Is the Aovo Pro Scooter Waterproof (Tips, Tricks & More)

Scooters have become the new age ride for both children and adults. It is very comfortable and has a long-lasting battery capacity.

Even though scooters are comfortable and nice to ride, the major question is whether we can ride the scooter in the rain.

Riding a scooter in the rain without any damage caused will be a great advantage to riders since you don’t have to wait for the rain to be over before riding.

Aovo Pro scooters are waterproof and also splashproof. Although this device is waterproof, it doesn’t mean you should expose it to high amounts of rain. Every scooter has a level of rain it can withstand, and it is necessary to know the level of rain it can withstand to avoid damaging your scooter with water.

Even if the scooter is waterproof, leaving it in the rain for a prolonged time is not advisable to avoid water getting into the electronics.

Is Aovo Pro Scooter Waterproof?

An individual riding an electric scooter on a sunny day.

The Aovo Pro scooter is waterproof and can withstand rain or water for some time before it gets into its system.

The scooter can also withstand water submersion but not long because it can damage it.

Apart from being waterproof, they are durable with wheels that can withstand minor obstacles like dirt, kids, or other minor obstacles you might encounter when riding.

The durability of this scooter and its water-resistant gas have given it a lot of sales in the market, and people choose them over other models that are not waterproof.

They also have a balance that gives you control over the scooter and brakes to stop whenever you want to.

The resistance of the scooter to water varies depending on the model

However, apart from the number, a means of identification for knowing the level of waterproofing has been provided using numbers.

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This method of identification is known as the IP code. IP, an international protection abbreviation, contains two sets of information.

First is the protection against debris or dust, which refers to the level at which the scooter can withstand debris or dirt without the threat of future damage.

The second is the protection against water, which refers to how much water that particular scooter can withstand or resist without the water damaging the internal electronics.

The IP codes usually come in IP56; the first digit represents the debris resistance level, and the second digit represents the waterproof level.

Below is the representation of the debris resistance in a tabular form with the digits starting from X to 6.

XNo information gotten
00 protection against debris
1Protection against large debris that is greater than 2 inches
2Protection against medium-sized debris that is greater than 0.5 inches
3Protection against small-sized debris that is greater than 0.01 inches
4Protection against tiny debris that is greater than 0.04 inches
5Offer protection against debris less than 0.04 inches and excellent protection against dust
6It is dust-resistant and dust tight and offers protection against debris.
  • When the first code is 0, the device has no protection against contact.
  • When the first code is 3, the device has protection against any form of contact, including humans and other equipment but excluding protection against dust.
  • When it is 6, it means the scooter has protection against any form of contact and also has protection against dust.

Below are the codes of protection against water.

CodesProtection Level
XNo information about the water resistance
0Not waterproof
1Resistant to dripping water
2Resistant to vertical water as much as 15 degrees
3Resistant against vertical water as much as 60 degrees
4Resistant against any angle of sprayed water
5Resistant against low-pressure water from any angle
6Resistant against high-pressure water from any angle
6KResistant against extremely high-pressure water from any angle
7Resistant for about 30 minutes when immersed in water of about 1 m in depth
8Resistant when immersed in water of about 3m
9KResistant against water, very high pressure, and high temperature from any angle.
  • When the second digit of the IP code is 0, the scooter is not waterproof.
  • When it is 4, the scooter can withstand a splash of water.
  • When it is 7, it can withstand immersion in water.
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And with this IP code, you can know how much debris/dust and water your scooter can hold.

The IP number of your scooter is important, and not all scooters are waterproof and can withstand dust.

How Can I Make My Aovo Pro Scooter Waterproof? 

In the real sense, it is impossible to make your scooter waterproof; rather, you can make it withstand much more water.

If your scooter is highly waterproof, you have less worry since it can withstand high-pressure water even for a while.

But if your scooter has less water-withstanding ability, that’s where the problem comes in because you’ll have to provide a waterproof when it comes in contact with more water.

The best thing to do is get a waterproof cover to protect your scooter from rain and water.

Even if the scooter’s waterproof cover might not look attractive enough, you have to use it to avoid water getting into your scooter.

You can also do creative designs on your scooter’s waterproof cover if you find them too boring.

Can You Use the Aovo Pro Scooter in the Rain? 

You can use the above pro scooter in the rain since it can withstand water. But even with that, there are some precautions you have to take when riding in the rain.

  • Do not ride too fast, as there will be less grip of the wheel on the ground when it’s raining.
  • Do not ride on a slippery road.
  • Do not ride on a sloppy road.
  • Do not try to jump over a large clump of dirt.
  • Avoid too many rough roads.
  • Do not keep in the rain for too long.
  • Avoid hitting hard surfaces with your scooter.
  • Avoid busy roads when it’s raining.
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The fact that the scooter is waterproof doesn’t mean you should leave it in the rain for too long, as it will damage the scooter.

Since the scooter is an electric device, the internal electronics will not want to come in contact with water. So make sure to dry it well before storing it.

You can also use a cloth to wipe off the water after a ride on a rainy day, and remember to clean off the dirt on it after each ride to avoid it sticking.

Maintaining your scooter will help it last longer, especially with the above pro, which is more durable and can withstand water.

How to Protect Your Aovo Pro Scooter from Water Damage?

Although your scooter might be waterproof, there’s no perfectly waterproof scooter, so you also need to play your part in securing it from water damage.

Here are a few tips for securing your scooter from damage from water.

#1. Use Waterproof Cover

As explained earlier, the waterproof cover is essential, especially when you want to park your scooter in the rain(but only for a short time) or moist environment.

It would help if you also used it when storing your scooter to prevent it from water and dust particles.

#2. Dry Scooter

After a ride during a rainy day or any contact with water, dry your scooter by allowing the water to drip or using a cloth to clean off the water.

Doing this prevents water from entering your scooter and causing damage to the electrical components.

#3. Waterproof Tape

When going out in the rain, it is essential to use waterproof tape to seal off the charging area and other areas that might serve as a channel for water.

Even if it is waterproof, the charging area is open, and you need to seal it with tape so water won’t get through it.

Also, allow the scooter to dry up before trying to fold them. However, not all scooters can fold.

When you fold a wet scooter, the moisture tends to go inside since leaving it at that moment is difficult.

When the water sips into the scooter, you might experience some malfunctioning or total damage to a part of the scooter.

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