’s because the Jetson hoverboard, in its peculiarities, has programming that helps you alarm you when things aren’t right.

#3. Reducing Speed 

If you’re moving at top speed, you’ll hear a warning in the form of a continuous beep sound. This solution is the easiest because you would have to reduce your speed.

A simple way of achieving that is to check the speed you’re at and reduce it to something neutral.

How Do You Reset a Jetson Sphere Hoverboard?        

Resetting your Jetson Sphere becomes a prerequisite when hoverboard faults aren’t physical to the eyes.

This section will help you know the steps to reset the hoverboard, especially when you’ve tried everything.

Also, if you have no prior knowledge about resetting a hoverboard, don’t go through the processes alone; seek the help of a professional.

That said, if you understand the basic principles, resetting the hoverboard will be a walk-over thing for you without the help of an expert.

Now, these steps will guide you into achieving a complete reset of the Jetson hoverboard.

  • Ensure to place your hoverboard on level ground; position it so that the wheels align with each other.
  • Switch off the hoverboard; we wouldn’t want it on during this process so as not to distort the entire system.
  • Put the finger on the power button and hold it down for a few seconds, say 15 seconds.
  • Do that until you see the light flickering. Now, your reset is complete.
  • If it fails on the first attempt, you can go through those processes multiple times.

Why Would Your Hoverboard Need a Reset?

It needs to be more than just knowing how to reset a Jetson hoverboard. My job here is to help you identify some things that should make you reset your hoverboard.

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#1. A Beeping Jetson Hoverboard 

Normally three basic things can make your hoverboard beep either continuously or intermittently;

  • As a warning that the battery capacity is low.
  • As a signal that the battery is on a full charge.
  • As a warning, when you’re at top speed.

However, when those aren’t the case, and the hoverboard continues to beep, it’s a clear indication to reset.

#2. Jetson Hoverboard Not Turning On 

If your hoverboard refuses to turn on for different reasons, it clearly indicates that you need it to reset.

#3. Battery Problems 

When your hoverboard battery is malfunctioning, and you’ve replaced it, and it persists, the best thing to do is reset it.

#4. Jetson Hoverboard Flickering Red Light 

A flickering red light can be due to different reasons, and when that happens, you’ll first want to reset the hoverboard.

#5. Jetson Hoverboard Not Turning Off 

If you discover your hoverboard isn’t turning off, many factors can come into play. However, an effortless way out of the situation is to get a recalibration.

How Do I Reset My Jetson Sphere Hoverboard Sensor?     

One of the common problems a Jetson hoverboard can have is that involving its pressure sensor.

When you open the hoverboard, you’ll find a black box from which numerous wires connect; that’s the pressure sensor.

Resetting the sensor of your hoverboard becomes necessary when it malfunctions because that’s part of the driving force of the hoverboard.

The balance-based sensor system keeps your hoverboard stable for precise control.

When the hoverboard sensor develops a fault, it won’t sense when you step on the hoverboard. 

Hence, as disturbing as that can seem, here are steps to getting the sensor back on track.

  • Begin by turning the hoverboard upside down.
  • Unscrew the hoverboard.
  • Step on the chessboard; by doing that, the two little wings will join.
  • Now, the sensor will detect when you step on it.

If those steps don’t work, try replacing the sensor; it’s probably gone beyond repair.

Aside from sensor issues, your hoverboard can experience other disturbing matters.

This table summarizes some hoverboard problems and quick ways to troubleshoot them.

Loose cable issuesUnscrew and tighten the cables.
Wheel lock issuesReplace the gasket.
Hoverboard vibration issuesLet out the air from the plastic casing inside the hoverboard.
Hoverboard balance issuesRecalibrate the hoverboard.

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