Is It Hard To Ride A Unicycle? (Things You Should Know)

Most people need help understanding the operations and mechanics of a unicycle. The idea of balancing on one-wheelers makes it seem complicated.

Although seeing other people ride the vehicle may seem exciting, and you want to try it out. But, at this point, you begin to wonder how hard it is to ride a unicycle.

Well, you can never know until you try riding one of them. However, it is best to read this article thoroughly to answer your question.

It is easy to ride a unicycle once you can balance and control your movements. However, the difficulty level when riding a unicycle depends on individual strength and assimilation skills. Some people may find it easier than others due to their unique characteristics. In addition, each person’s learning technique determines the difficulty level.

In this article, I will explain how difficult it is to ride a unicycle, how long it takes to learn how to ride one, the percentage of people who can ride a unicycle, and the trick to riding a unicycle.

By the end, you’ll also know if riding a unicycle is harder than riding a bicycle.

Is Riding a Unicycle Difficult?

Is It Hard to Ride a Unicycle

Riding a unicycle difficulty level varies according to each person. Some people may find it easy, while others may find it difficult.

In addition, everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. So, considering these factors will determine how difficult it is to ride a unicycle.

However, anybody with normal arms, legs, and body balance can ride a unicycle after a few practices.

Generally, the challenging part of riding a unicycle is the sideways balancing. The rider must master every curve and bend before becoming an experienced rider.

On the other hand, moving forward and backward is relatively easier; the unicycle’s sensors and gyroscopes are responsible for aiding the rider’s movements.

Additionally, whoever is riding the unicycle needs to be less afraid of falling. The fear of falling off the vehicle increases the probability of making mistakes and finding it difficult.

Finally, your learning technique determines how easy it is for you to learn. Watching videos and reading guidebooks will help to make the process less challenging.

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It would help to seek an experienced rider to help you learn how to ride the device. There are also riding guides to aid the learning process.

How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Ride a Unicycle?

How to Ride a Unicycle

Learning to ride a unicycle would take between a day to seven days. The amount of time required to learn depends on the rider and other factors.

For instance, a rider with experience in similar activities may learn how to ride a unicycle within an hour, while a beginner without experience would need several sessions.

As a rule of thumb, a beginner without any prior experience should have 30-minute sessions for seven days to learn to ride a unicycle.

The learning process will require the person to ride a few short distances and then lengthen it over time until the wheel becomes familiar.

At the same time, the learning duration will depend on some factors. These factors affect how fast the person assimilates.

Below are the factors determining how long it takes to learn how to ride a unicycle.

#1. Experience

It is natural to feel familiar on a unicycle if you have had a similar experience. The knowledge naturally comes to you when you step into the vehicle.

However, if you have never ridden a unicycle, you must begin with the basics before progressing to the next stage.

The process of learning everything step-by-step makes the learning duration longer. But you have to trust the wheel for proper balance.

You can control the unicycle once you allow the wheel to balance you. It would help to practice techniques to aid your body’s movement. Also, you can put training wheels on a unicycle.

#2. Having a Teacher

Having a teacher will drastically reduce your time learning to ride a unicycle. In addition, the teacher will help you learn the basics of riding one wheeler.

Once you have someone to teach you all you need to know, it will help you skip many steps and get you there faster.

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#3. Practice

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. So, practicing every day will help boost your memory.

It is best to take it easy and break down the practice into sessions for several days. Then, with good practice, learning how to ride a unicycle will take a shorter time.

What Percentage of People Can Ride a Unicycle?

Only a small percentage of people can ride a unicycle. Unfortunately, there are no standard statistics to determine how many people can ride the device.

But, it is rare to find unicycle riders globally. Many people find it challenging to balance and control the one-wheeler.

In addition, the conditions in some countries do not allow riding a unicycle on the roads. Some cities are overcrowded, and the roads are inconvenient.

However, the countries with conditions that support riding are very few. Also, unicycles are not a means of transportation in some other countries with better conditions.

Some of these countries do not have up to 50 people that can ride a unicycle. Plus, unicycles are pretty expensive to own.

The cost of the vehicle makes it difficult for a lot of people to own them. Therefore, they do not have the opportunity to learn to ride unicycles.

What is the Trick to Riding a Unicycle?

The primary trick to riding a unicycle is to let go of your fear. Unfortunately, fear makes it seem impossible to ride a one-wheeler.

Once you conquer your fear, you can ride a unicycle with additional practice. In addition, having an experienced rider or a friend to teach you makes it easier.

When you have a teacher, you can learn from climbing the wheel to balancing and controlling. Also, some exercises work for learning to ride a unicycle.

The name of these exercises is “long step.” However, these exercises are straightforward, and you can complete them in five stages.

Here are the exercises to help you learn to ride a unicycle.

  • Firstly, Stand in the usual position and let the friend or trainer push you into the back gently. Your leading step will be the foot with which you make the first step.
  • Next, Position the leading foot precisely on the center of the vehicle’s platform. Make sure the shin of the leading leg is snug against the body of the unicycle, and relax your knee.
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Then, press the pedal with your toe, followed by your heel, to test its operation.

  • Thereafter, Push off your foot from the ground and bend forward a little. Bend away from your driving foot.
  • Let the unicycle attain its optimum speed so you can manage the balance. To do this, repel your free leg firmly to move your body weight to the other leg.
  • Try to increase the length of the steps with every repulsion. Try moving your body weight to the leading leg and using your free leg for safety.

Is Riding a Unicycle Harder Than Riding a Bicycle?

Riding a unicycle is not harder than riding a bicycle. Learning to ride both vehicles is almost the same thing.

Technically, you need to learn the same basic steps for both of them. It would help if you learned to get on and off and know how to start and stop them.

At the same time, maintaining upright and sideway balance, accelerating, decelerating, and gliding are essential riding skills for both a unicycle and a bicycle.

In addition, you need to develop enough confidence to learn how to ride a unicycle and bicycle. It would be best if you dealt with the fear of balancing on one and two wheels.

Your thoughts make it seem complicated to balance and control both of them. So, preparing your body and mind for the ride is essential.

Furthermore, the unicycle and bicycles require guides and stabilizing gadgets to learn to ride them. These gadgets support your balance and coordination.

Also, you need the help of a teacher or friend to ride both vehicles. Therefore, the learning process is similar to each other.

However, some differences make riding a unicycle seem harder than a bicycle. The table below outlines the differences between a unicycle and a bicycle.

The size and weight make it easier to ride.The size requires more riding space.
It is faster to maneuver a one-wheeler.You have to maneuver each wheel.
You require less strength to ride.You require more strength to ride it.
You may feel less comfortable in the riding position.The seat and handle add more comfort.

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