Is Hoverboard Better Than Wings? (Read This First)

Hoverboards are amazing to navigate in Terraria; they are advanced movement accessories that make transportation through the game exciting.

There are several features you enjoy in Terraria while using a hoverboard to glide through the game; its maneuvering options are vast and enjoyable.

However, wings on Terraria are a competing accessory to hoverboards because they have similar features.

Because of the constant comparison, you’re in the right place if you need help deciding whether hoverboards are better than wings.

Hoverboards are better than most wings on Terraria because of their ability to fly faster than wings. In addition, the hoverboards in Terraria are the only flying accessories that can fly vertically by hovering. In terraria, hoverboards have the 4th highest speed, but they can be the fastest accessory when hovering.

In this article, I will explain if hoverboards are better than wings in Terraria, how to use hoverboards in Terraria, and which wings are best. 

By the end, you will understand which moving accessories between hoverboards and wings are best for use in Terraria.

Are Hoverboards Better Than Wings in Terraria?

Is Hoverboard Better Than Wings

Hoverboards are better than wings in Terraria because of their versatility and speed compared to most wings available in Terraria. 

Like wings, hoverboards allow a player to fly 86 blocks when equipped, which equals 172 feet. 

Many Terraria users argue that wings are better during wars than hoverboards. 

However, once you master how to maneuver hoverboards, they can serve better even during wars.

Wings only allow you to fly in Terraria, but hoverboards allow you to fly with the added advantage of hovering at high speed. 

The hoverboards in terraria are similar to the flying carpets, but they are an improved accessory because of their increased speed and flight distance. You can Ride A Hoverboard On A Carpet.

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You can also achieve unlimited flight in any direction you choose if you figure out how to wear two overboard at once. 

Interestingly, it is not hard to acquire a hoverboard in Terraria, and the requirements to craft hoverboards are similar to those needed to craft wings.

Below are the items you will need to craft a hoverboard in Terraria; 

  • First, you’ll need to acquire 20 souls of flight.
  • Second, you’ll also need to acquire 18 shroomite bars.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to craft the hoverboard in the Mythril Avril or Orichalcum Avril. 

How Do You Use the Hoverboard in Terraria?

You can use or control the hoverboards in Terraria by clicking and holding the jump and down controls depending on your movement.

While using a hoverboard in Terraria, the jump control allows the player to elevate or fly higher.

Also, holding the jump control while the hoverboard is equipped allows the player to land safely when the jump control is released.

The down control can allow you to descend quickly from your flying position while using the hoverboard accessory on Terraria.

Therefore, pressing and holding the jump and down controls together allows you to activate the hovering feature in Terraria.

However, the jump and down controls differ depending on the device you’re using to play Terraria, making the above instructions confusing to some players.

Below is a table that shows the different jump and down controls on various devices;

Control/ ActionWiki IconsMouse and Keyboard (PC)Controller (PC)Wii U Console
JumpJumpSpace, up, arrow keyLTZI/ L/ L3
Down DownSDown arrowDown arrow

What Wings Are Best in Terraria?

The celestial starboard is the best pair of wings in Terraria; however, it’s among the hardest advanced movement accessories to acquire.

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The introduction of wings in Terraria, such as the celestial starboard, makes the game more exciting, adventurous, and advantageous on several levels.

While the celestial starboard is undoubtedly the best pair of wings in Terraria, other fantastic options will be ranked based on their unique qualities below.

Below are the best selections of wings on Terraria ranked from fifth to first; 

#1. The Steampunk Wings

The steampunk wings are the fifth-ranking best wings in Terraria, it is similar to the leaf and frozen wings, but it is an advanced version.

Steampunk wings offer a player more acceleration and speed than frozen or leaf wings would in Terraria.

To acquire a pair of steampunk wings, you must purchase it from a non-player character known as the steampunker. 

However, the steampunker will only sell the steampunk wings to players once they successfully destroy the golem in the jungle temple.

A pair of steampunk wings will cost you three platinum, but it is worth it with a 107-block height ability and 38 mph high speed.

#2. The Fishron Wings 

The fishron wings are the fourth-ranking best wings in Terraria, they are difficult to again, but their unique features make them worth it.

You can only attain the fishron wings when Duke Fishron drops it in hard mode. 

Unfortunately, Duke Fishron is an impossible boss that is fast, hard to defeat, and tricky.

However, the fishron wings make the challenge worth it because they are the second swiftest wings in this game, which is even faster on water. 

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Fishron wings can attain a maximum elevation reaching 143 blocks and a high speed of 41 miles per hour in Terraria.

#3. The Nebula Mantle 

The nebula mantle is the third-ranking best pair of wings in Terraria; these are expensive to craft but have unique features.

You’ll need ten luminite bars and fourteen nebula fragments from smashing the nebula pillar to craft a pair of nebula mantle wings.

However, you must advance to the hard mode pillar events to gain a nebula mantle. These wings have a 143 maximum tile height and a speed of 33 miles per hour.

Nebula mantles allow you to go higher than a vortex boost, and they could go faster than 33 miles per hour with a substantial boost. 

#4. The Stardust Wings

The stardust wings are the second-ranking best pair of wings in Terraria; they have the highest flight height compared to others in the game.

To craft a pair of stardust wings, you’d need fourteen stardust fragments and ten luminite bars, making them more expensive than the nebula mantle.

However, unique features such as a 50% boost for their rising speed and the ability to glow when in darkness make it worthwhile.

Stardust wings also have a 167 maximum block height and a maximum speed of 46 miles per hour. 

#5. The Celestial Starboard 

The celestial starboard is the first-ranking best pair of wings in Terraria, but it is among the most complex accessories to obtain.

The moon lord has to drop the celestial starboard in the expert mode for it to be obtained, which is a challenging stage to reach. 

However, it has impressive features such as the fastest speed, the ability to hover, and the highest flight elevation in Terraria.

The celestial starboard has a 201 maximum block height and a maximum velocity of 41 miles per hour with a 450 percent speed modifier.

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