I-Walk Urban 2 IC Card (Things You Must Know)

Electric scooters are increasingly becoming a norm across city centers. Smart card technology has made riding on electric scooter bikes a lot easier.

In this article, I will explain all you need to know about the I-Walk Urban 2 IC Card.

The I-walk urban 2 IC is a smartcard to unlock the I-walk urban 2. The I-Walk urban 2 is an electric scooter used as a public vehicle to run short distances. 

What is I-Walk Urban 2 IC Card?

I-Walk Urban 2 IC Card

The walk urban 2 IC card is a smart card that is used to pay for the services of the I-Walk 2 urban electric scooters.

The IC card is a type of RFID card that is rechargeable. More recently, pre-paid IC cards are used frequently and are now becoming a norm.

Aside from passing as a convenient way to ride the electric scooter, they are also a safe and reliable way to make these payments.

The IC card not only finds its use in the electric scooter; it cuts across most transport means of urban centers.

You can use your IC cards in the subway, the bus, vending machines, coin lockers, and parking lots.

The I-Walk Urban 2 IC card is an RFID card with a small chip embedded in a larger plastic card. This system has evolved to accommodate contactless payment in city centers. 

The increased convenience of this small plastic card has made it more popular among users.

Previously, before you get the electric scooter to work, you will have to use your bank app. Now, the I-Walk Urban 2 allows you to hop on any ride using the IC smart card.

You can unlock and pay for your ride by swiping the card on the face of the chip-sensitive screen. 

How Does I-Walk Urban 2 IC Card Work?

The I-walk Urban 2 IC card works as a smart, contactless payment modality for the I-walk Urban 2 electric scooter.

This card works pretty much like your ATM card on any ATM. After locating an electric scooter, you turn on the knob and allow the reading on the display panel to initialize the payment.

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Once the payment is made, the I-Walk Urban 2 electric scooter gets initialized, and you can enjoy your ride.

To make payments, you must have recharged your Urban 2 IC card. You can make these payments directly from your bank or an IC smart station ticket machine closest to you.

If you opt for a bank recharge, you will transfer the money from your bank into the IC card using a personalized identification number issued at the point of purchase.

Your bank will notify you after this transaction is complete. You can use the card to make payments for your I-Walk urban 2 rides.

Of course, I will be you opt for the machine payment method. You will have to visit the machine that bears the IC card symbol.

This machine works like a cashier: it takes payments from you and then credits those payments on your card.

To carry out this function, select the charge button. This function displays a variety of amounts on default.

It also allows you to choose other amounts not displayed. After you have chosen the amount, a portal opens for you to insert bank notes.

Once this payment is made and verified, The smart ticket machine will notify you afterward.

Working on I-Walk Urban 2 IC Card

The I-walk urban 2 IC Card are integrated circuit cards containing a microchip that stores information.

In the case of I-Walk urban 2, the IC cards store information and process payments. The card keeps the user’s identity and allows the user to make payments for a ride.

The urban 2 I-Walk electric scooter can give you a special identification unique to you and make payment using that unique portal.

When you switch on your I-Walk Urban 2 electric scooter, the display begins to initialize by displaying some figures.

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At this point, the electric scooter will not move. You can unlock the electric scooter with your IC Card and the chip directed toward the display area.

The display area of the I-Walk electric scooter emits a frequency of electromagnetic waves; These waves run through the chip on the IC Card.

Once scanned by the light, the electromagnetic wave processes the information on the IC card.

This electromagnetic wave returns the processed information into the electric scooter. The processed information contains your I.D., payment history, and payment modality.

After the information received by the scooter is processed, the electromagnetic waves direct the instructions to the electrical system of the electric scooter.

This instruction puts the scooter on and makes it ready to ride.

Can You Repair an I-Walk urban 2 IC Card?

You cannot repair a damaged IC card. The microchip your card is carrying is extremely small, and though not prone to damage, you cannot repair it once damaged.

The microchip is extremely small and contains fine details that are difficult to put together when damaged.

The I.C Card is connected by a circuit that automatically disconnects itself if tampered with.

This modality acts as a security framework to secure the card and its information from access by unauthorized users.

Although there might be attempts to repair the smart card, most of these efforts are not permanent.

They either relapse to getting spoilt, or they never get to be repaired. The possibility of repair is based on the level of damage incurred by the card.

If damages are incurred on the plastic part, A professional can prefer simple repair solutions.

Repairing a damaged I-Walk urban 2 IC Card becomes difficult if the damages incurred happened on the microchip.

The microchip is a vital component of the smart card; if tampered with, it’s best to get another card.

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Getting another card helps secure your details and identity while keeping your account safe and secure.

Where to Buy I-Walk Urban 2 IC Card?

You get an Urban 2 IC Card when purchasing the electric scooter. The services provided by the company are complete in the sense that it comes with a card attached to them.

Still, you can pick up an I-Walk Urban 2 IC card from the scooter store. The store will immediately guide you on how to activate the card so that you can go ahead to use it.

You can also purchase a card for your I-Walk Urban 2 electric scooter from a smart ticket machine nearby.

The smart ticket machine vendor makes customized IC cards. You can use these cards on the I walk urban 2 IC card to potentiate payment.

Before using them, they must be registered with your bank, and a pin used to secure payment on the I-walk platform. 

There is a difference between the card issued by I-Walk and the ones you purchase at the smart ticket machines.

I-Walk can only use company-issued cards to pay for fares on the I-Walk scooter platform.

They are customized to function only on the I-walk Urban 2 platform. Meanwhile, the cards issued by the smart ticket machine are a payment modality across other transportation platforms.

One similarity both cards bear is that you can fund the cards directly from your bank account or a smart ticket machine cashier.

CardIssuerFunding MethodCoverage
I-walk urban 2 ICI-Walk urbanDirect payment cashier assistedI-walk urban 2 electric scooters
I-walk urban 2 ICSmart ticket machineDirect payment cashier assistedI-Walk Urban 2 Electric scooterOther transport platforms


The I-Walk urban 2 IC Card makes riding an electric scooter much easier. You can pay for a ride to unlock it without requiring complex processes.

All you have to do is swipe the card across the face of the display panel. You can be issued this card from the scooter store or smart ticket assistance. Independent of where you pick your card, funding is easy. Is Ninebot Snsc 2.2 Worth it? 

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