Inokim Quick 4 Speed Hack (Must Follow This)

Inokim Quick 4 is an excellent, reliable, fast electric scooter and a popular mode of transportation that makes the riders very comfortable.

Inokim designs this ride for commuters who must go around the city daily. It gives a smooth acceleration, and it’s easy to fold. 

Despite the balance in the power, range, and portability, you might wonder if it’s possible to perform any speed hack on an Inokim quick 4.

Inokim Quick 4 with a closed engine has a top speed of 15.5 mph (25km/h). You will increase the speed when you unlock the engine by inputting some commands on your scooter.

What Are Inokim Quick 4 Speed Hacks?

Inokim Quick 4 Speed Hack

You can perform different hacks on an Inokim quick 4 scooter. Inokim Quick 4 has a top speed of 15.5 mp/h, but with a hack, you can increase the speed range to 20 mp/h.

With speed hacks, your Inokim can run from 0 to 15 mph in under five minutes. The Inokim Quick 4 has various performances such as;

#1. Hill Climbing 

Inkoim’s quick 4-strong motor makes it easier to climb a 15-degree hill. The 600W motor provides the electric scooter with enough power to ride on the hills that other scooters find hard to climb.

#2. Battery Range  

This fast electric scooter has 52 V and 16 Ah for Inokim quick 4 super and 52V and 32 Ah for Inokim quick 4 Hero.

This bike comes with a rechargeable Samsung battery that lasts about 43 miles for Inokim Super and 36 miles for Inokim Hero. 

The Samsung battery is durable and offers your scooters excellent battery life.

When your electric scooter speed is slower, it will increase your battery range. Also, driving on flat terrain will improve the battery range. 

#3. Brakes 

The braking technology of this three-wheeled bike contributes to its overall safety. The Inkoim quick 4 dual drum brakes enable a 3.6-meter stopping distance.

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Although the Inokim quick 4 scooter brake is external, the brake is fastened to the scooter body to reduce the snagging and folding problems.

#4. Suspension 

Inokim Quick 4 has an active suspension. These fast electric scooters’ two-way suspension makes them more stable.

The scooter suspension with the 10″ air-filled tires makes you enjoy a smooth ride while providing you with a comfortable and light feeling. 

This Inokim’s high suspension system allows you to ride your bike on off-road terrains. However, the frame is not big, so you might experience difficulty riding on rocky terrain.

How to Make Inokim Quick 4 Faster?

The Inokim Quick 4 scooters central control unit is at the center of the T-bar. 

To make your electric scooter faster, follow the following steps: 

  • Turn on the battery.
  • Press the power control to turn on the system.
  • Press the + and switch together for two seconds. These switches will take you to Set.
  • Then click the power button once, and P I.2 will appear, which is the speed limit.
  •  Increase your speed to 25 km/h by clicking on the + icon. Then your scooter will move faster.

Furthermore, you must maintain your Inokim quick 4 to always be at its top speed.

#1. How to Maintain Your Inokim Quick 4?

  1. Always check the tire air pressure, brakes, and battery health daily before you ride your scooter.
  2. Check your bike tire and brake conditions once a week. Examine if there is any loose screw.
  3. Open the battery to check the battery sealings. Always service your scooter every six months.

#2. How to Maintain Your Battery?

  • When you charge your Inokim battery for the first time, ensure it charges fully. Charging your battery full makes it last longer in the future.
  • When your battery charges completely, disconnect your charger. Overcharging your battery can reduce battery life.
  • Always keep your scooter battery between 15 degrees and 25 degrees. Exposing your battery to extreme temperatures lessens the battery capacity and lifespan.
  • Charge your battery full once a month. Only use the Inokim quick 4 chargers to charge your scooter.
  • Always discharge your battery through riding. Use up your battery energy.
  • If you want to keep your scooter for a long time, charge the battery up to 50%.
  • Do not operate your vehicle when charging. 
  • Do not ride your scooter when your battery leaks or has an offensive odor.
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When you do everything listed above, your scooter will move faster.

How to Remove the Speed Limit on Inokim?

Removing the speed limit of an Inokim will make the electric scooter faster. Still, the speed limit on an Inokim is not simple to remove because it is inside the electric scooter’s control unit.

You can remove the speed limit or give your mechanic to do it for you. However, before removing your electric scooter speed limit, confirm that this is not illegal in your area.

You can remove the speed limit on an Inokim by disabling the speed limit from the display. 

To do this, follow the following procedures;

  • Switch on the display
  • Squeeze and grip the scooter brake (the one located on the handle). Don’t release the brake until you are through with the operation.
  • Tap the power regulator. The display will show P1.
  • Use the light button to go to P3, the sports option.
  • Then push the set (S) control

After these, you have successfully removed your speed limit. This option will remove all electronic limits and boost the velocity and torque of the scooter. 

There are other ways to enhance the speed of your Inokim;

#1. Ensure to Charge Your Battery Fully

When you charge your scooter battery, it will help you reach a top speed and help you maintain it for a long period.

Although keeping your battery charged will not enhance the ultimate speed of your electric scooter, it will increase your pace and torque.

Once your battery level is low, your vehicle will not move at its top speed.

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#2. Change Your Inokim Tires to Airless Ones 

When you install an airless tire in your scooter, it will drive faster. The airless tire has less tension on the ground and improves your freedom to ride more miles.

#3. Sprockets

Sprockets wear and will generate friction with other components of your scooter, enhancing the speed. This friction can only be possible in an old scooter.

Benefits of removing Inokim speed limitDisadvantages of removing Inokim speed limit
Removing your speed limit will allow you to accelerate rapidly without any lags or halts since there is no control over how fast you can ride.There is a high risk of accidents. Since what controls the scooter speed is gone, it will be hard to maintain your balance when riding on narrow roads.
Inokim scooter with a speed limit stops when it is about to overspeeding and can cause damage to the engine. Still, removing this limit will help you continue riding at a higher speed, boosting the engine life.Scooter shocks and bumps will bear more impact when you ride at a higher speed. It will wear the shocks and bumps more quickly than other parts.
When you ride at a higher speed, Inokim will consume less fuel.Higher speeds need more power provided quickly. So you will need to charge your battery often since you will get a lower range, which will shorten the battery life.

How to Increase Speed on Inokim?

Adding more batteries to your Inokim will increase the voltage, boosting the speed of the electric scooter.

Also, you can renew the gears with bigger ratios that will increase the speed and acceleration.

But before you increase the speed, it is good to know the best option for your Inokim.


Inokim Quick 4 has different speed hacks you can perform on it, but it can cause a lot of damage to the scooter when you do it incorrectly.

Having highlighted everything you need in this article, it is best to read through it. But if you are still confused about what to do, meet with a professional.

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